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  • Fallen (The Fallen Saga, Book 1)

    by Emily Clarke
    Julie Anderson never wanted to leave her life and friends behind in Connecticut, but when her father gets a new job in Texas she discovers her destiny. When she meets the devilishly fallen angel, Nick Landers, her life begins to unravel. Nick is different from the other boys and seems to have a crush on her. Julie soon learns that Nick has taken an oath never to fall in love with an earthly woman. Despite Nick's unhealthy obsession with her, Julie finds herself falling for him. When Julie's moth... more
  • Project: Killer

    by J.L. Beck

    Best Selling Author J.L. Beck brings you a dark, and compelling story that leaves you hanging off the edge of your seat from the very first page.

    In her eyes, he would always be the same…

    Twenty-four-year-old Maggie Jacobs had lived a life of heartache and pain. After losing the one and only man she ever loved to incurable cancer, she went on to take a job working for PGI Corporation in hopes she could find a cure in honor of him one day. Little did she know her very workin... more

  • Pussyville Ala Carte

    by Theodore Hayes
    Three short stories of life and love on South Beach.
  • Forever Grace

    by Linda Poitevin
    When injured police officer Sean McKittrick heads to his cottage, he's planning on some much needed rest and recuperation. But the idyllic peace he expected to find is shattered by...children? It's not that Sean dislikes kids, he just isn't interested in having any of his own. Or in settling down, for that matter. Ever. Unfortunately, the woman in charge of his young neighbors has an unsettling way of making him forget why. Grace Daniels is attractive, single, and despite her brave face, overwhe... more
  • The Bum Magnet

    by K.L. Brady
    Critics and readers can’t get enough of K. L. Brady’s satisfying debut novel! THE BUM MAGNET A “Top Read” for Book Clubs “Ladies, ladies, ladies…don’t walk, RUN to get your copy of this book! The Bum Magnet…happily blends surprise, humor, and wit into 294 pages of wonderful . . . This book is FABULOUS.” —Uptown Girl’s Harlem Book Club “ ““A hilarious, tell-it-like-it-is story . . . This novel screams perfection.” —AAMBC Book Reviews “K.L. Brady’s journey of one woman’s dating woes and se... more
  • 12 Honeymoons: A Novel

    by K.L. Brady

    Publisher's Weekly calls K.L. Brady's work "comic and charming..." RT Book Reviews calls Brady's work "Hilarious!"...and says she "draws readers in immediately...and propels them straight through the drama, humor and the various twists and turns that will leave you exhausted but satisfied." Now the multiple award-winning author has a new romantic comedy that promises to be one of the funniest reads this year!

    ... more

  • Hello, My Love! (Between Two Worlds, Volume 1)

    by E. Journey
    Beyond broad shoulders and heaving bosoms. This thoughtful woman’s romance novel explores the inner life (thoughts, hopes, and doubts) of a couple as they contend with the realities of compelling relationships. A modern-day pastiche of Jane Austen novels. Elise is a bright, beautiful law student, focused on a career and distrustful of men. She butts heads with Greg at her parents’ dinner parties. Dark, good-looking, internet-business owner, he finds Elise intriguing, so unlike the dark-hai... more
  • Deeper (The Deeper Chronicles)

    by allyn lesley
    Everything Avianna Linton thought she knew was shattered in one traffic stop. With her life turned upside down, she flees to the bright lights of New York City hoping for anonymity and a new life. Rising from nothing, Noah Adams holds onto his power and control with a bone-crushing grip. No one dared challenge his authority until her... Avi’s disdain for Noah is barely contained, and Noah does everything he can to restrain himself—a concept he has little experience with. There’s more... more
  • Second Chance Hearts

    by Billi Tiner
    Sheriff Chance Scott lost his wife in childbirth. He's given up hope of ever finding that kind of love again. When Rachel Somerfield becomes the new schoolteacher in Sand Hill, Chance wonders if he's been given a second chance.
  • The Seer

    by Charlie Daye
    My name is Sidney Rinn. Growing up in an orphanage without parents and not knowing where you come from is hard, especially when you have a gift like mine. I’m a seer. I can see the past in any location I enter. Sometimes I see ghosts but mostly what I see is an instant replay of whatever event played out there. If it was important or traumatic to the person at the time then it’s important to me, otherwise I wouldn’t see it. No, I’m not psychic nor do I claim to be. I’m just your average girl... more
  • Until Hell Freezes Over

    by K.S. Morgan
    When Hazel is taken from her home by force, she doesn’t know why or what to expect. She doesn’t imagine she could become the lover of the cold and indifferent Aidan Morettdrain. Least of all does she believe she could fall in love with him, thereby making a dangerous enemy of his best friend Benjamin. Aidan never intended to get attached to one of his countless, disposable lovers. His life is carefully and methodically constructed around diligently ignoring his inner demons and spending his t... more
  • Deceptive Cadence

    by Katie Hamstead
    Cadence Anderson has the perfect definition of happily ever after . . . Until she doesn't. A freak earthquake shatters her life as surely as her home, taking away everything she holds dear. She wakes in a hospital to find that her beloved husband and infant daughter have been killed, crushed by the earthquake's wrath. Disoriented, injured, and alone, Cadence refuses to accept the loss. So when a man claiming to be her guardian angel appears and offers her a chance to go back in time to save ... more
  • Dannory - Dunkle Träume

    by Andrea Kai
    Rory hat sich ihr ganzes Leben anders gefühlt. Zumindest konnte sie mit Leuten ihres Alters selten etwas anfangen. Sie wäre aber trotzdem nie im Leben auf die Idee gekommen, dass der um einiges ältere Danny ernsthaft Interesse an ihr haben könnte. Noch weniger hätte sie sich vorstellen können, dass ihre Begegnung nicht einfach nur Zufall, sondern Schicksal war und dass es um viel mehr geht, als um eine simple Teenie-Romanze. Aber als immer mehr seltsame Dinge passieren, fängt sie an zu vermuten,... more
  • A Scandalous Wager

    by Cassandra Samuels
    As the Black Raven, she’s cold, distant and alone…untouched by the gossip and scorn of her aristocratic peers. Until he enters her house — and her life — then suddenly her icy shell is no match for the heat of attraction... Notorious Widow Lisbeth Carslake, Countess of Blackhurst was acquitted of her husband’s murder, but no one believes in her innocence. Known as the Black Raven, bringer of bad luck and death, she is eviscerated by the gossips and mocked in the clubs. She’s also the subje... more
  • Crumpets & Cowpies

    by Shanna Hatfield
    Detestable! Arrogant! Insufferable! He'd been called worse... Rancher Thane Jordan reluctantly travels to England to settle his brother’s estate only to find he’s inherited much more than he could possibly have imagined. Lady Jemma Bryan has no desire to spend a single minute in Thane Jordan’s intolerable presence much less live under the same roof with the handsome, arrogant American. Forced to choose between poverty or marriage to the man, she travels across an ocean and America to buil... more
  • The Bridge to a Better Life

    by Ava Miles
    Sports hero and newly retired NFL quarterback Blake Cunningham wants a second chance at love…with his ex-wife. He’s bought the house next door to her in Dare Valley and has built a bridge connecting their properties. It’s his bridge to a better life, the one he lost when Natalie Hale left him after a family tragedy destroyed their marriage. Natalie has just started a new job as the head caterer at the small town’s historic hotel. When she discovers Blake has become the boy next door—literally... more