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  • Bringing Beauty To The Blush

    by Hadley Ellis

    A "CHEEKY" Regency:

    High spirited Lucinda Alden had been the belle of the season until her parents urged her to consider the attentions of the suitable Mr. Mooten. He was on the brink of proposing when Miss Alden's dinner conversation took a shocking turn. Returning home in disgrace, Miss Alden must face the consequences of her actions. Will this cheeky young lady be redeemed?

    This Regency novelette contains seven short chapters. Estimated reading time: 45-60 minutes... more

  • Key Change - An Assignment: Romance Novel

    by Barbara Valentin
    The first thing Sara Cleff, a hard-edged, shower-singing rock music critic, wants to do after following a band on tour is crawl into her nice comfy bed in her well-appointed, optimally located vintage apartment. But before making it home, she learns her roommate-slash-boyfriend has apparently broken up with her while she was away on assignment and sublet their apartment out from underneath her. Ouch! When her key no longer fits in the lock, the last person she expects to find on the other side o... more
  • Shadow of the Final Storm

    by Carol McClain Craver
    Shadow of the Final Storm by Carol McClain Craver Accidentally or on purpose, Ruthie is gone. And now Sirena is left to paint in the background of her life, to find the colors of her past that faded so quickly away when her mother stepped into the bay for a midnight swim and never resurfaced again. At least not in a living breathing form. Augie and Miss Lillian, a haunting couple from the past, lead Sirena through the labyrinth of her journey into her soul. As time wraps around itself and... more
  • 978149141753996

    by Theresa Grant
    When a lost lover returns, one woman must choose between her glamorous life and the potential for a family with the father of her children. In one night, Dolores' life is turned upside down. Kicked out of her home, by her step-father, Dolores is homeless until she meets Sonny Brown who takes her home to live with him and his drug-addicted aunt, Virginia. After Virginia catches them having sex, she forces them to marry. Pregnant at sixteen, Sonny cares little for Dolores. She leaves him, meets Le... more
  • A Serious Playboy

    by Hester Bank

    Ricardo Barone had a fabulous lifestyle: In his thirties he was heir to a wealthy Italian family and a businessman extraordinaire. His good looks and athletic physique made him a magnet for women; he had it all. However, his domineering father did not approve of his playboy lifestyle and determined for his son to marry a suitably rich Italian woman from his hometown. Ricardo was being forced to settle down. After plotting a cunning scheme with his arranged fiancée to evade marrying, th... more

  • Sojourn

    by Cecilia London
    Haunted by her experience at The Fed, Caroline tries to create a new identity. A new present, a new future. She can’t escape the memories that dog her when she least expects it, leaving her mired in a depression that she finds difficult to escape. Caroline needs to regain her physical and mental strength if she intends on surviving the journey to find the elusive rebellion. But that’s easier said than done with the ghosts of the past constantly whispering in her ear. The road is long and dang... more
  • Venus Rising

    by Celia Kennedy
    Akshaya Bertrand is a Professor of Art History at an elite college in New England. The patina of the ivy league campus is the perfect canvas for the exotic beauty from India. It is also an environment that Akshaya can safely navigate. A small world that she has minimized and made manageable. Dr. Jared Harrison, a journalist who has been based in the Middle East, has accepted a position as a guest lecturer at the college where Akshaya teaches. Arriving just in time to attend a faculty mixer, ... more
  • Prosecco & Paparazzi (The Passport Book 1)

    by Celia Kennedy
    When fifteen minutes of fame goes horribly wrong… Charlotte Young and her five closest friends ring in the New Year on a ski vacation in the swanky, celebrity-packed French Alps, where her world collides with long-time celeb crush, Des Bannerman—aka “The King of Rom-Com.” Unexpectedly, Charlotte finds herself happily reconciled to an innocent evening of drinking champagne, gambling, and chatting to the celebrity of her dreams. Charlotte’s friends join forces to help her realize her lifel... more
  • Bring Me to Ruin

    by Tess Rider

    The Haunted Hollow ~ Book One

    “You and he are fated to love. Nothing in this universe can stand between that kind of attraction. It crosses time, space and everything else in between… Love is a force of nature.”

    The last thing Thea Maloney expects the day after her first love, Gerard Wyatt, is executed for a crime he didn't commit, is a chance to travel to the 22nd Century to a place called the Haunted Hollow. There time has splintered into hundreds... more


    A return to Seagull’s Perch is the last thing Angelique intended to do, but the request from her great-great-grandmother to be there to celebrate her one hundred and fifth birthday could not be ignored. Arriving home with her two and a half year old daughter, she’s faced with her mother who she hasn’t spoken to in three years. Also entering back into her life is her ex-fiance seeking forgiveness and to become a part of her and her daughter’s life. Angelique seeks to reconcile the past so she ... more
  • Kiss Me Twice

    by Alexa Darin

    All Bailey Ventura has wanted since she met gorgeous head of casino security, Carter Davis, is to become his bride. And, now, the wait is nearly over. In three days, she'll be a married woman. Or will she? It seems there may be a glitch. Carter has come down with a convenient case of amnesia, which has Bailey wondering if her husband-to-be has found the perfect marriage escape plan.

    Carter has no memory of how he came to be face down in the Nevada desert. Nor does he remember the cu... more

  • The Weight of Bearing Witness

    by Angel Propps
    Jilly Wells. Flapper, heroin addict, glamorous movie star. How she ended up decapitated in a filthy alley in New York City has been a mystery for over seven decades. Only one person, former opera singer Nina Wentworth, now celebrating her one hundred and ninth birthday, really knows what happened that day when four women came together, and only three survived. It’s a story of survivorship, obsessive love, passion, fame, money, a brave butch, a closeted femme, and the unshakable, unbreakable bo... more
  • Cover of Darkness by: Dan Bel-Tempo

    by Dan Bel-Tempo
    It is divided into several sections. Rachel, a promoted Lt. Commander to a commander of recruiting stations of Greater New York City. Conrad Cooper who makes a comeback after being graduated from Annapolis Naval Academy, in disgrace. Bruce falls in love with Rachel in a back story. He is a Special Agent that falls from grace with The F.B.I. And Rachel's older brother returns, from Europe where he founded a very large orchestra. He again organizes the same thing in New York City. Thi... more
  • Hearts of Control

    by lydia legend
  • Stay (Troubled Hearts Book 1)

    by Savannah Brooks

    Blake Stevens has lost everyone he’s ever loved—a boyfriend who betrayed him, family who abandoned him, and a best friend killed in action. No longer willing to hide who he is, Blake gives in to a life of loneliness, filling the void only as needed with temporary, no-strings-attached relationships, as he treks across the country looking for a place to eventually call home.

    Asher Collins knows he needs someone in his life, but he’s tired of debilitating break-ups that l... more