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  • UAV

    by Lincoln Cole
    Lyle is a developer working on UAV technology, but he's about to find himself in over his head when a group of mercenaries hijack the technology. They frame him as the person responsible, but their plan goes awry when another player enters the picture, rescuing Lyle and working to stop them. Their plan is to use the technology against civilians, and now Lyle is working with his unknown rescuer to stop them. But, will they be able to do it in time?
  • The Butterfly Code

    by Sue Wyshynski

    Scott Lisetor, crew, THE HUNGER GAMES, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, GODZILLA -- "This is the epic book everyone will be talking about." 

    Shivering, I wind my arms around my ribs.

    That's when I see him. Dr. Hunter Cayman.

    The man the town has been whispering about. The man no one really seems to know. The man my father despises.... more

  • Killer Fog -- The Veil of Mist Shrouds A Deadly Conspiracy

    by Bruce Wetterau

    Can Killer Fog's hero, Clay Cantrell, uncover the treacherous scheme hidden in a fog of lies and deceit, before the conspirators turn on him? Bruce Wetterau's new mystery thriller pits Clay against cold-blooded killers who will stop at nothing to steal a world-changing scientific discovery destined to flood the world with cheap, clean energy. But Clay doesn't know who they are, or even what they are up to, only that somehow he's become involved. Good luck. His ... more

  • Death's Door

    by David Reichart
    What Jesse Yates wants more than anything is to fit into society and have people think of him as a regular guy. But he's not a regular guy. He's an elite warrior, battle tested to the max in Iraq and Afghanistan in Marine Special Ops and later as a Navy SEAL. When he finally decides to walk away from the military, he isn't planning on making further use of his extreme training and lethal skills, but somebody else is. Palm Court Detectives, a skyrocketing new agency run by a laicized Jesuit pries... more
  • The Book of 21

    by Todd Ohl
    As a Philadelphia detective begins to piece together the reasons for a brutal murder, he soon finds himself in a race to decode cryptic puzzles and find a fabled book that not only holds the key to the crime, but to much more… Praise for The Book of 21 “…Ohl delivers on many accounts, including a well-crafted cast, short, snappy chapters that move the action along and a touch of mystery at the end…”–Kirkus Reviews “My greatest praise for this story is that you want to know, it encourages ... more
  • Murder in the Marsh

    by Sara Whitford
  • Family Affairs (Detectives Chen & Castilblanco series Book 6)

    by Steven M. Moore

    NYPD detectives Chen and Castilblanco continue their adventures in this sixth novel in the series. Castilblanco’s relative Teresa and Nasir are an item, but Nasir kills Teresa’s taunting and jealous ex-boyfriend in a fight. When they look to Nasir’s friends for help, those friends kidnap the two fugitives who become involved in a terrorist plot.

    While the two detectives try to find Teresa and prove her innocence, a case in a different precinct involving a differe... more

  • Circle of Lies (A Tom Kagan Novel)

    by Mark Young
    A friend is murdered. Witnesses are killed, and Tom Kagan becomes the prime suspect. Facing a lifetime in prison, Tom must find the truth before his freedom is snatched away. Who can he trust? He must clear his name and find his friend’s killer before time runs out.
  • There's No Room For Jugglers in my Circus

    by Jason Cook

    "There's no room for jugglers in my circus" tells the tale of a young man's drug-addled youth misspent in Borehamwood, where cheap gossip was rife, "friends" were just ships passing in the night, and dreams remained just that. Given the young man's drug habit, his involvement with gangsters, violence and prison seems inevitable. Cookster dissects the psyche of personalities fuelled by drink, drugs and power, and draws colourful sketches of the different types o... more

  • The Midwife Factor: A Lynn Davis Mystery

    by GiGi Gossett
    Only a kindly midwife knows that Nicola Moldovan, a fifteen-year-old Romanian teenager living in Cincinnati, gave birth to identical twin girls nineteen years ago. The twins, separated at birth, have grown up on different continents, unwittingly sharing thoughts, feelings, and dreams with each other without any idea they are sisters. But just as the now elderly midwife, Flossie Walker, decides to pen a tell-all letter to the families involved, a sinister plot unfolds in a Budapest prison. Morgan... more
  • The Oil Eater

    by Bill Thesken
    Scientific research can be a killer... Bio-remediation is the use of living organisms, such as plants or bacteria, to neutralize or eliminate contaminants in polluted soil or water. When two young microbiologists team up to create a bacteria strain to re-mediate oil spills, they create a microbe that is a little too powerful, and attract the attention of a middle east oil cartel who will stop at nothing to destroy them, and the bug that threatens to put them all out of business.
  • Castles in the Sand

    by Annie Daylon
    Thirty-eight year old Justin Wentworth loses everything when his entitled lifestyle slams into a collapsing economy. Alcoholic, homeless and living on Vancouver streets, he has one desire: to regain the love and trust of his wife, Sarah, and his little boy, Bobby. Help arrives when twenty-something Steve Jameson, a graduate student researching the homeless, rescues the mugged Justin from a Dumpster and offers food and shelter in return for Justin's story. As Justin divulges the tragic details... more
  • Chasing Amanda

    by Robin Patchen
    After an unsettling run-in with two strangers, college student Amanda Prince struggles to know who to trust. Mark Johnson is a marine about to ship out to Afghanistan. He’s not interested in romance and certainly doesn’t want a girlfriend at home waiting for him. But his military training has taught him to listen to his gut. And all his instincts scream that Amanda is in danger. Can Amanda trust the enigmatic soldier? Can Mark protect the vulnerable young woman without engaging his heart... more
  • Finding Amanda: inspirational suspense

    by Robin Patchen
    Chef and popular blogger Amanda Johnson hopes publishing her memoir will provide healing and justice. Her estranged husband, contractor and veteran soldier Mark Johnson, tries to talk her out of it, fearing the psychiatrist who seduced her when she was a teen might return to silence her.   But Amanda doesn’t need advice, certainly not from her judgmental soon-to-be ex-husband. Her overconfidence makes her vulnerable when she travels out of town and runs into the abuser from her past. A kind s... more
  • 2016

    by James Force
    Christian Roberts is a phone clerk for Maco Commodities. When the firm is entangled in an illegal trading scheme involving high level politicians and offshore hedge funds, he becomes their next target. His pursuers won’t quit until he is dead–or they are exposed. Christian’s determination takes him on a suspenseful, action-packed journey through the interconnected worlds of high finance and politics. As Christian fights to get his life back, he enlists the help of a special team of mercena... more
  • He Can See Heaven: The Hierophant

    by J.B. Keats
    A cascading adventure of discovery, intrigue, and romance, He Can See Heaven tells the tale of Ellen Shea, an intrepid graduate student on a perilous search through exotic locales for a trove of lost scrolls. Penned by Saint Papias and known to history as the Logia, the scrolls are the first record of Jesus, eyewitness accounts older and truer than the New Testament. They unveil a new perspective of the man-god and predict the coming of a doomsday prophet, the Hierophant, the one who can see hea... more