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  • A Diamond in the Rough

    by Elisa Marie Hopkins
    25-year-old model Sophia Cavall has a seemingly nice life walking the runway until she begins to receive death threats through social media and is almost kidnapped by a masked figure. She tries to fight off her assailant, but luckily the attempt ends in failure when mysterious business magnate Oliver Black intervenes. Sophie doesn’t know it, but the stakes are high: her life and her heart. Desperately needing support, she turns to a few trusted people, and to Oliver most of all. But can he b... more
  • Taylor The Journey Home ISBN 0692341811

    by Harold Fischel
    Taylor Marx has it all - he’s a popular high school quarterback, a huge hit with the ladies, and he’s part of a family that literally has most of the town they live in working for them. But to whom much is given much can be taken away, and before Taylor is through, he’ll go on a globe spanning journey to reunite with Maria, the only girl he’s ever truly loved. After his Dad ends up on the wrong end of some serious legal charges, he commits suicide, leaving Taylor and his Mom, Sue-Ann, no... more
  • Taylor: The Journey Home

    by Harold Fischel
    Author with his Labradors Harold J. Fischel, a graduate of Washington & Lee University and the NYU School of Law, has lived and worked on four different continents. His family fled the Netherlands shortly after the Nazi invasion, moving to Curacao and Aruba before settling in the United States in 1952. After law school, Fischel served the US Army in Germany, later retiring as a captain. Since then, he again lived in the Netherlands, before returning to the United States to work for the... more
  • Never Too Late ISBN 0692404694

    by Harold J Fischel
    Clint and Sharleen are high school sweethearts who break up when he gets a baseball contract and she leaves for Hollywood. When they meet again she is married to a mafia boss and he has married her best friend. Can Sharleen use her mafia connection to save her former boyfriend from bankruptcy and cover the medical expenses of her girlhood best friend? This same mafia connection protects her when she is locked up in jail but it also prevents her from getting out on bail. Can Freddy, the mafia ... more
  • Sadie

    by Rebecca Belliston
    Sadie Dawson thinks she has the perfect life until Christmas Day, when accusations and misunderstandings throw her life into turmoil. Fleeing her boyfriend's wrath, she's taken in by four guys on their annual holiday ski vacation. As wounds heal, she learns there is more to happiness than diamonds and dinner parties. But just when her heart settles, she finds herself abandoned by the one who swore to protect her for a religion she doesn't understand. She must discover who has her best interests ... more
  • Scarlett Red: A Billionaire SEAL Story (In the Shadows, Book 2)

    by P.T. Michelle

    New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling series

    Mister Black swept in and out of my life like a tornado, leaving me twisted up and forever changed in his wake.

    And now that my life is finally back on track, I need to move on, despite the many reminders of our time together.

    But our pasts are only as far away as the shadows we hide behind, and sometimes those shadows grow darker, converging on the present in the most in... more

  • Mister Black: A Billionaire SEAL Story (In the Shadows, Book 1)

    by P.T. Michelle

    Get MISTER BLACK, Book 1, in the New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling IN THE SHADOWS series FREE for a limited time!

    When Talia crashes a masked party on a mission, the charismatic MISTER BLACK is the one man who can either help or expose her. Neither can deny their attraction, but what happens when one hot night together turns into so much more ~~~

    We all have someone who crossed our path and fundamentally chan... more

  • Conscience

    by Cecilia London
    An escape plan foiled…. A determined woman…. One last tiny sliver of hope…. Jack will find me. The Fed wants answers. And Caroline is determined not to provide them. They pull out all the stops, testing her sanity, testing her strength, testing her humanity. Jack will find me. Subject to cruel and merciless treatment at the hands of a government she once trusted, Caroline clings to her sole lifeline, her only chance at maintaining her tenuous hold on reality: her memories... more
  • The Boy From The Woods: A YA Paranormal Romance

    by Jen Minkman
    Julia has been in love with Michael for years. He’s the hottest guy in school, and she can’t believe her luck when they finally hit it off during Senior Prom. Her dream doesn’t last, though: after a few dates, he callously dumps her out of the blue. Summer vacation starts with Julia feeling heart-broken and miserable. But then she rescues Michael in the woods when he has a motorcycle accident in a heavy thunderstorm. From that point onward, her life is turned upside down. Michael has changed... more
  • Love At First Book: A Short Story In Verse

    by Sarah Tregay
    Love at First Book: a short story in verse... From across the coffee shop Lorelei catches a stanza of heart-stopping description of a boy with a book in his back pocket. And that might have been her last line if he didn't leave it behind with a poem tucked between the pages. A poem about a candy-striper with bright hair and an angel's voice who reads to hospital patients like Lorelei does.
  • Stockholm Diaries, Caroline

    by Rebecca Hunter

    In this sexy contemporary New Adult romance, a Swedish pro hockey player with a rough reputation meets the American girl next door in a steamy twist of travel and adventure. Will they be able to overcome his dark past to turn their sensual nights into something more?

    Photographer Caroline Mendoza finally sheds her safe life in Michigan for adventure and a fresh start, and her first stop is Sweden. But Stockholm suddenly becomes more than just a casual stopover when Caroline discovers he... more

  • A Broken Promise

    by Cornell Brent
    Xavier Gibson was a popular young man in school who had talent and an attractive appearance. After jumping from relationship to relationship to find comfort in love, he finds himself meeting one out of all girls who had a crush on him; her name was Naomi Montgomery. That same night they kissed, leading Naomi in to a confusions of believing that they were a couple. Xavier plays along with their relationship even though he already had a girlfriend. However, he started to unexpectedly fall in love... more
  • The Only One for Me

    by Toni Jackson
    Money can't buy everything. A rare trait leads Sean Davenport on a mission to find the one woman who can carry on his family's legacy. Danielle Knox spent most of her life believing she would never have a family. A talented sculptor, she crafts each work of art with her heart. Love was not in Sean's calculations. And neither was the person willing to use any means to keep them apart.
  • The Armchair Bride

    by Mo Fanning

    True love starts with one little white lie.

    Lisa Doyle is nearly 40. And single. Very single.

    Fed up with being the girl most likely to die alone, eaten by feral cats, she invents a husband, bragging online about their perfect life.

    When a lifelong friend puts her in charge of her dream wedding, Lisa needs to think fast. Does she come clean or change her name and move to Argentina?

    Or dig an even bigger hole by getting her best friend to play along?... more

  • Bamboo Ring (First Printing)

    by DK Christi
    Korea, Iraq, Iran, Egypt - they jump from today's headlines and from the pages of Bamboo Ring, a novel of high stakes adventure and romance set in the seventies and weaving through exotic foreign locations. The unfolding scandal between a young ex-pat wife and a charming military officer capture the heart. The terror of surviving life-threatening adventures and the agony and ecstasy of passionate love provide an emotional roller coaster with a surprise at every turn of the page.
  • Servant of the Crown

    by Melissa McShane
    Alison Quinn, Countess of Waxwold, never expected to leave her bookish life to serve in the court of the Queen of Tremontane. She certainly didn't expect to be swept off her feet by the Queen's brother, Prince Anthony. But when disaster tears them apart, Alison leaves court, only to be summoned back, this time to serve as Royal Librarian. When political turmoil threatens her beloved Library, Alison must find a way to save it--and find true love again.