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  • Dragon Guardian (Drakins of Wyrmarach Book 1)

    by Eden Glenn
    Wren, Cathwren Aldridge, is catapulted into a steamy relationship with twin brothers Ethan and Caleb Monroe quite by accident when she falls through her stairs. She discovers nothing is what is seems and she may be foreordained by their Goddess for more. She's not chosen to be Queen of some small European country but a world in another dimension, a world of dragon shape shifters. Evil stalks Wren, and it's up to Caleb and Ethan to protect her while they figure out just what she is. Is she the... more
  • The Kestrel Waters: A Tale of Love and Devil

    by Randy Thornhorn

    In The Beginning were The Brothers Brass. In The End there is no end to what one wounded girl's heart will give. And no end to what one brother will give for the other.

    The Brothers Brass. Two young grassroots singers (with echoes of Nickel Creek and The Every Brothers) raised in Savannah by the sea, together, these boys' voices chime like heavenly bells. The oldest brother, Kestrel, falls in love with a wild little thing who hides up in the trees—a ... more

  • Caught in Cross Seas

    by Sharleen Scott
    When country music superstar Clay Masterson finds his supposedly dead father, he wants to do two things: Buy dear ol’ dad a beer to thank him for being a great father for the ten minutes he spent at it, and kick his dad’s sorry butt to Montana to face an eighteen-year-old murder charge. Harlie Cates will try to stop him. Happily ever after could be a problem for them.
  • Her Druid Fantasy (The Amber Druid Series Book 2)

    by Trish F Leger
    HER DRUID FANTASY-- Can her fantasy survive a life-altering change to become her reality? Vivienne Rockport has never shied away from commitment or hard work to achieve her goals. She is proud owner and proprietor of a successful, high-end antique shop, Diamond In The Rough. She’s dedicated years of her life to establishing her business, and she’s done it all on her own. Or has she? Disappointment sets in when Vivienne discovers that someone with extensive connections may be responsi... more
  • Spell Check

    by Julie Wright
    A skeleton is rattling its way out of the closet marked “FAMILY SECRET! KEEP OUT!” Allyson Peterson believes that being hanged by the Salem High Witches is the absolute worst thing that can happen. But when her powers, wrested from the trolls of ancient Sweden, manifest themselves, she realizes that a prank hanging by vindictive cheerleaders is the least of her worries. Ally accidentally sends her parents to the jungle to fight anacondas, turns her brother into a mute, and curses the entire... more
  • A Love for the Pages

    by Joy Penny

    Kiss. Marry. Kill. Nineteen-year-old June Eyermann has always known exactly which of her favorite Byronic heroes goes where. She’d kiss moody and possessive Rochester from Jane Eyre and marry prideful but repentant Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, leaving obsessive and spiteful Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights to be chucked off a cliff—but no. She couldn’t leave any of her heroes behind. She lives for her favorite fictional worlds.

    But June is about to get a serious wa... more

  • Prophecy (Forever Camelot Book 1)

    by J. Lynn McCoy

    Book #1 of the Forever Camelot series

    Sixteen-year-old Emma spent her life tenaciously searching for clues to her real parents. With her adoptive mother’s death, her ailing father is concerned with her future and gives her a marriage ultimatum: find a husband or he’ll arrange one. Hoping to solve both problems, Emma heads to Winchester with her closest friend, William, where a chance encounter with Prince Henry leads to a whirlwind courtship that sweeps her off her feet. But... more

  • The Circle Eight: Caleb

    by Emma Lang
    A Texas Ranger, a lady blacksmith, a fierce passion, a dangerous game. Caleb Graham has spent the last four years in too many dangerous situations to count. As a Texas Ranger, he knows no fear, or at least he never shows it. When he’s sent to force a blacksmith off government seized property, he runs face to face into the woman who will change his life. Aurora Foster grew up on the very land the obnoxious Ranger is trying to throw her off of. Her parents and her husband died for it and the... more
  • The Acceptance (The Keller Family Series Book 8)

    by Bernadette Marie

    Tyler Benson’s world was shaken with the news that he had a sister—one he never knew he had. Though he loves his sister, and his family remains a tightly woven unit, he simply can’t shake the feeling of betrayal from his mother. After a sabbatical from his family to find himself it is time to head back home and try to pick up the pieces of his life. Courtney Fields has learned to deal with many tragedies. Losing her sight at eight-years-old was only a challenge that gave her... more

  • $66,000,000 Fiction

    by Brenny Foster
    A Short Erotic Tale of Love Sex and Money. Nina is in over her head when she's swept off her feet, into a Ponzi scheme and loses all sense of what's real and what's not. $66,000,000 Fiction is Fast-paced, Entertaining, Fiction at its best!
  • A Beautiful Life

    by Brenda Foster
    Elle Tulip feels like anything but a princess. Married only two years, she’s already found fault with her marriage. Disappointed that her marriage turns out not to be what she expects, she merely goes through the motions and wishes she could go back to her own life. She doesn’t know how long she can go on this way, and isn’t sure she wants to fix things. Fate steps in and changes everything,and Elle learns the hard way to be careful what you wish for. Ray Tulip senses her rejection and refuses t... more
  • One Chance, One Moment: Book One - The Mandy Story

    by Judith Kohnen
    An inspiration of Barry Manilow's 70s hit song MANDY and in commemoration of the song's 40th anniversary, Judith Kohnen presents her fictional account of the story behind the song -- Nurse and holistic healer Amanda Fields tries to escape her past and secure her future as the adopted mother of a young, wheelchair-bound boy she loves. She takes a well-paying job caring for a famous singer/musician after a car wreck nearly killed him. He refuses help, and she refuses to give up – until her pers... more
  • Chatter in the Halls

    by Maria Gorman
    In the city where dreams come true, thirty-five-year-old Giulia DiAntonio reaches the peak of her career when she is promoted to Fashion Director at one of New York City’s most exclusive department stores. Life is good for Giulia until a night of innocent fun nearly lands her in jail, leaving her scared and vulnerable. Without thinking it through, she resigns from her job and moves back home in an attempt to find a calmer, simpler way of life. The tranquil Inner Harbor in Baltimore replaces th... more
  • Struck with Grim

    by Lola Dee Burton
    Jonna is a 23 year old girl who lives on a Compound dedicated to forming a Utopian society. She is in love with Danny, an ex-criminal and an Alturi, a patient under the influence of a drug the compound has provided to cure people of criminality and addiction. While Danny fights daily to survive the effects of the drug, Jonna fights to keep their love alive. But when things are taken out of her control, she must make a choice between the life she knows and believes in, and an uncertain future.
  • What If It's Love? (Bistro La Bohème Book 1)

    by Alix Nichols
    Atypical heiress Lena moves to Paris to nurse old wounds reopened by her neglectful boyfriend, and decide what to do with her life. Enter Rob, a charismatic and handsome Frenchman who waits tables at La Bohème -- a café on Lena’s street -- and has big dreams. He makes her laugh and forget her insecurities. She stirs something infinitely tender in his soul. Before they know it, they’ve fallen for each other, even though both had good reasons to fight the budding love. But their passionate r... more
  • Under the Blood Moon

    by Alexis Kennedy
    Something scientific, and some believe spiritual, is going on in the sky. It's only a matter of days before the first of four total lunar eclipses will light up the sky with a blood red moon. But something else is going on in San Francisco. After two hundred years of rest, something supernatural has woken up, and it is on the hunt. As the police investigate a string of ghastly murders that appear ritualistic and scientists watch the sky, something else—a particular kind of evil—lies in wait. Wh... more