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  • Hugs & Quiches

    by Candace Harper
    Starting over was meant to be a new beginning. Though for Zoe Cooper and Amelia Hughes, it's the very first step toward their happy ending. It's been a year since Zoe Cooper packed up her daughter and fled her abusive husband with only the clothes on her back. But life as a waitress, food blogger, and "roommate" to her supportive mother has turned into a holding pattern, and her dream of launching her own catering company and cooking school feels like just another fairy tale ending--when she's... more
  • Never Say Duke

    by Erica Ridley
    Miss Virginia Underwood cannot resist rescuing a stray. Her latest find turns out to be a surly, reclusive war hero trying to recover from his wounds in peace. He doesn't want her help—and Virginia definitely doesn't want to fall in love. Not when a future with him would mean returning to the the same haut ton who laughed her out of Town during her very first Season. Theodore O’Hanlon, Viscount Ormondton, sequestered himself far from London to heal in anonymity. For now, he can be himself. As... more
  • Rendezvous in Paradise

    by Annick Weilche
    On holidays on Tropical Island Paradise, Amanda Jones is enjoying being away from the routine, boring life of an overworked administration officer. When her bag is stolen the day after she arrives on the island, she meets Detective Jérôme Richard who will investigate the theft. Jérôme is an INTERPOL agent helping the local authorities with a drug-dealing case. The attraction between them is instant, but when the theft of Mandy’s bag somehow becomes embroiled with Jérôme’s drug case, he will no... more
  • Her Cowboy Prince

    by Madeline Ash
    Meet the cowboy royal who will never be tamed—and the best friend sworn to protect him. Kris Jaroka didn’t sign up for this. He and his triplet brothers were uprooted from their ranch to inherit the throne of Kiraly. His duties keep escalating, and no amount of shirking his guards can stop the gut-ache of leaving his best friend, Frankie, behind. But his biggest challenge lies ahead. For years, Frankie Cowan has secretly monitored the safety of Kris and his brothers. When Kris’s reckles... more
  • Waldwick Series - Driftless

    by Kenneth Linde
    Driftless: What a funny word! Seek it out in a dictionary and it simply does not exist. When one hears or reads the word “driftless” what can you think? A word so unique, so different and almost unheard of in everyday life. For many, driftless elicits thoughts of having no direction or without aim…even concepts of the lack of purpose come to mind. Set in Wisconsin Driftless revisits the lives of George Terrill and his wife fifteen years into their marriage. Reflecting on the challenges they ... more
  • Waldwick Series - Little Spirit

    by Kenneth Linde
    Set in contemporary Madison, Wisconsin, “Little Spirit” examines the concept of eminent domain and the taking of land and dignity, first from the Indian’s perspective and then today, as seen through the eyes of George Terrill IV a descendant of the original George Terrill from the book “Waldwick”. Using flashbacks through a 94-year-old, blind, Hochunk Indian chief named Great Grandfather, George learns about the feelings and challenges of the Hochunk nation and the taking of their land and a... more
  • Karleigh

    by Lisa Washington
    Never let your dreams falter away. Karleigh has a strong Faith to quit her job and open a hair salon. But when she is hit with many unforeseen circumstances, she leans on the most unlikely person. The owner of the barber shop next door initially didn't want Karleigh's salon next door, but after meeting the new entrepreneur, he had an overwhelming need to help her become successful. What will happen when they both realize that their business relationship is changing into romance?
  • MiDei Pa'am

    by Rachel Farren
    Manny Blumenthal, a Berlin Jew, survives “Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass,” and then a concentration camp to escape the holocaust. He finds refuge in Manchester’s Cottonopolis, where he rebuilds his family’s former successful fashion empire, torn apart by Nazism.
  • False Front

    by Debbie Baldwin

    • a steamy romantic thriller
    • a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat suspense novel
    • a timeless romance

    Emma Porter is not real. She is an accomplished young woman, living a fulfilling life in New York City, working for an online news agency, and striving toward normalcy. The truth, however, is something else. She was once Emily Webster, a child of privilege, and the twenty-first century Lindbergh Baby. Her high-profile, unexplained abduction and subsequent rescue le... more

  • 2067

    by Anne Morris

    A futuristic, dystopian retelling of Pride and Prejudice. After crop failures, population declines, and a pandemic, life on the planet has stabilized. LizE Ben has a new job at the Netherfield Institute, working with her sister Juno. The Institute’s goal is to help identify and propagate native plants in the wake of crop failures and other environmental disasters. A young investor, Chaz Bingley, comes to town, interested in helping to fund the Institute. LizE’s workaholic sister i... more


    Future for my vision portrays the story of Joshua who just had brain surgery. He's anti-religious and trapped in a battle of heart vs mind. Uncertain on what steps to take. Erica, his fiancé, is frustrated with him for not pushing himself hard enough. She wants the wedding she believes she so rightfully deserves. Joshua stumbles upon a mysterious woman. Who begins to slowly grab his attention and so the love triangle begins.
  • Imperfectly Delicious

    by Mary Frame
    Scarlett Jackson is anything but perfect. The first time she met famous chef and entrepreneur Guy Chapman, she set him on fire. As a result, she was blacklisted from every restaurant in New York City to the point where she couldn’t get hired at a taco stand. But she didn’t give up. She got busy. Now she’s running her own food truck and things are taking off. Except…through a mixture of impeccable timing and bad luck, she’s parking near Guy’s newest and most ambitious undertaking: Restaurant Row.... more
  • Replaceable Lovers

    by Estherlina Feliciano

    Vanessa thought she had it all. Good life, great family, a loving husband—until he does something so completely wrong that she decides to give up on him altogether. As Vanessa balance the demands of single motherhood with the lure of her newly solo status, Vanessa can’t help but appreciate her two sister friends, Sharon and Nicki, who are facing their own personal challenges. Sharon is harboring secrets she believes keeps a happy marriage, until one violent night forced her to cha... more

  • A Creation of Tomorrow: There are no boundaries they wouldn't cross to keep her safe...

    by D.L Fletcher
    Alice's daughter now missing, Cami was without a mother, and the one person that protected her from her father's anger. Having no doubt Cami's father Tom was responsible for the bruises Alice regularly found on her she turned to the police again and again, but just like when Patsy went missing, they repeatedly turned their backs on her. Alice was desperate to find help. With nowhere left to turn, she turned to the most dangerous men she'd ever laid eyes on. Rumour had it that they were dru... more
  • The Dying Butterfly

    by D.L Fletcher
    Holly and Tony were a young couple in love. They thought they had all the time in the world but they were wrong... As the illness spread and the population was dying, chaos sprang forcing Holly and her group of family and friends to hit the road. A plan set and necessities stocked they left their homes. One night as the deranged charged their camp they were forced to scatter, separating Holly from everyone she knew and loved. In her search for her group she stumbled upon a small community. By... more
  • Love and Loss

    by Grace Lincoln
    He was a giant of a man in mind, body, and spirit. He was the wrong faith, the wrong nationality, and unsuitable. She was utterly captivated. Katherine Elizabeth Otis, shortened to “Kitty” before the ink was dry on the parish birth record, suffered grievous losses in her eighteen years. She now cares for her ailing father and shoulders all the responsibilities of a married woman but enjoys none of the compensations. Kitty attracts the ominous but fascinating Lieutenant McLaughlin and escape... more