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  • Leakage: A Friends-to-Lovers Romance

    by Karen Harley
    Neighbors. Roommates. Friends. That's all Matt, Jasmine, Sara and Harrison have allowed themselves to be - until the wild night Sara dares them all to change with a simple challenge: Teach each other how to stop manwhoring...stop picking loser boyfriends...relax...and have better relationships. There's just one rule: what happens between eight and midnight stays under the covers. Nothing can spill over into their friendship - or "The Challenge" ends. A rule positively made to be broken..... more
  • Fireworks

    by Denise Alicea
    After Sarah’s grandfather passes away, it’s up to Sarah to pack up a lifetime’s worth of his possessions as she comes to terms with her grief. As she goes through his possessions, she finds a picture. The faded black and white picture seems innocuous at first, but something draws her towards it. As she studies the picture and the man inside it, she forgets her grief momentarily. However, there’s more to the faded picture of a soldier in 1940s New York than she realizes, and soon she unexpect... more
  • Constructing Love

    by Natalie Alder
    A tender new artist and a construction worker. They are a work-in-progress with potential to be a portrait of happiness. But her desire for him as the subject in her next painting may taint their chances... This short story was originally published by Beau Coup Publishing in the Windswept anthology, a collection of stories set in a bed-and-breakfast on Galveston Island, Texas. Now available separately as this contemporary romantic novella.
  • The Vacuum Chronicles

    by Natalie Alder & Rick Johnson
    Mild-mannered Myles Mitchell wasn’t looking for love that day in Daly’s Diner when he met Yvette Luponski. The thirty-two year old accountant was happy with his vacuums and daily lunches at Daly’s. But from the first time he insulted her he was head over heels for the waitress. Join Myles on his rollercoaster love life with Yvette and the many different characters that frequent the same greasy spoon, including guest appearances by TT from Rick Johnson’s Trailer Trash.
  • Fringe Benefits (The Tapestry Series Book 4)

    by Natalie Alder
    When William Becker, owner of a prestigious race horse farm, strikes a deal with Watchover Farm it puts him in touch with the farm’s beautiful broodmare manager, Leslie Scott. Just released from prison, Leslie’s dangerous ex-boyfriend is out to get her and a disgruntled former barn hand of William’s is only too willing to help him get to Leslie, the fringe benefit of William’s lucrative deal. If she escapes this killer, will she escape the next potential killer waiting in the wings? Can William ... more
  • Woven Interests (The Tapestry Series Book 3)

    by Natalie Alder
    Uptight, serious, introvert…those were the words most used to describe James. The middle brother in the Becker family, owners of a prestigious race horse farm in South Carolina, though austere was covertly a playboy. Unable to resist a beautiful body, whether male or female, James never had a desire to commit to just one. A consummate player, he had no interest in a relationship. Never say never. A broken ankle was the catalyst that led James to consider a relationship. Falling for a man a... more
  • Trouble Looming (The Tapestry Series Book 2)

    by Natalie Alder
    Cole Becker helped his father raise his younger siblings after their mother died. He helped his father take care of his aging parents until they passed away. Now it’s time for Cole to have the life he deserves. When he meets Sara, all of his dreams seem to finally be within reach…until things begin to fall apart. Their perfect romance soon becomes complicated, scary, even life-threatening. Will happiness ever be theirs? Will Cole and Sara get their ‘someday’ together? Continue Tapestry, th... more
  • Crewel Work (The Tapestry Series Book 1)

    by Natalie Alder
    The key to a successful horse farm is the trainer. At Bridgeton Pass, J. P. Ryan is that key. William Becker is determined to protect his farm and keep Ryan on the job. That goal is threatened by two things – a sinister act by another employee and the fact that his only daughter has fallen head-over-heels in love with J. P. Becker can’t allow either of those things to threaten his legacy. Audra grew up around the handsome trainer and fell in love with him at a distance, enchanted by his ki... more
  • Sin & The Single Hijabi

    by AM SARDAR

    The trial and tribulations of a group of pious Hijab-wearing students as they navigate the social norms of University life whilst trying to be good Muslims.

    Noorie, aka Dr No, the headstrong medical student notorious for rejecting marriage proposals, juggles demanding studies with potential boyfriends and a far too pretty younger sister on the brink of becoming engaged.

    Shazz, Noorie's loud-mouthed aggressive best friend, must negotiate a complicated love life with ever-vigila... more

  • Misfit: Death Dwellers MC

    by Kathryn Kelly
    The final book in the Death Dwellers Series tells the story of Ophelia Donovan, Cash "Ghost" McCall and Louis "Stretch" King, and the obstacles they face in their polyamorous relationship amidst a biker club.
  • Vespers (Hours of the Night Book 1)

    by Irene Preston & Liv Rancourt
    100-year-old Catholic vampire. 22-year-old agnostic college student. One small hiring mistake. Falling in love is hard at any age, but these two will have to do it despite demon attacks, specters from the vampire's past, and a harsh ultimatum from the White Monks.
  • When Lucifer Met Calamity

    by D. Alyce Domain
    Take a chance on Love, Laughter…and Lucifer. “Tell me, how does such a little woman manage to keep up so much trouble in such a short space of time?” -Lucifer All Hell Breaks ‘Luce’ – When fate brings them together in a joint take-down of a common enemy, they get a chance at romance. But oh what a tangled tale that is conceived, when the lady plots to mislead. Calamity’s got her own set of rules…and while she’s willing to give the sexy lawyer a shot, a girl’s got to have a back-up plan in ... more
  • Lady of the Bridge

    by Laura Kitchell

    Forbidden love between a warrior princess and an elite samurai makes for an adventure set during the early days of the Tokugawa shogunate. Join this couple in a race across 17th century Japan where political unrest has created dangerous ronin, civil uprisings, and war-ravaged castles. Caught in the middle of the struggle between Shogun's rise to rule and the old regime, this warrior princess is forced to battle for her life.

    In the end, she must choose between family honor and her h... more

  • Dominic's Nemesis

    by D. Alyce Domain
    When Tortured Souls Collide… In an unforgiving society where the hint of madness is all the damning proof men need, Dominic Ambrosi struggles to live a peaceful life, away from prying eyes, and damning innuendo. Gifted with uncanny abilities, yet also cursed with the taint of madness, Dominic must walk a fine line. After the horror of his past, his fractured soul is safe only in solitude…until one day, his refuge is irrevocably breached by an ethereal beauty haunted by demons of her own. H... more
  • Enchanted

    by Linda Heavner Gerald
    ENCHANTED The young woman waited alone by a marble column inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Anxiety and fear escalated to panic as she realized that she did not possess a memory. A stranger, Harry Grover, approached with the perfect solution. With a smile, he explained that he was a recent widower with a large estate. She should accompany him to the New York countryside of Duchess County. Unsure of any other options, the beautiful stranger with blue-black hair followed him into his black l... more
  • Private Dicks: Packing Heat

    by Freddie Milano

    The life of a private investigator is never easy. Most often tedious, the job requires patience, diligence, and a touch of creativity. But some jobs come with a little danger, and some come with a lot, and the only way to safety is to fight as hard as the enemy. Private Dicks: Packing Heat is a collection of stories about private investigators not afraid to fight their way out when the heat is on.

    From Black Suede, Red Velvet by Freddie Milano: Black Suede is one of the most ex... more