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  • Kiss, Cry, Reply

    by Deana Farrady

    When a waitress meets a wealthy CEO online, he rebuffs her...until he finds himself charmed. But taking their email relationship offline could be dangerous. A feel-good, angsty fairy tale romance told in modern epistolary style.

  • Broken Like Me

    by Kaitie Howie
    When Rose and her daughter move into the building Josh and his best friends live in, it becomes clear they’re meant to be a part of each other’s lives—trauma knows trauma, and weary hearts and broken souls grow together. But beyond their newfound friendship, the universe has more in store for Rose and Josh, from falling in love and the baby’s first words to a horrifying court trial. 

 And when their pasts come back to haunt them, each other is all they have while they face their darkest ... more
  • Blood Moon

    by Vicki Crum

    Paranormal Romance

    Kat is out of her element when she arrives in Wyoming to do a story on an adventure excursion outfit. Her wilderness skills are non-existent until the hotter-than-hell owner of Into the Wild takes her under his wing and opens up a whole new world for her—in more ways than one.

    Austin isn’t looking to complicate his life, but when his volatile attraction to Kat ignites an inferno in his werewolf blood, he has no choice but to act on it. Austin falls h... more

  • The Matchmaker and the Marquess

    by Scarlett Scott
    You are cordially invited to the country house party of the summer… Five years ago, six exceptional ladies graduated from Twittingham Academy and successfully nabbed themselves the most sought-after matrimonial prizes in London. Actually, they didn’t. Not one of them. But the Countess of Fangfoss, formerly known as Miss Julia Twittingham, has a plan to see each of her past charges happily wed after all. Welcome to Second Chance Manor. Lady Clementine Hammond has earned her reputation as so... more
  • Dance With Me

    by Nan Dixon

    A journey of healing, hope and love.

    He loves running his family pub and the expansion into brewing is his contribution to the family legacy. But he hates seeing sad women in his pub, so he flirts, charms smiles out of the unhappy ones, and his Irish accent might be a little stronger as he teaches them a jig. Sad women remind of the terrible mistake he made. When Nicole walks in, pain radiates off her. He tries to coax a smile and even gets her to dance.

    Eigh... more

  • The Hellion is Tamed

    by Tracy Sumner

    Time-traveling lovers navigate the sinister streets of London—while denying their enchantment and desire. If you like THE NEVERS, this series is for you!

    He’s a viscount’s bastard who sees more than he wants to...

    Rescued from the slums and molded into a gentleman, Simon Alexander lost the love of his life to a mystical world he’s always spurned. Still searching for the time traveler who stole his heart, he’ll stop at nothing to find her. When he does... more

  • The Dark Lord: When Darkness Falls, Book 2

    by Allie McCormack

    Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance, Vampire Romance

    Book 2 of a sweeping romantic saga in a medieval Arabian Nights type setting

    Held captive in the Catacombs, Alyssa struggles with coming to terms with the loss of the life she had made for herself in the palace. She also has to learn how to deal with her strange magical powers that everyone but her seems to know she has. And she has to find a way to accept her new life with the ancient vampire who insists that she is his…... more

  • The Spring Bride

    by Claire Sanders
    Greta Franklin has a shameful secret that has forced her into a solitary life. She says she’s married to a traveling salesman, but no one has ever seen him. Is she telling the truth?George Mason is determined to find out. As a man of honor, George would never make romantic advances toward a married woman, but he’s fighting a battle with his conscience when it comes to Greta. His heart knows she’s the woman for him, no matter what barriers he has to knock down.The only way Greta can accept the lo... more
  • The Forget-Me Knot

    by Denise Liebig

    When a beloved heirloom bridges the past with the present, can a young woman bury her dead to build a future with the living?

    Portland, Oregon, 2018

    Natalie Lane has never been in love. Twelve years after her father’s premature passing, she’s still caring for her heartbroken mother. Determined to avoid a similar future, Natalie focuses on her therapy practice instead of romance. But when a man claiming to be a ghost enters her office, a man only she can see, she realiz... more

  • The Dishonored Viscount

    by Sophie Barnes
    He knows he doesn’t deserve her, yet he can’t get her out of his mind… Stripped of his title because of a crime his father committed, Marcus Berkly has struggled to find a new place for himself in the world. Now, as London’s most skilled eye-surgeon, he dedicates his time to his patients while steering clear of Society. Until a chance encounter with a determined young woman upends his life. When Lady Louise discovers that Mr. Berkly’s surgical method could save her from permanent blindness... more
  • Cactus Friends

    by Charlotte Dune

    Plant medicine plus passion in this non-stop, steamy, and tropical adventure.

    A struggling photographer, Thelma searches for direction in her life. The universe draws her to a group conducting secret plant medicine ceremonies on a farm in Florida’s southern Everglades. After drinking a mescaline tea made from the San Pedro, wachuma cactus with the group, she receives an unusual message and meets a young Persian man suffering from kidney failure named Saman. Together, they try to u... more

  • Mushroom Honeymoon

    by Charlotte Dune

    Magical, sexy, tropical, and terrifying — Mushroom Honeymoon follows a couple's quest for harmony and love, despite physical and mental obstacles.

    Newly married, Saman wants to be a wonderful husband, but serious health concerns are affecting his daily life and marriage. To improve his situation, he undergoes a kidney transplant, but the procedure leads to as many complications as solutions to his problems.

    After the operation, Saman’s wife, Thelma, plans a belated... more

  • Chasing Forever

    by Lara Wynter
    A girl with amnesia wakes up with no memories of her past. Through a series of flashbacks, she comes to learn that her life is not what she hoped. She meets Joss (a rock star) and together they try and uncover her past before it comes to reclaim her life.
  • When Darkness Falls: The Palace

    by Allie McCormack

    Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance, Vampire Romance

    Ruled by a gracious, wise Sultana, the humans of the great desert city of Al Khair dwell in uneasy peace with the vampires and demons who claim the lands as their ancestral homelands under the leadership of an ancient, powerful vampire. Their shaky truce becomes strained when a young human woman arrives from distant lands.

    Orphaned since childhood and outcast, Alyssa joins a caravan to the fabled Al Khair where she seeks only to... more

  • Firewalking

    by Marguérite Turnley
    Quin is a target for killers. Sherry needs to escape from her life. Each answers an advertisement that leads to them working at an isolated homestead with armed guards watching their every move. People are filmed in intimate situations. The situation becomes deadly, and once again they try to escape.
  • Dead Dukes Tell No Tales

    by Catherine Stein

    Airship pirates, mysterious inventions, and a treasure beyond compare? All in a duke’s work.

    Chicago scrap metal mogul Clifford Kinsley has never encountered an obstacle he couldn’t dismantle. Until he inherits a dukedom burdened with mountains of debt, stifling rules, and people who want to ship his seven-year-old daughter off to boarding school. He’s stuck with the title for life. Which leaves only one solution: kill the duke. And for that, he’... more