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  • Cést La Vie: Such is life...

    by Melody Saleh
    They’re more than friends . . . they’re sisters. Amber and her best friends have been there for each other through thick and thin, but now the women face their biggest challenges yet . . . and the stakes have never been higher. Reeling from a devastating chain of events, Amber’s life will never be the same. But when Amber’s estranged and vindictive identical twin sister shows up at the eleventh-hour offering salvation, Amber knows it’s too good to be true. Meanwhile, Amber’s friends are ... more
  • Mardon

    by Elizabeth Rose
    Greed and vengeance are powerful tools, but not as strong as a forbidden kiss that neither of them can seem to forget. With his crazy old grandmother on board The Falcon, Mardon sets sail with his crew. They are following a clue that will hopefully lead them to where Mardon's late father buried treasure. When they dock at Great Yarmouth, it isn't treasure they find. Instead, a mysterious nun in a tavern helps them decipher the code that points them to the Canterbury Cathedral. A nun in a tavern... more
  • Deeper Than Vengeance

    by Aparna Gayle

    What would you do if you were lost, if you were just floating through life, wanting to return home, but you don’t know if you’re worthy enough?

    Watching them from the shadows, wishing they’ll notice you and invite you back into their lives, but at the same time afraid of being seen, because deep down your biggest fear is disrupting their happy lives with your tortured soul.

    Having to live with the yearning of being away from her only reasons for living, wondering... more

  • Nights of Desire

    by Aparna Gayle

    Waking up with no idea of where she is or how she ended up there, Alicia wonders aimlessly through the woods in search of someone to assist her in getting home.

    Coming across a single log cabin, Alicia doesn't think twice before knocking on the door of the unknown owner, hoping with everything within her that whoever answers will help her and not turn her away. What she didn't expect is for the door to be answered by someone who resembles a man who has only ever been a figment o... more

  • Priceless

    by Catherine Stein

    He'll pay any price to win her. But her artist's heart is not for sale.

    Raised in a squalid factory, Evan Tagget has battled his way to the top. Now a multi-millionaire, he runs a global empire of telecommunication devices, mechanical dragons, and clockwork gadgets. Evan can buy anything he wants. Except the love of the brazen artist who barges into his life.

    Violet Dayton has made her living painting forgeries, scrimping and saving toward her true passion... more

  • Sidelined, Volume 3: The Contract

    by Bianca Williams
    Bryn Charles is planning her biggest event yet after signing a love contract with her boyfriend, NFL superstar Shane Smith. Their fiery love affair only intensifies as Shane finally gives her what she wants ― his heart. But when Shane's ex throws a Hail Mary pass it threatens their happily ever after. Find out who makes it to the altar at the end of this explosive romance series about love, friendship, and half-truths. Explosive, honest, and flat-out unforgettable, "Sidelined: The Contract" i... more
  • A Husband For Christmas

    by Nancy Pirri

    Can a little girl’s wish for Santa to bring her mom a new husband come true?

    In 1946, Sarah Delaney writes to Santa for a husband for her mom for Christmas. She’s never known her father, who went missing during WWII so five-year-old Sarah decides it’s the perfect gift for her mother—a husband, and a daddy for her. Her mother, Rose Delaney, has been working as a banking accountant—until Jack Campbell, the man who held the position first returns from the war ... more

  • Bride of Ice (The Warrior Daughters of Rivenloch, Book 2)

    by Glynnis Campbell
    Cool and commanding warrior maid Hallidis Cameliard’s destiny is clear—a husband appointed by the king and eventual reign over Rivenloch. So when her cousins are captured by a Highland laird, she naturally takes charge, seizing the laird’s right hand man as leverage. Captive Colban an Curaidh knows his clan cannot afford war, so he counts on his honor to keep the peace, charming Hallie’s clan and melting her heart. But when he offers her more, fate snatches away her one chance for love, and o... more
  • Well . . . That Was Awkward

    by Megan Olavarria

    John and Em meet on the boardwalk as the moonlight dances off the Chesapeake Bay.

    She thinks he’s gorgeous and comes down with a case of instalove.
    He thinks she’s a panhandler and gives her five dollars.

    The embarrassment is enough to send Em running for a life makeover. The only problem is, she’s spent the last decade looking after everyone else in her little town and now she’s totally forgotten how to self-care.

    Adding to that garbage heap of ... more

  • Think of Me

    by Kat Schuessler
    When Detective Josh Hartnell's wife had a psychotic break, he needed to figure out how to raise their daughter on his own. Two years later, when his friend and partner decides to set him up with a woman, he doubts that anything will come of it. Rita Morgan is a law student at Kent State University. After her disappointing relationship with a professor ends, her friends insist on setting her up with a single dad. Although Josh is sweet and incredibly sexy, he comes with some baggage--in the shape... more
  • No Backward Glances

    by Kat Schuessler
    When Lorelai Todd has her heart shattered by her boyfriend, she vows to never trust a man again. Six months later, she is called to the hospital where she works to help with an emergency. She speeds to get there and is pulled over by Jay, the handsome cop that will eventually threaten to break down the walls around her heart. After pulling over the beautiful nurse that caught his eye, Jay regrets not asking her out, until he is called to the hospital to identify a potential kidnapping victim who... more
  • How the Lady Charmed the Marquess

    by Laura A. Barnes

    A love that sneaks upon you unaware …

    All she had to do was to pretend an interest in the gentlemen invited to the house party. He only came to the house party to amuse himself. After they are thrown together for the entertainments, will they realize the depths of their desire for one another?

    Charlotte Holbrooke enjoyed her simple life at her uncle’s estate. She filled her days by spending time with her family ... more

  • Bangalore Escorts

    by Reshma Pandit
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  • Desert Fire, Mountain Rain

    by Amy Schisler
    Andi Nelson’s dream was to go to the Naval Academy and serve her country. As an intelligence commander with SEAL Team Three, her life is what she always imagined until a lapse in intelligence leads to the death of her team and the man she loves. Plagued with survivor’s guilt, Andi returns to her hometown in the Arkansas Ozarks only to discover that Buffalo Springs is as depressed and broken as she is. Wade Montgomery, a mover and shaker in New York City’s world of finance, has closed his hea... more
  • B08LTXX1ND

    by Claudia Shelton
    Welcome to Nature's Crossing, a small Missouri town needing more than a face lift to survive. Got a moment? We'd be happy to show you around… Big-city newscaster Ashley Lanovan never dreamed she'd be divorced and unemployed at barely thirty-eight years old. Needing time to plan her future, she agrees to housesit for friends in Nature's Crossing. After setting new life goals, and adjusting to small-town culture shock, she realizes that her priorities have been misplaced for the past ten years.... more
  • B07S2LY4KF

    by Claudia Shelton
    To ex-Navy SEAL Mitch Granger, responsibility isn’t just a word. It’s his Code of Honor. But when assigned to protect Coercion Ten’s latest target, she challenges his authority, defies his rules, and wreaks havoc on his personal willpower. Fighting for her isn’t a problem. Giving his life for her isn’t a problem. Forgetting their world-stopping kiss? Definite problem. And if he can’t concentrate solely on keeping her safe, it may cost them both their lives. Journalist Liz Walkert’s missing fa... more