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  • Sixteen Summers

    by Caitlin Moss
    Tabitha’s entire life came undone because of a simple, mundane errand. Now left a young, widowed mother with two boys, she has to pick up the pieces of the life she created with her husband, Tate. But there are too many reminders. Too many memories. Too much of Tate woven into the world around her. Tragedy stole Tate from her and yet, he is everywhere. A year later, consumed with grief and exhausted from going through the motions, Tabitha uproots her family to live in a small, fishing t... more
  • Everyone Needs a Companion

    by Jerry A. Greenberg
  • This Can't Be the Last Time

    by Leslie Durr
    When a young American nurse quits her job to travel through Europe for three months, she could not have anticipated the adventures awaiting her. She certainly could not have predicted that a chance meeting with a shy Dutchman would evolve into a connection that would last for over 50 years. Although their lives have unfolded separately, they remain important in each other's life. Through letters and occasional meetings, their connection persists as their lives are lived along parallel tracks. Th... more
  • Fildena 150

    by Jontis Johnson
    There are many solutions out there that promise the cure for erectile dysfunctions, however Fildena 150 is the brand that has been trusted by millions of men around the world. It contains ingredients that can increase nitric oxide levels in the body to give better blood circulation, making the blood traveling to the genitals easier. It also contains L-Arginine, a compound that has a vasodilating effect. The overall effect is incre... more
  • Her Prodigal Passion

    by Grace Callaway
    Sensible Miss Charity Sparkler has been in love with Paul Fines, her best friend’s brother, for years. When he accidentally compromises her, they find themselves wed in haste. Can an ugly duckling recognize her own beauty and a reformed rake his own value? As secrets of the past lead to present dangers, will this marriage of convenience transform into one of love?
  • Her Protector's Pleasure

    by Grace Callaway
    Wealthy widow Lady Marianne Draven will stop at nothing to find her kidnapped daughter. Having suffered betrayal in the past, she trusts no man—and especially not Thames River Policeman Ambrose Kent, who has a few secrets of his own. Yet fiery passion ignites between the unlikely pair as they battle a shadowy foe. Can they work together to save Marianne's daughter? And will nights of pleasure turn into a love for all time?
  • Her Wanton Wager

    by Grace Callaway
    To what lengths will a feisty miss go to save her family from ruin? Miss Persephone Fines takes on a wager of seduction with notorious gaming hell owner Gavin Hunt and discovers that love is the most dangerous risk of all. A steamy Hades and Persephone retelling.
  • Her Husband's Harlot

    by Grace Callaway
    How far will a wallflower go to win her husband's love? When her disguise as a courtesan backfires, Lady Helena finds herself entangled in a game of deception and desire with her husband Nicholas, the Marquess of Harteford ... and discovers that he has dark secrets of his own. Finalist for the Golden Heart Award and #1 National Bestselling Regency Romance.
  • The Gentleman Who Loved Me

    by Grace Callaway
    What happens when fate throws a headstrong miss on a mission to find a titled husband together with a powerful and notorious club owner who is anything but a gentleman? Find out in this final passionate installment in the Kent family series, which stars Primrose Kent and Andrew Corbett in his long-awaited return. Winner of the Passionate Plume Award and Finalist for the Maggie Award for Excellence.
  • Never Say Never to an Earl

    by Grace Callaway
    A USA Today Bestseller! Despite their outer differences, shy wallflower Polly Kent and wild rake Sinjin Pelham, the Earl of Revelstoke, have secrets to hide—and both desperately fear exposing their true selves. Yet the attraction between them is too strong to deny, and they become entangled in a passionate adventure. Both will have to face their greatest fear in order to win the love of a lifetime... and to survive the machinations of the enemy who lies in wait.
  • The Viscount Always Knocks Twice

    by Grace Callaway
    Sparks fly when feisty hoyden Violet Kent and proper gentleman Richard Murray, Viscount Carlisle, meet at a house party. Yet their forbidden passion and blossoming romance are not the only adventures afoot. For a guest is soon discovered dead—and Violet and Richard must join forces to solve the mystery and protect their loved ones… before the murderer strikes again. Finalist for the National Readers Choice Award and the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/ Suspense.
  • The Lady Who Came in from the Cold

    by Grace Callaway
    Former spy Pandora Hudson gave up espionage for love. Twelve years later, her dark secret rises to threaten her blissful marriage to Marcus, Marquess of Blackwood, and she must face her most challenging mission yet: winning back the heart of the only man she’s ever loved.
  • M is for Marquess

    by Grace Callaway
    With her frail constitution improving, Miss Dorothea Kent yearns to live a full and passionate life. Desire blooms between her and Gabriel Ridgley, the Marquess of Tremont, an enigmatic widower with a disabled son. But the road to love proves treacherous as Gabriel’s past as a spy emerges to threaten them both… and they must defeat a dangerous enemy lying in wait.
  • The Duke Who Knew Too Much

    by Grace Callaway
    When Miss Emma Kent witnesses a depraved encounter involving the wicked Duke of Strathaven, her honor compels her to do the right thing. But steamy desire challenges her quest for justice, and she and Strathaven must work together to unravel a dangerous mystery... before it’s too late.
  • The Return of the Duke

    by Grace Callaway
    Tinker’s daughter Fancy Sheridan longs for a passionate fairy tale romance. Newly minted duke Severin Knight needs a cool-headed duchess. When Knight accidentally compromises Fancy, their marriage of convenience is anything but convenient. Opposites attract in this feel-good story readers describe as “fairy tale meets Eliza Doolittle”! Finalist for the Maggie Award for Excellence and the Passionate Plume Award.
  • The Duke Redemption

    by Grace Callaway
    A gentleman in search of redemption finds a lady looking for a sin. Can one night of passion at a masquerade change their destinies forevermore? A steamy twist on Beauty and the Beast starring charming rogue Wickham Murray and the clever and spirited spinster Lady Beatrice. Winner of the Maggie Award for Excellence, the Golden Leaf, and the Passionate Plume.