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  • The Fishermen's Ball

    by J. J.. Dutra
    The citizens of Provincetown are planning a dance to celebrate their fishing heritage and raise funds for the victims of the 1938 hurricane, whilst murder and intrigue are germinating in the seaside town.
  • The Majesty - Into The Fog

    by Edward R. Laden
    The 2,500 priviliged passengers aboard the ultra luxurious cruise ship Majesty face life-threatening drama as it travels from London to New York. Once the ship encounters a mysterious green fog things take an eerie, deadly turn. The fog creates a strange hallucinating effect on most of the crew members, pitting them against thepassengers as deadly combatants. Once courageous small bands of passengers mount a counter-offensive the possibility of their survival is greatly enhanced. ... more
  • Made in China

    by Mark Reutlinger
    It seems almost everything we buy these days is labeled “Made in China.” In my novel , a radical Chinese government takes advantage of America’s dependence on China and its Asian allies for its manufactured goods by cutting off all exports to America and the West. Americans are left with nothing to buy or sell. Jack Conway and Linda Chambers inadvertently find themselves on the front line in the fight to revive American industry, thereby becoming the targets of ruthless killers who have been hir... more
  • Galya Popoff and the Dead Souls

    by Julia George
    It’s five a.m. in the little California coastal town of Santa Maria del Lobo, and Professor Galya Popoff is waiting for her poodle to finish his rest-stop by the college Campanile. In the darkness, two hundred feet over their heads, Chancellor Siegfried (“Nazi”) Nottbeck is honing his free climbing skills. Suddenly, his body plunges out of the night sky and hits the bricks a mere two feet from Galya. Detective Sergeant Lewis writes it off as a bizarre accident. But Galya insists it was murder. ... more
  • A Negro and an Ofay

    by Danny Gardner
    Life can be hard for a eager young mulatto. After killing two dirty cops in self defense, Chicago PD Detective Elliot Caprice returns home to the lawless town of Southville, Illinois and finds the family farm in foreclosure and his uncle dying in a flophouse. Desperate for money, he takes work from the son of a deadly Jewish mobster and eventually crosses paths with a powerful family from Chicago's North Shore. A big shot is dead and the key to his estate went missing with the chauffeur. It m... more
  • The Last Victim

    by Jordan Dane
    When he sleeps, the hunt begins. When a young hunting guide from a remote island in Alaska is found brutally murdered, his naked body is discovered in the Cascade Mountains outside Seattle—the shocking pinnacle to a grisly Totem of body parts. Nathan Applewhite is the fourteenth victim of a cunning serial killer who targets and stalks young men. FBI profiler Ryker Townsend and his team investigate and find no reason for Nate to have mysteriously vanished from his isolated home. But Townse... more
  • Swan Deception

    by Gledé Browne Kabongo

    A Library Journal SELF-e Best Books of 2016 Pick

    The perfect family, a house of full of secrets and an ingenious killer out for revenge…

    Dr. Shelby Cooper seems to have it all—a successful career as a leading scientist in her field, two adorable kids, and a loving husband who is poised to become the next CEO of a multi-billion dollar company. 

    Shelby's perfect world is shattered when she becomes the prime suspect i... more

  • Parish: A Short Story Novellette

    by Trudy Robicheaux
    PARISH is a three chapter, short story, novella opening the world up the lives of three abused women.
  • The Academy

    by Ryan Mix and J.T. Payne
    In his senior year at a prestigious, Christian Academy, Sylas Ernst has grown up safely surrounded by the Christian faith his entire life. But on a chance photography assignment, he notices something peculiar. What begins as pure curiosity, quickly unravels to expose a web of twisted, dark hypocrisy that turns his whimsical high school year into a perilous struggle, testing his cunning, faith and even his life.
  • If... Dangerous Waters

    by Jackie Mae
    Alena is young, intelligent, and going places. Graduating soon with a sought after degree, an upward career trajectory, and a kickass life plan in place, Alena has a stable life, close family and a terrific boyfriend. That is until Madame Psychic Orso changes Alena’s pathway forever. Alena’s newfound fears take on a life of their own. ‘If,’ will redirect and send her world into a tailspin. Probing dangerous new avenues she will discover something different than she’d expected. Can she recover? W... more
  • If... Blurred Vision

    by Jackie Mae
    Timothy S. Graves, a good man. He is a business genius, not a neophyte, and he is determined to reach the top rung any way he can. A solid marriage, set financial future, all neatly wrapped up... or is it? Shirley doesn’t see it that way. She just might do something outrageous, something just for her, something shocking. What if? “If,” could transform everything in an instant. When the psychic with her ‘vision’ tells good ole Timmy her revelations, a series of events unfold that will change the ... more
  • Gumshoe

    by Michael Compton

    Nothing focuses the mind like being strapped to the electric chair.

    Ellis P. York, a hardboiled private eye straight out of a Humphrey Bogart movie, leaves no wise crack unturned as he tells the tale of the night sultry Hellen Vergos stepped out of his past and into his seedy Hollywood office. The job: find her missing fiancé, the millionaire’s son and hard-partying playboy H.H. Ravenswood III.

    Convinced by knockout curves and a hundred in cash, York takes the case. H... more

  • Raveled

    by Anne McAneny
    What’s a girl to do when her imprisoned brother begs her to delve into their father’s sixteen-year-old murder conviction? How about peel back the lies, upend the fairy tales, and roil the populace of Lavitte—a sweet apple of a town with a wormy, festering core? That’s what Allison Fennimore chooses. Despite her infamous surname and people’s wilted memories, this jaded cynic of a daughter sinks her teeth in and refuses to let go. She can practically taste the bitterness of that long-ago, twisted ... more
  • Circled

    by Anne McAneny
    A fire ignites a whirlwind of action and accusation in a swamp town that hasn’t seen excitement since the big lottery win twelve years ago. Little does reporter Chloe Keyes know that when she sniffs around for clues, she’ll end up facing her own demons while unsettling the very foundation of her hometown. Chloe starts her day by pulling a gun on two intruders—and things only go downhill from there. Driving to Boyd’s General for her daily caffeine fix, she finds the place ablaze. When the flam... more
  • Unseemly Ambition: A Concordia Wells Mystery

    by K.B. Owen
    A murder…a missing boy…a secret society’s bold and deadly plot… It is 1898, and Professor Concordia Wells has come to expect the hectic routine of classes, clubs, teas, and the inevitable student pranks at the women’s college. If only she could avoid the cantankerous dean, Randolph Maynard, who has learned about her past experiences as a “lady sleuth.” To Concordia’s dismay, he scrutinizes her every move for evidence of unseemly conduct. The dean will certainly scowl over the lady profes... more
  • New York Scramble

    by Bert Silva

          “This is for you, Frank,” the shooter said and fired his weapon at point blank range. The onetime boss of the New York underworld grasped his bloodied neck and fell.

          This begins a curious story where a gangster and a freelance artist become friends through a mutual interest in―comics.

          Joe and Gilda have ventured to New York seeking their fortunes. He strives to sell cartoons to magazines. She, an actress, looks for roles on stage or screen. A producer Gilda knew ... more