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  • Death in Glenville Falls

    by Carol L. Wright
    When recovering lawyer Gracie McIntyre's newly-opened bookstore is vandalized, the responding officer is strangely indifferent to the crime. Then Gracie discovers he didn't file a report on the incident and suspects the officer of being somehow involved. She complains to the police chief, but gets no satisfaction, even as violence against her escalates. She investigates only to discover that it is all tied to the eighteen-year-old murder of her former client that everyone thought was solved.
  • White Horse

    by Jay Tinsiano
    Half a world away in Spain and running from his past, a Los Angeles gangster unwittingly takes a train that’s headed straight into a terrorist attack. He survives only to face an even deadlier threat. On that same train: a pathologist with clues to a deadly epidemic. Did his secrets die with him in the strike? Raging in the aftermath, a foul-tempered police chief with a daughter caught in the attack thirsts for revenge. But against whom? An orphan child without a name disappears down a ... more
  • Margaret Leaving

    by Rosemary Hayward
    Jenny North seeks the truth about Margaret, her stepmother, who deserted the family home when Jenny was seventeen years old. The Margaret plot unravels the charismatic linguist known to Jenny to reveal an Oxford intellectual, a second world war pacifist, an escaped German Jew and a post-war assassin. Margaret was a mass of contradictions and had a lot to hide. Meanwhile Jenny, in the world of 1960s and 1970s Britain, also has a lot to hide: a lesbian relationship running alongside a heterosexu... more
  • Trevega House

    by Will North

    Three years after surviving a catastrophic flood (Will North's Water, Stone, Heart), twelve year old Lee Trelissick has settled into a safer life with her adoptive parents, Nicola and Andrew. But before long, preternaturally wise Lee announces “Someone wants to do us harm. Someone evil.”

    She's right. A series of increasingly malicious events soon cast a pall over Trevega House and the surrounding village. Arson, poison, a nearly fatal cliffside attack--but no suspect... more

  • Too Clever by Half

    by Will North

    The naked, maimed body found floating off the coast of Cornwall's English Channel presents a vexing puzzle for Detective Inspector Morgan Davies and her Scene of Crimes Manager, Calum West. Post-mortem confirms the dead man's wounds are evidence of torture, but without a name, a crime scene, or a motive, the detectives are stymied.


    Two days later, a woman reports her partner, Archie Hansen, missing. A farmer and Druid, Archie had made a dangerous discovery he... more

  • Harm None

    by Will North

    Penwith, the southwest tip of Cornwall, is a land of mystery and magic, of prehistoric monuments, witchcraft…and murder. When an American archaeological team stumbles upon the skeletal remains of a missing child beneath a Stone Age burial quoit, irascible CID Detective Sergeant Morgan Davies and her Scene of Crimes partner, Calum West, unearth a growing list of suspects.

    Within days, another body is discovered. Is the killer the mind-reading village witch—who has lon... more

  • Oink: A Food for Thought Mystery

    by J.L. Newton
    Emily Addams, foodie professor of women’s studies at Arbor State―a land grant university in Northern California―finds herself an unlikely suspect in the poisoning of a man she barely knows: Professor Peter Elliott of Plant Biology, the hotshot developer of a new genetically modified corn. How did her cornbread (unmistakable for its goat cheese and caramelized onions) end up in his hand as he lay in the smelly muck of the university’s historic hog yard? As Emily and her colleagues try to ident... more
  • Genocide

    by Pat Krapf
    Sean Ireland, the first gay presidential candidate in US history, is guaranteed the election—until he’s found dead at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Stunned by her friend’s murder, private investigator Darcy McClain is determined to hunt down Sean’s killer. In shock, she returns home to find someone has broken into her home, assaulted her sister, and stolen Bullet, her giant schnauzer. While frantically searching for Bullet, Darcy’s worst fears are realized. She finds a tranquili... more
  • 978-0-9971802-6-8

    by Jerry Antil
    An aging retired army captain was given two months to live, three months ago. He sat in a southern Louisiana hospice and shared with the lawn boy his dream of seeing the Newport Jazz Festival at least once in his lifetime. Together and with $28 in their pockets they start walking.
  • The Red Road to Hades: A True Crime

    by Charles W. Massie
    Not all roads lead to Paradise. This epic tale is based on true events. This is the story of a retired gentleman from New York who yearns to improve his life on many levels. He meets a woman on Craig's List who offers all the things he desires. She is a beautiful redhead; a business owner who is smart, funny and resides in a part of the world he has considered for his new habitat. Their meeting is absolute magic. They have so many common likes; he is feeling he has met his soul-mate. Only o... more
  • Somewhere in the Shallow Sea

    by Dennis Macaraeg
    To save the life of his friend, a marine biologist must deliver the scientific compound he invented to kidnappers hiding deep within the jungles of the Philippines. Unexpectedly paired with his ex-lover for the mission, it's a bit more than he signed up for.
  • Somewhere in San Diego

    by Dennis Macaraeg
    A thriller about best friends, scientific data, hired guns and a harrowing race with a past lover to stay alive. Marine biologist Danny Maglaya must meet with his best friend and fellow scientist Blake Mason to upload the data demanded as ransom by the kidnappers of Blake’s fiancée. The task might have been simple, but every time the two scientists try to rendezvous, two contract assassins show up. With Danny and Blake’s phones hacked and each move they make monitored, the only way to survive ... more
  • The Unknown Puppeteer

    by Deborah DR Kralich
    A killer stalks the wedding party! On the eve of their marriage, Lt. Plate and Daphne must uncover a ruthless murderer or forfeit their chance for happiness for all time. Their fledgling romance began as sparks during a flood, simmered within a scandal, and caught fire amidst a storm of anarchy. Now it would only be justice if Lt. Plate and Daphne could enjoy a long and stress free engagement, then sail away into the sunset after a quiet wedding… Not meant to be. A chance at a dream Hollywood st... more
  • A Kaleidoscope of Masquerades

    by Deborah DR Kralich
    Climatic events at a 1983 masquerade ball are merely the beginning of a kaleidoscope of confusion and anarchy that threatens life and liberty of a society facing change and choices that will reverberate into the future known as now. More than 30 years ago, to be a Lady in Disguise meant prestige, money and fun! Ladies travel the world as volunteers for charitable humanitarian relief work. Mysterious costumed Ladies in hooded cloaks roam the streets in a suburbia marketing blitz for hair care pro... more
  • The Ruler of the Toys

    by Deborah DR Kralich
    1983 spin says the days of racial hatred are over. Yet prejudice leads to murder in a mystery which reaches back a century, finding the age old motives devaluing lives of some, while enhancing others are the same as ever. Innocents are the victims when sin becomes legal. The world is changing in the 1980s and the new generation is having to cope with the legacy of the old. Elites would like to forget the social ills of the past and proclaim the new social order has arrived. But the boast is prem... more
  • An Innovative Murder for the Season: A Lt. Sinclair Plate Mystery in Sand Waves

    by Deborah DR Kralich

    Houston residents don’t expect a white Christmas but hope for a dry one. It is 1982, hot, humid, and floodwaters have trapped people in dangerous situations. At a small specialty store in a high income community, a dozen or so people are stranded, apparently strangers caught at random. But murder reveals the only stranger is a detective whose presence is hardly coincidental. This is a mystery in the tradition of Agatha Christie featuring the descendant of a famous 1900s Texas lawman. Th... more