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  • Broken Promise (Beyond Series Book 1)

    by Andrea Smith
    What does a mob capo want with a girl from the sticks? Everything . . . For twenty-seven years, I've flitted through life clueless to the God-given abilities that lay dormant inside of me. In the blink of an eye, everything changed more than I ever could've anticipated. She changed it. Now I know that nothing is as it seems. I will never be the same again...but this isn't my story. It's hers. I'm just being forced to live it, resolve it, and ultimately try to move on after lear... more
  • Forever Jesse (Forbidden Series Book 2)

    by Andrea Smith
    This book is the sequel to "Loving Jesse." \tMy name is Jesse Ryan. I'm thirty, single, and raising my daughter alone. I'm a construction worker in Arkansas, and in the summer of 2010, I knew I'd need some help with my nine year-old daughter, Scout. That's when September Dawson came back into my world. \tShe's a beautiful woman now, and a very resourceful one at that. She effectively ambushes a romance that is barely off the ground between me and a neighbor and she doesn't stop there. ... more
  • Loving Jesse (Forbidden Series Book 1)

    by Andrea Smith
    When is love wrong? Jesse Ryan has always been the love of my life, from as far back as I can remember. But time, distance and circumstances beyond my control separated the two of us for many years. Now things have changed. Because you see now I'm a grown woman, and it's time that Jesse sees that for himself. But will he see me as anything other than the child I was when we last saw one another? It's up to me to make sure that he does. Look out Jesse Ryan. September is back.
  • Star F*cking (Evermore Series Book 4)

    by Andrea Smith
    Book 4 is the conclusion of the Evermore Series. \tSeth and Neely's paths have crossed over the years, but not in the way they had hoped. The misunderstandings between them stem from issues beyond their control, but the truth will be revealed. \tNo matter who the players are that come in and out of their lives, one thing cannot be denied: Seth and Neely are meant to be together. Their love is destined to endure. Almost anything.
  • Claimed (Evermore Series Book 2)

    by Andrea Smith
    Love should be everything or not at all. At least that's what I used to think. \tI'm seventeen now, and back in Malibu. Mama's drying out back East, and here I am living with my father and his new wife, Tiffany Blume, Hollywood harlot. At least that's what Mama calls her. I keep my distance. I just have to bide my time until I turn eighteen and go off to college. Away from them; away from Seth Drake. \tSeth is living his dream. Studying acting in New York City, landing a recurring role ... more
  • Crushed (Evermore Series Book 1)

    by Andrea Smith
    We were just kids when we met. . . He was the boy from down the beach. I was the transplant from Tennessee. He became my best friend. I became his best girl. And then . . . it became us. We shared things . . . our dreams, our secrets . . . first kisses and then our hearts. Seth Drake was my everything. My first crush. My first love. My forever passion. Until that day when everything changed through no fault of ours. I was crushed. We were crushed.
  • All of Me

    by Andrea Smith

    A BBW RomCom

    Autumn Dey is a full-figured gal who knows her greatest talent is her voice.

    Working as a 900-call in sex therapist is NOT her dream. When an opportunity arises for Autumn to host a late night call-in radio show, she knows she has finally met her true calling.

    There's a problem though when she immediately recognizes her new boss's voice as belonging to one of her 900 clients. She knows his deepest, darkest secrets. Dirk Sexton h... more

  • Would you say No ?

    by Anthony A Roberts
    Hannah Latham, a qualified English nurse needs a new challenge. Her upbringing in the Cheshire County set has been privileged. In social and monetary terms that lifestyle built a desire to keep a distance from lesser mortals including guys. If truth be told that idealism is beginning to suck. Hannah is having difficulties relaxing in a one to one relationship and has the hots for her flatmate, a girl. The offer of employment is to manage an Island Clinic in the South Seas. Hannah is well qu... more
  • Samui Heat

    by Maida Malby
  • New York Engagement (Carpe Diem Chronicles 1.5)

    by Maida Malby
    Love takes you to unexpected places Krista Lopez has traveled from the white sands of Boracay Island to the bright lights of New York City for love. Once again out of her element, Krista embraces Carpe diem as a motto. With her boyfriend by her side, she has confidence to take on The Big Apple and the prospect of ... Meeting the Parents Blake Ryan won the approval of his girlfriend’s conservative family when they met in the Philippines. Now, he’s eager to introduce the woman he loves to ... more
  • Singapore Fling (Carpe Diem Chronicles)

    by Maida Malby
    One alluring French-Filipina beauty. One sexy US Air Force officer. One torrid weekend affair. Maddie Duvall should be living it up at her challenging new job in glamorous Singapore. But two months after her wild weekend with Aidan Ryan, she’s still yearning for him. She craves the passion only he can ignite in her. Aidan’s job takes him around the world, yet he can’t get Maddie out of his mind. When he returns to his assignment in Singapore, he seeks her out with a proposition she can’t turn ... more
  • Boracay Vows: Carpe Diem Chronicles 1

    by Maida Malby
    To fulfill one vow she has to break another Krista Lopez has five days to fulfill her Turning-Thirty Vow—the promise to do something life-changing in celebration of this milestone birthday. Her plan: give in to her attraction to her Irish-American hunk of a boss Mr. Blake Ryan who is conveniently vacationing in the same posh resort in Boracay. When he proposes a one-week affair while they're on vacation, she accepts. It's only a fling, after all. Krista will not fall for an American. She c... more
  • Mend These Broken Stars

    by Emma Hartley
    Blake Anderson has not set foot in his father’s cabin in fifteen years, and now that his dad is dead, Blake must confront the painful past he’s tried to forget while getting the place into marketable shape. When Alex Taylar, a local restoration contractor, shows up in her truck looking like a scruffy little cherub, Blake is blown away. While working together to restore the cabin's original beauty, he finds this feisty, independent woman is exactly what he needs. As their attraction draws them cl... more
  • The Earl of Kent

    by Lauren Smith
    HE’S BATTERED AND BROKEN… Targeted by the enemies of a friend, roguish Phillip Wilkes, the Earl of Kent, is nearly killed in a violent attack. Beaten and left for dead, he is rescued and nursed back to health by a beautiful angel that he’s convinced exists only in his dreams. When he recovers and learns his heart was burning for none other than the sister of his closest friend, he knows she is forbidden to him. He runs away from the only woman who has ever shown him true kindness because who ... more
  • Fighting For Valor: An Away From Keyboard Romantic Suspense Standalone

    by Patricia D. Eddy
    val·or: great bravery in the face of danger, especially in battle Once, Jackson Richards had it in spades. As a member of the United States Special Forces, he fought alongside the bravest and most capable men he’d ever known. Then one mistake landed them all in Hell. For six months, he fought. But one terrible day, his captors learned the full extent of his skills, and that sealed his fate. Tortured and broken in conditions that made Hell look like a five-star resort, Jackson Richard... more
  • Another Sunrise

    by Charity Jackson

    Life is full of new beginnings. Some chosen, some forced upon us.

    With no promise for tomorrow, we have to embrace today.

    New beginnings have become a constant for Jenna Michaels. Repeatedly abandoned when things get tough, Jenna heads back to the only place that ever felt like home, where she reconnects with her first love, Ethan Reynolds.

    Will they be able to pick up where they left off so many years ago, or will the cruelties of life tear them apart once again?

    Anot... more