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  • surat escorts agency

    by reena surat

    In this world, all men have to work with each other because everyone fulfills each other's needs. Some are looking for love and some are looking for money. surat escorts agency works to unite any two human beings because to join two unknown people that too with respect.All the men of the world work for someone or the other, there is no harm in this.

  • Broken Rock (Broken Chords Book 1)

    by K.A. Finn

    A dark history. An uncertain future. With the press, rumours, and saboteurs against them, will these lovers ever find their melody?

    Irish rockstar Tate Archer thought his ugly past was behind him. So when an anonymous tormentor sends him cryptic messages about his forgotten childhood, the haunted frontman turns to hard drugs to cope with the residual trauma. But after his release from rehab, he can't help but wonder if the perfect prescription is the beauti... more

  • Alaska Inferno

    by LoLo Paige
    Can a series of wildfires lead to true love under a midnight sun? Jon Silva is back as a wildland fire investigator, along with his well-earned reputation as a crack firefighter and notorious serial dater. But things have changed in Jon’s world. Now, there are only two women in his life—the one he wants, and the one who wants him—at any cost. He seeks redemption--also at any cost. Liz Harrington returns to Alaska’s Aurora Crew, fighting wildfire to earn seed money for her new business. She... more
  • The Fabian Waltz: A Novel Based on the Life of George Bernard Shaw

    by Kim Harbour

    "The Fabian Waltz" is a witty romance set against the backdrop of late Victorian London, where poverty is all but ignored. Playwright George Bernard Shaw's life and work are upended by a challenging woman he cannot win. Shaw and his fellow Fabians fight for social justice and discover love along the way.

    George Bernard Shaw, the Don Juan of London's progressive Fabian Society, finds himself attracted to an Irish millionairess: Charlotte Payne-Townshend. Shaw's... more

  • My Cone and Only

    by Susannah Nix
    When a real estate developer threatens the beloved old house Andie inherited from her grandmother, her brother’s best friend swoops in with his handyman skills to save the day. But the more time they spend working on the house together, the harder it becomes to ignore their irresistible attraction.
  • Distracting the Deputy

    by Shanna Hatfield
    When he’s not evading grabby-handed octogenarians, mentoring troubled teens, or rescuing rascally youngsters from disaster, Deputy Knox Strickland can be found upholding the law in the eastern Oregon region he patrols. He avoids making plans for tomorrow, focusing instead on doing his best today. Then one chance encounter with a beautiful woman in a wheat field turns his world upside down. Knox is left questioning what secrets she’s hiding, and how hard he’ll have to work to scale the fortress s... more
  • Surviving

    by Michelle Leigh
    Emma and her twin brother, Danny managed to escape the horrors of their childhood and their abusive father when they were sixteen. They have spent the last seven years trying to survive the world and build a better future. When Emma starts a promising new job at the Alexander Marketing Corporation, she meets the boss and CEO, Trace Alexander. The chemistry is instantaneous and, although they try to fight the inappropriate attraction, they tumble headlong into a scorching affair. Soon after, mena... more
  • Searching for September

    by Robin A. Lieberman
    September Webb, a divorced, middle-aged New Yorker, had always viewed marriage and romance very idealistically. Her pursuit to meet a virtuous and charismatic man who can ignite the flame inside of her is a challenge, at best. Hungry for passion after leaving a lifeless marriage, Seppie takes a plunge into the sea of single men, and the culture of middle age dating has her frustrated and disillusioned. Unexpectedly, she meets the prominent widowed attorney, Teddy Zezza, while he is hosting his f... more
  • Engaged to an Earl

    by Sylvia Prince
    An engagement she never wanted. The Barrett family has fallen on hard times. An unwanted betrothal sends Elinor Barrett from her peaceful country manor to bustling London. Conflicted over her responsibility as the eldest daughter, Elinor buries herself in philosophy books. Between dance lessons, dress fittings, and formal balls, Elinor secretly pens an essay on women’s education. When a handsome printer catches her eye, will Elinor abandon duty to follow her heart? A secret identity tha... more
  • Rose Through Time: A Magical Bookshop Novel

    by Harmke Buursma
    Grieving the loss of her grandmother, Rose Hart stumbles across a mysterious book. She suddenly finds herself transported in time to Regency era England where she meets the handsome but brooding Mr. Easton. Through scheming society ladies and dangerous gambling hells, one question remains; Will she stay? Or will she go?
  • Somewhere in the Silence

    In 1961, Belinda Brown, a young Los Angeles-based, rare-book expert wins a dream assignment to evaluate a private library in a small South American city. Fresh from the disastrous ending of her three-year engagement, she becomes the romantic focus of feuding twin brothers who’ve inherited the library. Both men could pose for Greek-god statuary. Ricardo is dark, with a sunny disposition filled with Latin machismo. Karlos is blond, enigmatic, and profoundly deaf. In the silence of the fa... more
  • Code of Ethics

    by April White
    There are three things you need to know about Oliver Curran: 1) He’s a fabulously wealthy playboy who incidentally happens to be a code-writing genius, 2) For maybe the first time in his life, he’s trying to do the right thing, and 3) Someone wants him dead. Oliver’s life has already been saved once by the gorgeous yet grumpy “close protection specialist” provided by Cipher Security, Dallas Profeit. She calls him uncooperative. He’d prefer to think of himself as unpredictable and stimulat... more
  • Banished (Fallen Angels Book One)

    by Iris Champion
    She’s an angel in training. He’s darkness incarnate. When their heated attraction breaks divine rules, can love rewrite fate? Britton prays she’ll live up to her destiny. The first human raised by Archangel Michael, she’s desperate to fit in with those born in Heaven. But when she’s humiliated by her angelic peers during battle practice, she flees in shame and falls into the devilish arms of a stranger. Lucifer has grown weary of banishment. And when he happens upon his archenemy’s beloved... more
  • Love, Death, and the Art of Cooking

    by Linda Griffin
    Software engineer Reid Lucas loves to cook and has a history of falling in love with married women. When he leaves his complicated past in Chicago for a job in California, he runs into trouble and must call a virtual stranger to bail him out of jail. Alyssa Knight, a tough street cop waiting for a church annulment from her passive-aggressive husband, is the roommate of the woman Reid calls for help, and she reluctantly provides bail for Reid. He falls for her immediately, and cooking for her is ... more
  • Forrest for the Trees

    by Kilby Blades
    Forrest Winters isn’t just a federal fire marshal; he’s a thorn in Ranger Sierra Betts’s side. The way he swings his big axe, fixes her with his chameleon gray eyes, and talks about his jurisdiction has a way of breaking her concentration. He has a way of showing up everywhere he doesn’t belong, including Greenbrier Ranger Station. And he really needs to quit stealing her bacon bites. When a series of suspicious fires, an underhanded co-worker, and a cagey Parks Police Chief threaten her job ... more
  • To Mardi Gras, Wit’ Love…

    by Kenneth Rhydell Watson

    K. Rhydell Watson is graduate of Robert Morris College, Chicago, Illinois. The former veteran import/export customshouse broker lived in Los Angeles, California many years, where he met his now 28 years later Life-Partner, whose a physician and was Co-Editor of his first novel "TMGWL". They relocated in 1998 to Houston, (The Woodlands), Texas-where he worked on the Top 100 Client's Strategic-Cargo Manager's Team for Maersk Lines- a Danish owned giant International Containeri... more