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  • Autumn's Sky

    by Jordyn Johnson
  • Nico's Guide To Foreplay

    by Beatricia Sagar
    “Nico’s Guide To Foreplay” is a penetrating excursion into the lives of two young men who are a study in contrasts in their approach to money, women, sex and love. Nico is poor and handsome, with a bad-boy attitude that mixes together a potent, heady cocktail of sensuality and lust. Zach is a child of privilege who lives alone in a townhouse and is shy and inhibited with women. From the innovative arts scene of Manhattan’s SoHo to the lush spiritual centers of Mumbai and Bangkok, the reader is s... more
  • Bonded In Shadows (Shadow Unit)

    by Tigris Eden
    When a family celebration threatens to turn into a disaster, there is only one person to blame- Asia Thompson, a member of the pack who also holds the title of Draven’s former first love. After fighting almost impossible odds, Jes and Draven are finally together, but emotions are high strung now that Asia has shown up unannounced with the intention to take what she thinks she’s entitled to, including Draven. Dealing with the protocol of Draven’s pack leaves a sour taste in Jes’ mouth. She’s batt... more
  • Redeemed In Shadows (Shadow Unit Book 3)

    by Tigris Eden
    Sometimes wrongs can be righted and the mistakes of a persons past forgiven. And sometimes things can go very very wrong... Gabe,the Harbinger of Death has been Earth-bound for almost two hundred years, his punishment for taking the life of another without cause. He's been trying to atone ever since, by joining the Shadow Unit and befriending the last man he should. Now, with only two weeks left on his sentence, he prepares to leave the team behind for good-but only after training his replacemen... more
  • Arctic Bound (Arctic Wolves Book 1)

    by Tigris Eden
    There are secrets in even the smallest of towns...Nerina Simpson fled the streets of New York City, hoping to find solace outside the small town of Talkeetna, Alaska. Physically scarred from a fire that claimed both her parents, Nerina keeps to herself while she tries to put the darkness of her life behind her. When a winter storm forces her into town, she collides with Victor Canidae. An arrogant man who makes it no secret that he and everyone else in the town want her to leave. Headstrong, and... more
  • Burned In Shadows (Shadow Unit Book 2)

    by Tigris Eden
    Royce Zarides has accepted his hand dealt by fate. He's loved and left far too many women. In the bedroom that is. But one kiss from Belinda Raine Ignis was all it took for his eyes to open. Is she really the woman meant for him and his brother Ronin? Or will history only repeat itself? That's the million dollar question he doesn't want to answer. Ronin does not believe that Belinda is for him and his brother. But one night with her isn't enough. Even when he sees her for who and what she really... more
  • A Slow Burn (Stories from Beauville Book 1)

    by Tigris Eden
    In the Fictional town of Beauville, anything is possible. Annabelle Macon left home to become somebody. When fired from her job in New York, she’s anxious to come home. Home is where the heart is, and her heart has always been set on Jackson Storme. But when opportunity presents Anna with an exciting new job back in New York, she doesn't know what to do. Sheriff Jackson Storme is happy being deemed a player. He hasn't found the one woman to call his own, and that’s okay with him. When his ba... more
  • Give and Take (Stories from Beauville Book 2)

    by Tigris Eden
    Compromise is a word Annabelle Macon knows well. Sacrifices at home, in college and with her career, have all given her the tools to be the person she is. Now it seems she must also make concessions for her long-time love, Jackson Storme. Six months into their relationship, and he’s already making unrealistic demands. With distance putting that much more of a strain on their relationship, how are the two ever going to manage?Old insecurities have a way of resurfacing, making Anna feel less th... more
  • The Reaping: Arctic Wolves Novella

    by Tigris Eden
    The Reaping was supposed to be three trials. Three trials, Victor Canidae had to complete and in doing so-he'd successfully earn Nerina Simpson as his mate. Three Trials. For him only. But the Goddess Selene has plans of her own. Plans that are far reaching and affect not only Pack Canidae, but Clan Denali. A concern that has all of the Northern territory pulling out their claws. The council all agree, Nerina is not the answer, in turn, bringing back insecurities and concerns, Vict... more
  • Awakened In Shadows (Shadow Unit Book 4)

    by Tigris Eden
    Can someone constantly on the receiving end of betrayal learn to trust again? Dietrich Omari Johnson trusts no one. Sold into slavery by his own people, he learns early what the sharp edge of betrayal feels like. Working for the Shadow Unit is out of forced necessity. Never one to do something for nothing, he plays both sides of the fence. Every move, every decision, is calculated for his own personal gain. Jorunn McLellan, given into the care of the Unit’s meanest team member, tries to ma... more
  • Shadow Unit

    by Tigris Eden
    From Bestselling Author, Tigris Eden, comes 3 full Length novels and 1 novella! Join the men of the Shadow Unit, and the women who love them, as Action & Romance Collide! Enslaved In Shadows Book 1A man's Past leads to his Future...... Agent Stone of the Shadow Unit's job is simple, most days. Work in the Shadows, police his own Kind. When an unwanted assignment turns out to be his darkest fantasy from the past, Draven can't help but be conflicted by the memories of the past and his respon... more
  • A Woman's Worth (Close Quarters) (Volume 1)

    by Audra North
    Chantal Jones is going through a rough patch. A divorced single mother to two demanding boys, she’s constantly putting the needs of others before her own. She’s exhausted and the only thing that fuels her fantasies these days is her sexy, off-limits boss, Ronan Nakata. Ronan has definitely noticed how attractive Chantal is, but he’s her employer and their relationship has to remain strictly professional. Besides, he isn’t looking for anything serious and the last thing he wants to do is get ... more
  • The Magic of Cape Disappointment

    by Julie Manthey
    Growing up, her family insisted upon her destiny as a powerful healer based on a two-hundred year old prophecy. But Kay Baker was always more interested in forging her own path. After completing medical school, she’s ready to leave her “medicine woman” status behind in favor of a new life in New York City. However, Kay finds herself back in her hometown near Cape Disappointment after tragedy strikes. As the truth behind her powerful destiny is revealed, Kay discovers that magic is hiding everywh... more
  • On top: Billionaire bachelor romance (The Playgirls Book 1)

    by May Sage
    They really aren’t on the same page; hell, should they even be on the same book? Alice is tired of being Ms. Boring; the stigma is affecting her personal life as well as her career, so she takes the proverbial bull by the horns and asks Colt Colburn to help her get through her audacious bucket list. Colt isn’t the playboy everyone assumes him to be; actually, he’d love a relationship – if and when he finds a woman who can accept his hectic schedule. He has every intention to ask Alice for a ... more
  • My Summer of Wes

    by Missy Welsh
    Malcolm Small has lived a sheltered life with parents who don't seem to care about him. Now, during the summer between high school graduation and going away to college, Mal wants to take control of his life and make some improvements...starting with making a new friend. Wes, the boy across the street, quickly becomes both friend and a sort of mentor to Mal. With Wes's patient guidance and example, Mal's breaking free of his life-long shy shell and taking chances. Mal is also feeling free e... more
  • Cloaked

    by TF Walsh
    Raised by an overly protective wulfkin pack, Daciana leaps at the chance to venture into the human world for her one-year independence ritual. But after someone steals the endangered bear cubs she’s been assigned to protect, she must locate them or lose her job and return home in disgrace. The sexy inspector on the case isn’t making this any easier. He knows nothing of her kind, and wulfkin rules forbid relationships with humans. Newly divorced Inspector Connell Lonescu trusts no one but hims... more