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  • The Last Light of Dusk

    by Joanne Lockyer


    She’s the brilliant granddaughter of England’s most infamous privateer

    When Rachel Cavanagh is rescued from drowning by English seafarer Jonathon Lecky, her life is irreparably changed. Despite the briefness of their meeting amidst the chaos of the wreck, a bond of trust is formed between her and the rugged, unconventional boat captain. Lauded for her survival, her family and indeed all of England would have her marry Britain's most eligible bachelor. Still, he... more

  • Amelia (The Three Mrs. Monroes Book 1)

    by Bernadette Marie
    From loss breeds new opportunity. Amelia Monroe had felt the sharp pain from the loss of a soldier before—Adam Monroe’s death didn’t have that same effect. Sam Jackson had one job—deliver Adam Monroe’s revised will. Even he couldn’t have anticipated that he’d be entangled in the web of lies his client had woven. Doing what is right had been inbred in Amelia. She’d planned to say her goodbyes and start fresh. Staying in Adam’s small town with his other lies, that wasn’t part of her plan.
  • The Right Design

    by Isabella Louise Anderson
    Interior designer Carrie Newman could not have envisioned a more perfect life for herself. She had a great job doing what she loved, wonderful friends, and a close relationship with her sister and brother-in-law. Add in an amazing man who she’d hoped would soon become her husband, and her life was perfect. Until one devastating decision ruins her relationship and changes the course of her life. Determined to make a new start, Carrie leaves Texas and heads to Palm Beach to pick up the pieces o... more

    by Sydney Landon
    Ava Stone has spent her entire life looking over her shoulder—waiting for the past to catch up with her.... After surviving a horrific attack as a teenager, Ava has never been able to truly overcome her fears. The incident was covered up by her family so she wouldn’t have to deal with it publicly—yet only one person understands what she had to endure in private: her brother’s best friend, MacKinley Powers, who found her the night of the attack. But even he doesn’t know everything—and she’... more
  • No Denying You: A Danvers Novel

    by Sydney Landon
    After Emma Davis’s first week at Danvers International, she’s convinced her boss will drive her crazy… Being the assistant to uptight workaholic Brant Stone is more than Emma can bear. But in her weaker moments, she can’t help but admit that the sexy control freak can turn her on with an insult more than any man she’s ever met... So when Emma gains an unexpected advantage, she blackmails Brant into accompanying her to her high school reunion. After all, the enemy she knows is prefe... more
  • Pierced

    by Sydney Landon
    Lucian Quinn is the wonder boy of the business world. At twenty-nine, he owns one of the hottest software companies in the world. Personally, his life has been filled with tragedy and loss. He has learned to use his hate to survive and even thrive professionally, but his demons are always there, lurking just out of sight. Lia Adams is a college student who has suffered through years of abuse at home to get to where she is today. She has done whatever was necessary to survive, including work... more
  • Journey Towards a Falling Sun

    by N. Lombardi, Jr.
    He's a hard-drinking, philandering American engineer. She's a prim and proper African professor. Their improbable romance begins with a chance encounter on the streets of Nairobi, and soon develops into passionate ardor. Unaware of the consequences that their love affair will bring in the future, they soon find themselves caught up in the tumult of Kenyan politics, trapped in the center of a government scandal, and an incredible odyssey through the wilderness of the northern frontier is their on... more
  • Starstruck

    by Brenda Hiatt
    An electrifying new series from New York Times bestselling author Brenda Hiatt! Nerdy, orphaned astronomy geek Marsha, M to her few friends, has never been anybody special. She longs for the day she can escape her pathetic existence in tiny Jewel, Indiana until hot new quarterback Rigel inexplicably turns his back on fawning cheerleaders to spend time with M. Soon, strange things start to happen. Her acne clears up, she no longer needs her thick glasses, and when she and Rigel touch, sparks fly... more
  • Down to Earth: Contemporary Christian Romance

    by Patricia PacJac Carroll
    Will she settle for security or choose the one who’s awakened her heart? Only faith will tell. Jenna Lairdon, a widow with two, young children and a snippy mother-in-law, steps out of the fog of depression and realizes she needs a loan to save the family sheep ranch. She has an appointment with the banker, an old flame who is still interested in her. Before she can get to the bank, skydiver, Clay Carter, drops out of the sky and into her life. The stranger ignites places in her heart she tho... more
  • Always with You

    by Andrea Hurst

    "Always With You is the bittersweet and poignant love story of a woman trapped between temptation and the ties that bind." 
    ~Tracey Garvis Graves, New York Times bestselling author of 
    On the Island and Covet. 

    "Hurst captivates from page one, and keeps you hooked until the very last word, in this entrancing story of the power of love and all its consequences.” 
    ~Melissa Foster -New York Times & USA Today bestselling &... more

  • Symphony: a novel by khairul anwar

    by Khairul Anwar
    Theodore White has been in love with the same girl his whole life. On his way home one afternoon, he finds an instrument that is a lot more mysterious than it looks. Before long, he finds himself in the company of beings only believed to exist in the pages of books. Alongside them, he unravels secrets of his existence and travels to the ends of the universe to be with her.
  • Knights in Time

    by Chris Karlsen
    This is a boxed set that includes the three historical/paranormal romances, Heroes LIve Forever, Journey in Time and Knight Blindness. Heroes Live Forever is about a young woman who inherits a house haunted by two medieval knights and she falls in love with one of the ghosts. Journey in Time sends the heroine and hero back to medieval England as it prepares for war with France. A was the hero will be killed in, leaving the heroine alone in the frightening world of the 14th century. Kni... more
  • More Than a Kiss

    by Layce Gardner
    One minute Jordan March was falling out a window and the next she was falling in love - with the emergency room doctor! It looked as if nothing could stand in the way of Jordan and Dr. Amy Stewart finding true love together... except a banana peel, a psycho stalker, a lesbian poetess, an extreme chef, a KGB spy, and a sex toy inventor. Join Saxon Bennett and Layce Gardner as they combine their creative *genius to bring you the romantic comedy of the century. ** Guaranteed money back if you don... more
  • Losing Lauren (The Lauren Series Book 2)

    by Jordan Deen
    Dealing with the ill-fated decision to go to Lauren's birthday party and finally deciding to let her go has been harder than Danny Cummings ever thought it could be. Faced with his final year at Mountain View High, Danny is struggling with what he should do versus what he wants to do; although doing the right thing has never been Danny's strong suit. The idea that Josh has stolen another girl from his life has Danny more than ready to jump back into the fray and worry about the consequences late... more
  • Breaking Lauren (The Lauren Series) (Volume 1)

    by Jordan Deen
    Seventeen-year-old Danny Cummings is not your typical high school student. Spending his nights drinking, fighting and waking up with nameless girls, Danny is on the track to nowhere fast. That is until sugar-cookie Lauren McIntosh stumbles into one of his nightly routines. Now, he's not sure he's willing to accept the subpar life he's been living. Can Lauren save Danny from his self-destructive ways or is it really Lauren that needs the saving?
  • The Guestbook

    by Andrea Hurst


    "Evocative and heartfelt, The Guestbook is the profound story of one woman's journey toward hope, renewal and a second chance at love on a lush Pacific Northwest island. Curl up with your favorite cup of cocoa and enjoy." 
    ~Anjali Banerjee - author of Imaginary Men and Haunting Jasmine said about this women's fiction romance 

    This boo... more