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  • Learning to Breathe

    by J. Lea Lopez
    Bree has a budding law career, a loving fiancé, a new house, and a future that promises everything she thought she wanted. But when her fiancé dies months before the wedding, all of that dies with him. She turns to friends, family, her parents’ faith, and a god she doesn’t believe in as she mourns the loss of her relationship and tries to figure out how to start over from scratch. To complicate matters further, what starts as mutual support slowly blossoms into an undeniable attraction to the on... more
  • Love in B Minor (Broken Dreams: Jen & Lucas' complete story)

    by Elodie Nowodazkij
    No promises. No fake tomorrows. That was the plan. New city. New life. At least, that’s what nineteen-year-old Jen Harrison believes. On the surface, she’s living her dream: dancing in a prestigious dance company in Paris. But her sister’s death and the mistakes she’s tried to bury haunt her. She’s become a pro at hiding who she truly is, and she definitely doesn’t want a guy to derail her, but a one night-stand she can do. Nothing more. She definitely doesn’t plan to see the sexy stranger w... more
  • Practically Imperfect (Imperfect Series Book 3)

    by Mary Frame
    Gemma McDougall is certain about three things: One, she’s never going to lose her Latina ass. Two, her career is more important than the crappy (and nonexistent) relationships she’s had to endure her entire adult life. Three, she’s going to get the next promotion to detective if it kills her. But then her job literally almost kills her, and she’s forced into unwanted medical leave. Sam London is certain about three things: One, he has no idea how to have a normal adult relationship and will ... more

    by Dorothy Wiley
    Brought together after tragedy, Edward Wyllie and Dora Tudor find the true beauty of love in this poignant and thrilling historical romance set in 1800 Boston and New Hampshire. In an unlikely place for new beginnings, a cemetery, Edward and Dora meet for the first time. But in that forlorn place, the beauty of love blossoms. Edward is still struggling with guilt over the death of his family more than a year ago—a guilt so great he’s unable to even look at his childrens’ gravestones. As their fr... more
  • The Only Option

    by Megan Derr
    A desperate dragon. A lonely necromancer. A marriage neither wants. When he is summoned to the royal castle, Rochus anticipates nothing more than a particularly difficult assignment. The bothersome journey is almost made worthwhile when he is propositioned by a young, beautiful dragon, Tilo, who seems untroubled by the fact that Rochus is a necromancer. When Rochus arrives at the castle he is ordered to marry the very same dragon he spent the night with. Though Rochus would rather sign pap... more
  • Angelica's Discoveries

    by Otilia Greco
    High in the Swiss Alps in a quaint village far away from the chaos and destruction of World War II, Angelica leads an idyllic childhood haunted by only one thing—her fear of water. But as Angelica develops into a strong, independent woman, her desire to travel becomes overpowering, and she vows to overcome her paralyzing fear one day. Now her chance has come. Even as Angelica’s father attempts to squelch her insatiable desire to explore Greece and eventually meet her Uncle Victor in the New Wor... more
  • The Patient Wolf (Wicked Urban Fantasy Book 1)

    by Karen Hodges Miller
    The small town of Rivelou is hiding secrets, and they are about to claw their way to the surface. Ana Dugan used to enjoy her nighttime walks through her quaint college town, but all of that changes when a handsome stranger rescues her from an attack. She’s not sure who she should be more afraid of the four legged beast who attacked her or the two legged one who saved her. She narrowly escapes, but soon learns that others weren’t so lucky. When another man enters her life claiming he’s there to... more
  • A Most Unfortunate Prince

    by Kelli A. Wilkins

    A Most Unfortunate Prince

    This time, it’s all about Allan… and he never expected to fall in love!

    Book 3 of the "Royal Desires" series

    Banished by the Royal Family, pampered Prince Allan is forced to abandon his life of luxury. The former Royal Shipmaster General is sent to the worst part of the kingdom and manages to find work at the docks.


    Lost in a commoner’s world... more

  • A Most Intriguing Temptation

    by Kelli A. Wilkins

    A Most Intriguing Temptation

    Book 2 of the "Royal Desires" series

    After only four months of marriage to Princess Elara, Prince Dalton is sent to Emperor Salizar’s pleasure palace on business. Not wanting to be left behind, Elara risks her personal safety and sneaks along on the trip. Aided by her mischievous brother, Prince Allan, she disguises herself as one of Salizar’s sultry kharim women and decides to test Dalton’... more

  • Fated Love

    by Susan Boles
    Sarah Cameron’s life changes forever the night her art gallery burns to the ground under suspicious circumstances. Fighting her devastation, she’s picking up the pieces and trying to understand what happened with the help of arson investigator, Jake Riordan – who’s far too attractive for her to concentrate. Then the stalking incidents begin. Who could want her dead? And is it tied to the fire at the gallery? Jake is convinced he knows who’s responsible for the fire. But is he too close ... more
  • Clean Break

    by Abby Vegas
    Lane Haviland can’t seem to catch a break. She’s dead broke, barely functioning as an adult, and completely alone in New York City. Her so-called “apartment” is a six-by-nine cell in a Brooklyn basement. And her new boss hasn’t ever met a personal or professional boundary she can’t bulldoze through. Still, Lane’s determined to at least attempt to claw her way back to respectability. But she can’t seem to get her mysterious handyman, Viktor, out of her apartment – or her headspace. Maybe that’s ... more
  • The Many Faces of Love Collection

    by Sarka-Jonae Miller
    The Many Faces of Love Collection includes 9 novels of heartbreak, passion, true love, and everything in between. Featuring: Arielle Immortal Passion by award-winning author Lilian Roberts, Another Tomorrow by Julie Farley, Between Heartbreak and Happiness by multiple award-winning author Sarka-Jonae Miller, Flirting With Magick by Leigh Bennett, The Heiress of Santorini by #1 best-selling author Angel Sefer, Is This What I Want? by Patricia Mann, The Passion Thief by Anne McCarthy Strauss, Rydi... more
  • It Took A Rumor

    by Carter Ashby
    Thanks to a flamboyant, small-town gossip blogger, Ivy Turner’s lily-white reputation has just been unceremoniously muddied. Rumor has it Ivy has succumbed to temptation and slept with one of the Deathridge brothers. Sources can’t confirm which of the four, sexy cowboys she’s taken up with, but everyone in town is weighing in. Ivy would gladly step forward and defend her good name, except that the rumor happens to be true. Perplexed that her little indiscretion has somehow made it into the pu... more
  • Sleeping Brides

    by A. E. Scholer

    Sometimes death is a second chance at love.

    When Ronnie Whitmore, a compassionate rebel, dies on her wedding day, she is pulled into an otherworldly hideaway, a place where death becomes life. She is joined by four other sleeping brides. Their host, a man known as the Trickster, makes an astonishing proclamation. One of them will be sent back, alive and well, the tragedy that has befallen her no more. To be chosen, the brides must each share their story of love, no matter how cruel, dar... more

  • Leaving Me Behind

    by Sigal Ehrlich
    He was supposed to be a personal challenge. A Spanish lover – younger and sinfully attractive. A daring, wild experience for one night. My liberation from my self-oppressed lifestyle was planned out carefully down to the last detail. Everything except . . . HIM. I didn’t see it coming, not by a long shot. My plan was safe. I was going to quit my job, say goodbye to the restraints of the life I had known, and follow my dreams. I rented a house halfway across the globe in an exotic Spani... more