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  • Waiting in the Wings

    by Nicole Kiefer

    After months of working on it with a professional editor, Waiting in the Wings is finally back, new and improved.

    When Henry suddenly dies, leaving Sara a widow 20 years of mental abuse finally end. Yet those years have cost her not only her feeling of self-worth, her femininity, or self-respect but also her ability to love and feel emotions. Having built walls to protect her heart, soul and passions, she has been unable to let go of her control for years. While yearning d... more

  • Imperfect Harmony

    by Cheryl Devenney
    Kendall Kilmer, a consumer reporter for a local L.A. TV station loved her job. That is, until a car crashed into her motorcycle. Was it a deliberate attack? Did it have anything to do with the story she was working on? Now a below knee amputee, she retreats to her own private insecure world. In time, she meets Chris, a man betrayed by his best friend. Kendall and Chris find solace in each other, and try to bring their foes justice. But at what cost to their relationship and those they care about... more
  • First Star

    by Ann Simas

    ~ Romantic suspense, mystery ~

    The stalking incidents begin slowly...

    Alex Dumont’s budding relationship with Kell Sagen, a local building contractor and single father, heats up quickly, igniting her slow-burning stalker. As the stalker escalates attention on Alex, is he also the one vandalizing Kell’s construction sites?

    Blood is not always thicker than water...

    Alex discovers that her sister, Josie, did not die in childho... more

  • Chloe's Spirit Afterstories: Second Chance & Foolish Heart

    by Ann Simas

    SECOND CHANCE (Book 2 in the Chloe's Spirit series)

    Chance Luce Maguire has dreamed of being elected to the state supreme court, but now that she’s almost there, doubt rears its ugly head in her direction. So what? No job is without flaws, and she has the perfect guy, right? Detective JD Kemp is a fearless dynamo investigating homicides, but after a two-year engagement, he’s still scared as hell to take a walk down the aisle with the woman he loves. Talk... more

  • Chloe's Spirit

    by Ann Simas

    ~ Mystery, romance, and a little paranormal activity ~

    Earthly and otherworldly spirits collide for the ride of a lifetime...

    There’s more ticking at Chloe Faust’s house than the cuckoo in the living room and her own biological clock. Sure, she wants a baby, but with no Mr. Right in sight, the only good solution seems to be medical science. Adept at juggling more than one project at a time, Chloe also wants to find out who really killed her great-great-gr... more

  • He & She

    by Wayne Clark

    What does a man do when nothing tastes good anymore? he finds She.

    A Web photo of a dominatrix sends a man in midlife crisis on a last-ditch attempt to feel truly alive one more time, even if it kills him.

    Growing numb to life, to his on-and-off girlfriend of many years, his career, even Scotch, a man turns fifty. He is a translator who can no longer dream of translating beautiful works of fiction. He is an amateur musician who can no longer dream of expressing his life on a highe... more

  • Across the Miles

    by Rhonda James
    Sebastian Miles was twenty-three years old and living a charmed life. Loving family, beautiful girlfriend, and lead singer of the rock band, Paradox. Their debut album shot to number one on the charts, and they had just come off a worldwide tour, performing in venues filled to capacity. Then, one night, a tragedy rocked his world in a whole new way, turning him into someone he no longer recognized. Now, two years later, and on the other side of his own private hell, he learns to stop taking ever... more
  • The San Francisco Wedding Planner Series II - The Complete Series

    by Mishael Austin Witty
    The author team of “The San Francisco Wedding Planner”, Jen Cudmore, Ruth L. Snyder, Patti J. Smith, Sheila Seiler Lagrand, and Mishael Austin Witty, thought it would be fun to highlight the main characters from the series and tell a little piece of their backstory. Each story in Series II focuses on a different character: Bryan Tate, MD, Gloria, Indigo, Skye, and Heather. The time frames of each story vary from the day, the week, the month before we meet the characters in “Volume 1- The Ini... more
  • The San Francisco Wedding Planner Complete Series 1

    by Mishael Austin Witty
    Heather Donovan has no time for her own romance—she’s busy making wedding dreams come true for other people and trying to reel her lonely and lovesick widowed mom Gloria back from beyond the brink of good taste. Her receptionist, Raul, is as interested in his hair style as he is in the clients. Indigo, the wedding photographer, never goes anywhere without his beret—or his attitude. Toss in Skye, the mommy-track best friend who wants to breathe organic air, Mario, the talented, hotheaded caterer ... more
  • A Sort of Romance: A Mistake in True Love

    by Nathan Lindsay
    Falling in love was the furthest thing from Howard Wiyninger’s mind. As a devoted father facing the horizon of a divorce, he was quite content with simply being the best parent he could be. And then Kathleen Davison happened… Engrossed within the deepest relationship either had ever known, Howard and Kathleen struggle to discover what it means to fully succumb to the heart of emotions inspired by another’s soul. Delivered through a dialogue of text, email, and social media, this is a relationshi... more
  • A Fox's Love

    by Brandon Varnell
    The story of a boy, a fox, and a whole lot of ecchi… Kevin Swift has the worst luck with women. It’s not that he’s unattractive or even unpopular. He just can’t talk to them. He blames it on all those Shonen love comedies he enjoys watching. Fortunately, or unfortunately -- depending on who’s asking -- Kevin’s love life is about to start looking up. After saving a fox’s life, Kevin discovers that he actually rescued a Kitsune, a shape-shifter capable of transforming into a beautiful girl w... more
  • Believe in Me

    by Mishael Austin Witty
    Reconciliations can occur. Broken hearts can be mended. If you believe… Trina Gray leaves a stack of paperwork on her desk and heads home for the holidays. There’s just one slight problem. Her mother has invited her soon-to-be ex-husband, Walt, to spend Christmas with them. Walt’s presence sends Trina running to a friend’s house, where she runs into another ex—her old high school boyfriend, Kurt. Trina and Kurt almost immediately pick up where they left off. Will Trina and Kurt rekindle their yo... more
  • Let Me In-Dragan's Tale: The Mikhailov Brothers Book Two

    by Amanda Hough
    "Why do I have to lust after the dangerous ones?" Toni Hume tried to abide by a few simple rules: Work hard, use what you got and never date the customers. Toni had plans. Big ones. Ones that did not include the dangerous-looking Dragan Mikhailov who may, or may not be a mobster. But no matter the circumstances, he kept showing up in her life. And like it or not, he wasn't going anywhere. Dragan Mikhailov had been to hell and back. Separated from family and living on the fringe, he w... more
  • Follow Your Heart (Wars of the Roses Brides Book 2)

    by Ruth Kaufman
    Unforeseen passion draws them together. His secrets threaten to tear them apart. England 1460: Joanna Peyntor sees the world through the jewel-like windows she creates. Her only goal is to save her glass-painting workshop from ruin as she makes her way in a man’s world. Sir Adrian Bedford will do anything to restore his family name and estate. When irresistible passion makes their marriage of convenience inconvenient, will they be able to follow their hearts?
  • Our Rooftop

    by Julian Crosby
  • Not a Word About Love

    by Hana Goldberg

    A Bestseller from an Award-Winning Author. After eleven years of marriage, Maya falls madly in love with a mysterious man. Through alleys fragrant with the pungent smell of fried rice, amid child beggars and vendors of psychedelic fabrics, she makes surprising discoveries about the stranger, and about herself. How far will she be willing to go?