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  • The Redemption of Charlie McCoy

    by Christopher Wilsher
    Charlie McCoy is a small-time thief. He’s set up to take the fall for a burglary of a mob boss’s house. But he manages to escape with his life and a bag full of CD-ROMs that incriminate some dirty politicians. Now both the mob and the FBI are on his trail.
  • Banished Threads

    by Kaylin McFarren
    After arriving in England on a much-deserved vacation, Rachel Lyons and Chase Cohen are quickly forced into becoming crime-stopping sleuths when a collection of priceless Morris Graves’ paintings turns up missing at her uncle's gallery. Determined to clear him of all wrong-doing and free his accused granddaughter, the treasure-hunting duo risk not only their relationship but also the life of their unborn child when it’s discovered that someone is determined to destroy the Lyons’ family by any me... more
  • Buried Threads

    by Kaylin McFarren
    Rachel Lyons and her partner Chase Cohen accept a contract to recover a lost priceless treasure in the Sea of Japan. However, upon arriving in Tokyo, they soon discover their mission is more complicated and dangerous than they originally believed. In order to prevent a natural disaster from striking Japan and killing millions, they must form an alliance with yakuza members, dive into shark-infested waters and recover three ancient cursed swords before time runs out.
  • Severed Threads

    by Kaylin McFarren
    Believing herself responsible for her father’s fatal diving accident, Rachel Lyons has withdrawn from the world and assumed a safe position at a foundation office. When called upon by a museum director to assist her former love interest with the recovery of a cursed relic from a sunken Chinese merchant ship, she has no intention of cooperating – until her brother is kidnapped by a drug-dealing gangster. In order to save him and gain control over her life, Rachel must not only overcome her greate... more
  • The Deadly Dog Show (Roger and Suzanne South American Mystery Series Book 6)

    by Jerold Last
    In a suspenseful thriller set in the hyper-competitive world of canine conformation shows, private detective Roger Bowman and his wife Suzanne have to identify Suzanne’s mysterious stalker while they solve the mystery of who is murdering dog show judges. Breeders and dog show enthusiasts, mystery fans, whodunit lovers, and dog owners have rewarded the novel with critical praise (25 5-star reviews). This is a tough, sometimes violent, but clean (no cussing, no sexual promiscuity), mystery. Can... more
  • Raven

    by Angel S. Broady

    A grand finale of truth,honor, passion, and death. Yakuza has long lived among mortals; but she is to now claim lives for the heavens. Her Journey as ninja of Iga has come to an end by confronting death itself.

    A beautiful written catastrophe of a blood rushing, heart-breaking, fictional- post apocalyptic drama unlike any other.

  • Father Fetish: Book One: Something's Fishy

    by mark gaskill
    Father Fetish: Book One, Something’s Fishy is the first in a series of Father Fetish novels; each explores a world that is intriguing, dirty, bizarre, sometimes deadly, but always exhilarating. Father Anthony isn’t a perfect priest. He’s ordained in the Roman Catholic priesthood, but he’s as human as the rest of us. He smokes, he drinks, and he struggles with questions of faith. His difficulties aren’t helped by the fact that his sister has instigated a one billion dollar lawsuit against the ... more
  • Absolute Intolerance

    by kenneth eade
    Homophobia turns deadly when a serial killer strikes in this hot new release in legal thrillers Lawyer Brent Marks advocates a case for a gay couple's marriage. After victory, the couple is found in their home brutally murdered, serial killer style. Can Brent bring himself to defend the only suspect in the case? Where ethics and tolerance collide, Brent must solve the murders to form a viable defense.
  • Beehives: A Suspense Novel

    by Mary Coley
    Her mother’s first love … a hermit’s terror … gangster’s loot. Can Jamie uncover the connection between the three before the past comes back to kill her? Jamie Aldrich is ready to begin the next chapter of her life. After dealing with a series of discomfiting events that began with the loss of her husband two years ago, she’s taking a well-earned vacation with her fiancé, Sam Mazie, in Oklahoma’s Osage Hills State Park. But her newfound serenity is disrupted when she and Sam hear a scream and f... more
  • Mayhem on Nightingale Street

    by Roxana Nastase
    The first in the McNamara series introduces the Scottish chief inspector in his rush to apprehend a killer that blends well with the people on Nightingale Street. Join McNamara in his hunt and fall in love with the young woman that catches his eye. Intrigue, suspense and cynical humor, together with unique characters, create a thrilling atmosphere
  • Mayhem on Nightingale Street

    by Roxana Nastase
    This book presents the unfolding of a traditional investigation in what started like a singular crime and turned to be a chase of a ruthless murderer. Events take place on Nightingale Street, which is situated in a suburb of Edinburgh. The investigator is a Scottish Chief-Inspector - McNamara - the hero of an entire series to come.
  • The Last Refuge (The Peter Brandt Thrillers Book 2)

    by Martin Roy Hill
    Iraq, 1991: Operation Desert Storm. In a terrible friendly fire incident, a U.S. helicopter massacres a small convoy of American MPs. Among the dead: a mysterious American civilian engineer discovered by the soldiers behind enemy lines. San Diego, CA, 1993: A freelance journalist is hired to write a story about a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the dead engineer's widow against the government and the defense contractor he worked for. The problem: the government insists the lawsuit does not e... more
  • The Devil's Wire

    by Deborah Rogers
    Jennifer's new neighbor, Lenise Jameson, is a liar. Lenise claims to have witnessed a disturbing incident involving Jennifer's husband, Hank, but as far as Jennifer is concerned, the forty-something single mother is a vindictive backstabber out to make trouble. But Jennifer soon discovers this is no sick joke. Hank has a dark side she knew nothing about. As Jennifer's life spirals out of control she has no one to turn to, apart from Lenise, who appears only too willing to help. But just ... more
  • Element 42 (Sabel Security Thriller Book 3)

    by Seeley James
    Would a drug company create a deadly disease that only their patented drug can cure? Pia Sabel and Jacob Stearne race to save their friend, and the world, from Big Pharma gone rogue after they stumble into a clinical death camp in Borneo. Jacob has just reached a comfort level in his life with a new house, a puppy, and a possibly serious girlfriend. But then the unstable voice in his head returns, complicating his mental health as much as his mission. With a mole in their ranks, Jacob an... more
  • Cobwebs: A Suspense Novel

    by Mary Coley
    When Jamie Aldrich was eleven years old, she and her siblings spent the summer with her great aunt Elizabeth. She doesn't remember what happened during that visit, and she's avoided Pawhuska, Oklahoma, ever since. But when Elizabeth calls her thirty years later, begging her to come, Jamie arrives to find her great aunt frail and agitated, inexplicably claiming that her entire life was a sham. Now Elizabeth lies in a coma after what looks like an attempt on her life. Threatening notes appear in ... more
  • Red Phoenix Burning

    by Larry Bond & Chris Carlson
    North Korea has one of the world’s largest standing armies, capable of unleashing a massive arsenal of chemical and nuclear weapons. With an unstable government, under absolute dictator Kim Jong-un, North Korea more closely resembles an organized crime ring than a real nation-state. Millions live on the edge of starvation while Pyongyang’s ruthless generals, crooked bureaucrats, and vicious secret police wage a covert war against each other to expand their rival fiefdoms. RED PHOENIX BURNING exp... more