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  • Lennon's Girls Trilogy

    by Chris Myers
    Synopsis for Lennon's Jinx, Lennon's Rain, and Lennon's Hope. Lennon’s Jinx Sometimes in love, you don’t get to choose who you fall for… Lennon spends most of his time raising his sister Currie while skating through his senior year of high school. He prefers groupies with no-strings attached but finds himself attracted to Jinx, the straight-A student in his choir—a girl way out of his league. Jinx is not the perfect person her classmates think she is. She conceals the black truth ab... more
  • Love Uncorked

    by Jennifer Conner
    Tegan Taylor is the owner of the Que Syrah Syrah wine shop in Vine grove, the heart of wine country. After her plan of starting a book club to meet single, local men falls flat, her new found friends come up with The Love List. Each dropped a name of a nice guy their friends may like but just not a guy they'd date. Or think of romantically. Tegan chooses Richard. After one disastrous meeting with him, Tegan wonders if The Love List isn't a terrible idea. Richard’s a jerk. But, when handso... more
  • Silent No More: Book 1, A Romantic Suspense Novel

    by N. E. Henderson
    She's engaged to marry her college boyfriend and has a best friend who's more like a sister. Life is almost perfect...almost! When Shannon Taylor's world is tilted by two of most important people in her life it leads her to chance encounter, with the very sexy and all alpha male, Nicholas Lockhart. Meeting a woman who can turn Nick's world upside down is not in the cards; that is until Shannon. But when her world crashes, Shannon is forced to confront a past that she has meticulously ig... more
  • True Colors (The Colors Trilogy)

    by K. R. Raye
    After tragedy strikes, Imani, Melody, and Lance try to rekindle their college friendship. Can they move forward towards happiness or will ghosts from their past haunt them? Through it all, life eventually shows your…True Colors.
  • The Colors of Love (Colors Trilogy) (Volume 2)

    by K. R. Raye
    After their lives are threatened, three college friends attempt to continue their search for true love, NFL fame, and a successful engineering career. When friends cross the line, will their friendship survive…The Colors of Love?
  • Her Will, His Way

    by Terri Molina
    give him was in willful response to a dare. Now that her marriage has failed, she’s returned to the valley to run her late grandfather’s flower shop. But, what Anita doesn’t know is that Antonio has made a ‘deal with the devil’ and he used the shop to lure her into more than just his bed.
  • Forget Me Not

    by Terri Molina
    Six years. Thirteen murders. One connection. To escape the pain of her past, Casey Martinez changed her name and moved across half a continent to pursue her dream of becoming a bestselling novelist. Casey’s hard won peace is shattered when she receives photographs of a grisly murder, and it becomes evident that a killer is stalking her. Over the past six years, women who share an eerie similarity to Casey have been found raped and mutilated—each with the remains of Casey’s romance books by... more
  • Dark Obsession

    by Terri Molina
    A chance encounter seals the fate of a reclusive farmer and a mysterious woman who's on the run from a man who will stop at nothing to control her--including murder. Ray Chavez doesn’t believe in visions or omens or the mysticism of his Mexican/Indian heritage. When he’s awakened by the spirit of this great-grandmother with a message that something is coming, Ray passes it off as a bad dream. But he may just reconsider his position when he finds Lexie Solis stranded on the edge of town, in s... more
  • Out of The Box Regifted

    by Jennifer Theriot
    Betrayal, Lies, Loss, Truth, Secrets….. With a new beginning for Olivia and Ash on the horizon, what could possibly stop them from finding happily ever after? In order to move on, Olivia must face the haunting demons from her past life with Alan, her ex husband. Demands and more betrayals will force her to come to grips with things she couldn’t change and practice forgiveness not only for those in her past, but for herself as well. Faced with his own hidden secrets, will Ash allow Oliv... more
  • Out of The Box Awakening

    by Jennifer Theriot
    Olivia is a good woman, a good mother, a good wife. She’s got it made. She doesn’t want anything to change. Of course, it does... Swept from her perfect paper-doll life in Houston, Olivia finds herself in Chicago, alone, betrayed, and far from home. Soon everything she thought she knew about herself and her life will be challenged. She has only courage, love, and her passion for music to carry her through the maelstrom—or draw her further in. Ash is the man who has everything—everything except h... more
  • Forbidden

    by Angela Ford
    Agent Jessica Resario thought she found Closure with the arrest of her parents’ killer. She allowed her heart to love again and married Tom. Knowing a married couple can’t be on the team together; Tom stepped down and decided to train at the FBI academy. Jess is promoted to Supervisory Special Agent. She continues to deliver spine-chilling seminars to parents about cyber safety. One seminar introduces her to Tiffany Bennett’s parents who are quite concerned for their daughter’s safety fr... more
  • Unforgettable Kiss

    by Angela Ford
    Meghan Eden swore she would never love again. The tragic death of her son, at the hands of her husband, destroyed her emotionally. She believed her successful Spa would fulfill her life until a business seminar takes her to a golf resort in Arizona. Meghan’s love of golf gets her paired up with a man she doesn't know. The rest of the world does. Eric Nolan is the most sought after actor in Hollywood and the most eligible bachelor in the hearts of many women. Eric draws out hidden desires Meg... more
  • Closure

    by Angela Ford
    Exciting new romantic suspense from debut author, Angela Ford. An elite FBI task force tracks online predators while they hunt their prey. A series of murders in Presario Heights has forced Special Agent Jessica Resario to follow her gut instinct to save the next victim. Supervisory Special Agent Tom Erickson removes her from the case. The only place to escape the danger is her family beach home. She hadn’t been there since her parents were murdered. The level of intensity climbs higher ... more
  • Ancient House of Cards

    by Bryan T clark
    Sebastian Morales is smart, gorgeous and has just turned 30. He is also one of the youngest Priests to be assigned to the sleepy little town of Morris Colorado, nestled just below the majestic Rocky Mountains. Born in a remote village in Spain, Father Morales’ life had been perfectly scripted as he obtained his dreams. Now in America, he is at task with revitalizing an aging congregation. The job seems easy until he meets Ian Stephens. Ian is troubled, good looking, openly gay and trapp... more
  • STUDS AND STILETTOS (Romantic Mystery)

    by Bev Pettersen
    An aspiring actress struggles to prove her worth on a movie set shadowed by the mysterious disappearance of a groom twenty years ago.
  • Don't Judge Me

    by Sylvie Fox
    So far, Raphael Augustine’s ten year career as a comedian consists of a lot of ones: one night gigs, one night stands, and one night in jail. But he’s committed to inking a successful TV deal, nonetheless. He’s not looking for a relationship and certainly doesn’t expect to have his briefs tied in a knot by prim and proper Daisy Fletcher from Connecticut.