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  • McBride's Gem

    by Roxy Matthews
    One small town is the epicenter of a battle waged between man and God. And man against man. The victor will save mankind. But are we worthy? Time will tell. Randi Ronin thought she was done dealing with selfish men. Until she ended up with a gun barrel pointed at her head and a stranger, albeit a cute one, unwilling to let her out of his sight. When she's yanked from bed in the middle of the night, held captive for a gemstone, she must keep her wits to con a con or succumb to a scheme fueled ... more
  • After the Fire

    by Patti Diener
    Two grieving people, a tragic fire, and one small community that won’t be defeated. After losing his fiancé in a car accident, embittered contractor, Gabriel Hart, is sent to Lake County to aid in the clean-up effort after the Valley Fire burned more than one thousand homes. Local girl, Sarah McKinney struggled with a failing marriage when she was suddenly widowed with the loss of her young husband. Neither was looking for love, but for Gabe and Sarah, it was attraction at first sight. Only the... more
  • Aurora's Gold

    by K. J. Gillenwater
    Fans of Bering Sea Gold, Gold Rush, Life Below Zero, and other Alaska reality TV shows would love this 5-star action-adventure romance! Aurora’s Gold is set in the high stakes world of underwater dredge mining in small town Nome, Alaska with a female protagonist. Aurora “Rory” Darling is the only female dredge owner in town. She’s got money problems, a disgruntled former employee, a complicated family, and an ex who won’t let go. After her father has a horrible accident, Rory must find a way t... more
  • Love Myself, Again

    by HB Cantrell
    Malia Draper is notorious for dating guys that are cheaters, heart breakers, and those that just do not want to commit to a relationship. While dealing with her non-existent love life, Malia must embrace her alter ego as Fawn at The Tipsy Pixy to help pay back her student loans, survive on a teacher's salary, and pay for a house that she did not want in the first place. While working her typical weekend shift at The Tipsy Pixy, Malia runs into her former crush Braden, who is no longer sporting a... more
  • No More Horrible Dates

    by Kate O'Keeffe

    What do you do when you want to find your happily ever after, but you're stuck in a fake relationship with the last guy you'd ever want to date?

    Twenty-five-year-old Erin Andrews has got a problem. She works for the country's most successful rugby team but a bitter past tells her all pro sports players are self-satisfied, arrogant jerks. There's no way on this sweet Earth she'd date one. That's why she agrees to a pact with her best friends to fi... more

  • No More Terrible Dates

    by Kate O'Keeffe

    Twenty-five-year-old personal assistant Darcy Evans likes to be in control of her life. But there's one thing she can't get a handle on: men.

    Sick of terrible dates, she makes a pact with her friends to only date good guys. But it's tough out there. From the liars and cheats to the positively weird, where's a modern day hero when you want one? 

    Then, when her boss buys an art gallery, Darcy's forced to work with photographer Alex Wals... more

  • Her Awakening

    by Felix Alexander
    When sex shop employee Marina Varela meets Luciano Garcia, she encounters a man who is handsome, intelligent and intimidating. The guarded Marina wants this man, and Luciano confesses his desire for her as well-but he too is guarded. When the couple endeavors to see where things may lead, they find themselves in the throes of a passionate affair. Their sexual exploration of each other leads them to an awakening of their bodies and their hearts.
  • The Romantic: A Love Story

    by Felix Alexander
    The Romantic is a love story about friendship, passion, and the echo of unrequited love. Hadriel Alighieri has harbored a secret love in his heart for his entire life. It began in his youth, when he fell in love with his best friend, Sophia Paula. After Sophia leaves for America and is later betrothed to Joshua Abrams, Hadriel is devastated, but he is a hopeless romantic. In the winter of his life he is haunted by the memory of Sophia Paula. When the Angel of Death comes for Hadriel, t... more
  • Mind Reader

    by Kirsty McManus
    Kellan Gallo can predict soulmates. Operating out of the nightclub Heaven Sent, his charming reputation and impressive accuracy rate are legendary. But when Kellan meets stem cell scientist Beatrix Mackenzie, he wonders if his time might be better spent pursuing a more meaningful profession. After a lucky interview with an employment agency, Kellan suddenly finds himself working as Beatrix’s intern. But with Beatrix convinced Kellan is a fraud, he wonders whether embarking on a career in s... more
  • Manhattan Cinderella

    by Kate O'Keeffe
    Forget Cinderella, this New Yorker is going to make it on her own, and the last thing she needs is some prince charming trying to mess with her plans. "Full of heart, wit, and passion."
  • One Last First Date

    by Kate O'Keeffe

    Cassie Dunhill and her friends make a pact to marry the next guy they each date. What could possibly go wrong?

    Cassie is sick of dating. It's been ten years and it's time, time to find The One. It's either that or buy a fetching habit and veil and abandon the whole thing. But Cassie believes in love, and she's not ready to give up yet.

    The pressure is on to find Mr. Right and Cassie's the first to find him: Parker Hamilton. He's good-l... more

  • No More Bad Dates

    by Kate O'Keeffe

    Three friends form the No More Bad Dates Pact: stop dating the wrong guys and start dating the right ones - weirdos and jerks need not apply.

    Twenty-five-year-old Sophie McCarthy's career is virtually nonexistent, her family expects her to "do something important" with her life, and she's totally sick of dating the wrong guys: the self-absorbed, the arrogant, the borderline criminally insane.

    After she's unceremoniously dumped during the... more

  • Happily Ever His: A fake relationship/in love with the wrong sister romantic comedy (Singletree Book 1)

    by Delancey Stewart
    Tess Manchester is the girl next door. At least if you live in the middle of nowhere, Maryland. But her sister is a movie star, and when her famous sister brings Tess's ultimate movie star crush home as her date to their grandmother's 90th birthday party, things get tense. Despite the fact that movie star Ryan McDonnell is dating her sister, he spends an awful lot of time with Tess, and as the weekend unfolds, there turns out to be a lot going on. His relationship with her sister is fake--bu... more
  • Relatively Happy

    by Whitney Dineen
    Sarah Hastings’ life is chaotic. Between running her organic farm, her yurt-style holistic B&B, and her vegan café Eat Me!, she barely has time for an aura cleanse. What’s more, her spirit guide just announced the universe is sending her a man. Suddenly, a sexy pro-football player, a hipster photojournalist, and fellow organic farmer practically fall from the sky onto her doorstep. But which one is her cosmic soulmate? While Sarah meditates on the answer, her parents show up unexpectedly t... more
  • The Move

    by Whitney Dineen
    When Lexi Blake was twelve years old, a fortune teller gave her the following cryptic message: In your thirtieth year, once the dog jumps over you, your life will change in the most unexpected ways. Lexi is thirty now and the following unexpected things have occurred: •While walking through Central Park enjoying a beautiful fall day, Lexi eats dirt when a careless dog owner throws a frisbee at her head. A dog jumps over her. •Lexi gets a promotion that pays less than her current job.... more
  • Scoring the Keeper's Sister: A Pro Soccer / Matchmaker / Enemies-to-Lovers Romantic Comedy (Mr. Match Book 1)

    by Delancey Stewart
    Scoring with the Keeper's Sister is the first book in the romcom series, Mr. Match, in which a pro soccer player, who also happens to be a mathematical genius, discovers the algorithm for love and uses it to set up a matchmaking website. His identity remains a secret, but in the first book he reveals himself to convince a teammate to try the site. Hilarity, of course, ensues.