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  • Alika, Odyssey of a Navy Dolphin

    by Donald Auten
    Alika – Precis The paths of a young Wyoming cowboy—Brent Harris, a delightful green-eyed southern girl—Katie Donavan, and a baby Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin—Alika, intertwine in this heartwarming story—a tale of loyalty, gallantry, hope and love. When Katie discovers a beached baby dolphin near Turkey Point, Florida, State Rangers rush to the scene and surmise that the baby dolphin’s mother had been killed by a shark. They assist in the rescue and transport the little dolphin to Gulf World’... more
  • The Beekeeper's Bullet

    by Lance Hawvermale

    American Ellenor Jantz lives in rural Germany in 1917, the Great War raging only a few miles from where she works as a beekeeper for a wealthy loyalist. When a British airman crashes behind enemy lines, Ellenor must choose between aiding him or handing him over to the German authorities, who have just moved a squadron of flying aces into the manor house where she is staying.

    Injured pilot Alec Corbin-Dawes, Royal Flying Corps, finds himself at Ellenor's mercy. Yet he is determined t... more

  • Welcome Home (Hearts and Homes Book 1)

    by Bonnie Phelps
    She’s learned the hard way – don’t trust men with secrets! General contractor Jessica ‘Jess’ Winters lives by three rules: take pride in your work, don’t trust people who keep secrets – and the cardinal rule – don’t date employees. Breaking just one could lead to disaster, but her new employee has Jess debating breaking two of the three. She’s put her heart and soul into turning her construction business into an industry leader. Will breaking her rules destroy her dreams? Recovering addi... more
  • Succubus Soul: Veras Academy

    by Lina Jubilee

    Blessed with the power to protect. A princess born to two worlds. But despite being the star pupil at Veras Academy for superpowered young adults, all she wants is to be “normal.”

    Bryony Haddix is the heir to the Nelian throne, but the world of elves from which one of her fathers hails is a strange, mystical place, and Bryony is much more comfortable at Veras Academy on Earth, home to the rest of her family. Born a Natch with superhuman abilities, she’s called on to pr... more

  • Three Stone Jewelry: Treating Yourself to a Classic Trio

    by midwest jewellery

    When it comes to symbolic jewels, few can compete with the classic three-stone jewels. This traditional design 'past, present and future' is popular with couples and has been for some years. Of course, the trio of stones can also represent several other meanings, including the number of children you have, the number of people in your family, a birthstone, or other meaning. If you are considering giving away three stone jewels, you will be pleased to know that there are several designs... more

  • The Rescue (All Roads Lead to Texas Book 1)

    by Tanya Eavenson
    Sometimes the path to freedom is found in an unexpected future. Upon the death of her mother, Rosalind Standford’s life shatters, the pieces scattering to the wind when she is forced into a betrothal to a cunning banker. But when a telegram arrives announcing the man who captured her heart is on a train to Boston, Rosalind must hide her true feelings before the thin cord of her existence unravels the deadly secrets she keeps. Cowboy Trent Easton returns to his roots in Boston society to fi... more
  • While They Watch: A Billionaire Bucket List Novel

    by Khloe Summers
    Italian Billionaire Matteo De Luca has hidden his desires away, living up to his parent's legacy, becoming the good boy of horse racing fortune. Hannah Adams is stuck in an abusive marriage, forced to keep her explicit bucket list a fantasy. When the two meet, a spark lights allowing them both the opportunity for sexual freedom and unrepressed cravings. A spark, that sends them barreling towards extortion and mystery. Towards love and unexpected romance.
  • Bride of Fire (The Warrior Daughters of Rivenloch, Book 1)

    by Glynnis Campbell
    Beautiful, hot-tempered warrior maid Jenefer of Rivenloch is used to taking what she wants, whether it’s command of her father’s archers or the castle she’s had her eye on for years. So when a heathen Highlander arrives to claim her prize, she schemes to run him off the land. Formidable Morgan Mor mac Giric proves a challenging foe, foiling her plans and taking her hostage. But as the Highlander reveals his tragic history, her heart softens toward the honorable laird and his motherless infant. A... more
  • Forever, Lately: A Regency Time Travel Romance

    by Linore Rose Burkard
    Move over, Poldark! Julian St. John is our new English heartthrob!" Lisa K. Simonds, Author, All In "Such a fun read! I do believe it is my favorite of your books!" Debbie Lynne Costello, Author, Sword of Forgiveness A delightful roller coaster ride of a book! Had me reading nonstop. Donna J. Shepherd, Children's Author, Book Reviewer 1816, England Julian St. John needs a wife. An oath to a deceased guardian must be kept. Miss Clarissa Andrews, a vexatious beauty, has dangled afte... more
  • The Country House Courtship: A Sweet and Clean Romance Novel of Regency England (The Regency Trilogy Book 3)

    by Linore Rose Burkard
    Enchanting! Jane Austen Lite. The language rings of Jane Austen, yet is much friendlier to the modern reader." DINA SLEIMAN, author of Dauntless What are wealthy sisters for, if not to help younger sisters marry well? Five years have passed since Ariana Forsythe married the Paragon, Phillip Mornay. Now Miss Beatrice Forsythe is ready for a romance of her own. Who better to help her get it than her fashionable elder sister? But the Mornays are happily embedded in domestic life at their eleg... more
  • The House in Grosvenor Square: A Sweet and Clean Romance Novel of Regency England (The Regency Trilogy Book 2)

    by Linore Rose Burkard
    Award Winning Humour! With only two weeks until Ariana Forsythe is to marry the handsome Phillip Mornay, what can possibly go wrong? Everything! From a disgruntled aristocrat seeking revenge to an irate servant afraid of losing her situation, Ariana encounters one threat after another. Mr. Mornay is determined to protect his irrepressible adventuress, even if it means keeping her under lock and key! From London's criminal nurseries to the poshest men's club, readers will hold onto their b... more
  • Before the Season Ends

    by Linore Rose Burkard

    In this inspirational romance, country girl Ariana Forsythe is thrust into the world of Regency London's elite, where a scandal forces her to team up with the powerful and darkly handsome Phillip Mornay. She can trust God's hand in her life, but can she resist Mr. Mornay's increasing claim on her heart? When she finds herself betrothed to him, she is faced with a terrible choice. And she must make it soon, before the season ends!


  • My Not So Wicked Stepbrother (My Not So Wicked Series Book 1)

    by Jennifer Peel
    Emma Loveless believes she is destined to live up to her last name. She thinks she's cursed to always be the friend, never the girlfriend. Her only love affairs are with the Pillsbury-Doughboy and Dr. Pepper. But in walks Dr. Sawyer King. Unfortunately, her last name means business. Not only does she find herself in the friend zone, but also the twilight zone. Only in her world would Mr. Right turn into her stepbrother. To top it off, he brings with him a wicked stepmother who will do anything t... more
  • Finding Verity

    by Jenny Loudon
    An unhappy woman. An unfinished romance. A sense that time is running out… Verity Westwood is a successful London businesswoman whose husband is handsome but selfish. When Edward Farrell, a nomadic American journalist from her past, returns unexpectedly, she vows to change her life and seek a career as an artist like her famous father before her. What she does not foresee is the struggle and heartbreak.
  • Highland Fling: A Scottish Romantic Comedy (The Highland Books Book 1)

    by Emma Baird
    A boy, a girl, a dating guru—what can possibly go wrong?! Gaby’s recently split from her boyfriend of ten years and needs to escape fast. Where better than the Highlands of Scotland where she can lick her wounds and recover in peace and quiet? Fate has different ideas in mind. First, there’s the rough and ready Jack McAllan who bears more than a passing resemblance to the fabled Jamie Fraser of Outlander fame. He’s an important part of the local community, even if he’s failed to impress G... more
  • The Forest Beyond

    by Christine DeYoung
    n 1988, Charlotte only wanted three things: to turn 16, get her driver’s license, and have a steady boyfriend. She goes for a walk in the woods behind her house with her dog when she discovers that she can transfer her spirit back in time and into the body of a Native American girl, named Nahele. She quickly falls in love with the mysterious people in the past, most especially, her soon-to-be husband, Tetonka. Just when she thinks that her new life is with this magnificent tribe, she is lead bac... more