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  • Montana

    by M. J. Roberts
    Life on a Montana ranch can be harsh. And lonely for Noah, growing up with just his brother. When Noah’s brother Clay hires Kevin, a ranch hand from out of state, things immediately begin to change. Noah knows Kevin’s straight. But that doesn’t stop how Noah feels—the craving to touch and feel someone's skin against his for the first time. Can Noah get Kevin to fall in love with him, and convince the cheerful cowboy that Montana’s not just a stopover in life, but a place to stay?
  • Complicated Creatures: Part Two in a Romantic Suspense Thriller Series

    by Alexi Lawless

    "Isn't it terrible when love is not enough?"

    In this action-packed sequel to Complicated Creatures: Part One

    Jack Roman was perfectly happy living the life of a high-powered and charismatic philistine. He had time, money, women and a penchant for the fast life. Until he met his match in Samantha Wyatt and his obsession with her would take him to hell and back…

    Wes Elliott’s been dreaming of the muse he... more

  • Complicated Creatures: Part One in a Romantic Suspense Thriller

    by Alexi Lawless

    “It’s normal to love a dangerous woman. They know how to wield their power, and they are not afraid of yours."

    What happens when curiosity becomes obsession?

    Luck is Jack Roman's middle name— and Chicago is his Empire. He lives to work, loves to play, and makes no commitments. But when the mysterious S. Wyatt moves into the adjoining penthouse, he's immediately drawn to her, a striking, elusive woman who transitions... more

  • Petticoat Warrior

    by Barbara Dan
    One dark night on her way to a Women’s Rally, Dr. Sarah Boudinot walks into the wrong lecture hall and is treated to a shocking lesson on sexual anatomy by Dr. Gabe McKissack, whose scandalous good looks really get her hackles up! After a spirited debate on women’s rights, Sarah storms out, leaving Gabe wildly intrigued as to her identity. One month later Dr. Sarah’s father is captured by Rebel forces in Virginia. Hoping to rescue him from behind enemy lines, Sarah disguises herself as a mal... more
  • Frosted Over

    by Amy Rachiele
    Trapped! Libby, Jill, and Cassie go skiing every year. This year is different. They decide to try cross country skiing, but they get run off of the road. In the near accident, they meet Randy, Kyle, and Alex. Can their new friendships survive a hostile blizzard? Everyone is not who they seem to be. Freezing temperatures. Blinding snow. Trapped with people you barely know. some language violence underage drinking
  • Mobster's Angel

    by Amy Rachiele
    Vito has grown up in the underworld of the mob. He has recently reached age eighteen. His family has been involved since the thirties. In 2014, the rules haven’t changed much. What worked then, works now; power, violence, and loyalty. Love isn’t something you can control. As much as Vito, mobster enforcer, wish he could, he can’t. And falling in love with someone who is close to jailbait age is even tougher. Vito bides his time and waits. For a hasty guy with limited self-control, it’s diffi... more
  • Mobster's Vendetta: Mobster's Series 3

    by Amy Rachiele
    My soul was drawn to him. It isn’t about the danger or his dark beauty, it’s the connection I feel – the feeling of home I have with him even though I am miles away from it. -Megan, Mobster’s Vendetta The mob underworld never changes. It hides itself deep in the cities. The rules, people, and danger are identical no matter where you go. Sometimes I wish things were different, but they're not. -Antonio, Mobster’s Vendetta Antonio and Megan have had to overcome severe challenges in the sho... more
  • Awakening the Mobster: Mobster's Series Book 2

    by Amy Rachiele
    A breathtakingly beautiful man is standing right next to me-holding me, reassuring me, protecting me. Antonio is my savior. Having him with me makes the ickiness that’s stuck in my stomach tolerable. -Megan, Awakening the Mobster Loving Megan and caring for Erin like the sister I never had is dangerous. These feelings cause you to think. But I was raised, Don’t think, just do! -Antonio, Awakening the Mobster What draws and binds people together-circumstance, experience, blood? Can yo... more
  • Shrapnel's Kiss: Military Romance

    by Amy Rachiele
    It’s love and war! If I don't tell the story now, no one else will be able to tell it for us. Some people believe in fate, that no matter where you are in the world your soul mate will find you, or you them. I have to believe that fate wouldn't be as cruel as it seems to me now. ~Junie In a war torn Afghanistan, Junie signs up for a Peace Corps assignment involving recently orphaned children. She wasn't expecting a lavish experience. She knew it would be primitive and dangerous but it tur... more
  • Wantin

    by Truth Devour
    Wantin is book 1 in the contemporary romantic trilogy by Truth Devour with erotic and paranormal undertones.

    If it feels so good loving the wrong person, imagine how wonderful it is going to be when you love the right one.

    Fate is relentless in its pursuit of Talia Jacobs. Presented with unimaginable turns of chance, she is drawn into the depths of tragic losses then catapulted to the extraordinary heights of life’s joy. Take the journey with Talia as she undergoes her sexual, soci... more

  • Mobster's Girl

    by Amy Rachiele
    Gripping my chest is the only way to hold myself together or what’s left of me will fall out. The past week has enlightened me on one thing-I don’t care. -Megan, Mobster’s Girl I didn’t even hesitate. I took two strides and blasted him in the face with my fist. He was ready for it this time-unlike in church. He tried to hit me back but I ducked and smashed him again. -Antonio, Mobster’s Girl You can’t help what family you’re born into or what lies they keep from you. You can’t help i... more
  • End of Eternity

    by Loretta Lost

    She married a monster. Now, she has to deal with the crippling consequences...

    Carmen Winters thought her life was getting better.
    Until she came home to find her new husband hanging from a chandelier.

    Six months pregnant and devastated, Carmen is forced to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. Before she can even begin to grieve, she finds herself being inappropriately pursued by Brad West, a sophisticated Manhattan lawyer and her late... more

  • Fearless

    by Brynley Bush
    Fiercely independent and newly single mom Emmaline Hart has spent the last thirteen years putting everyone’s needs before her own. Secretly afraid that her ex-husband’s assertions that she’s too uptight are right, Emma nonetheless keeps her life, and her emotions, firmly under control, fearful of getting hurt again. However, when she meets the dangerously attractive Beckett Black on a job assignment, the way his casual touch sends her pulse racing forces her to acknowledge her growing need to... more
  • Hard Charger: A Hot Contemporary Romance (The Rebel Guardians Motorcycle Club Series Book 1)

    by Tracy Fobes
    A town on the brink of desperation… Hunky soldier Jake Gallant is back from the war, and he’s trying to reclaim his life in the New Jersey town he calls home. But Rockport Grove isn’t the same as when he left. Organized crime has taken over the close-knit beach community and, while many law-abiding residents still call this community home, corruption, extortion, and a sense of hopelessness make it difficult for some to decide which side of the law they are on. A man who drinks his whiskey ... more
  • The Vagabond Vicar

    by Charlotte Brentwood

    William Brook is an idealistic young cleric, desperate to escape dreary England for a mission adventure in exotic lands. It's his worst nightmare come true when he is posted to a parish in a small backwater village, populated with small-minded people and husband-hunting mamas. He’s determined not to form any ties and to escape the country as an independent single man.

    A free spirit, Cecilia Grant is perfectly content to remain in her family home in Amberley village - when she&... more

  • Forget Me Not

    by J.G. Sweets
    Three months ago, Alanna Graves was the happiest woman in the world. She had a husband who loved her beyond reason, a bright future and a life that many would envy… until the night her world was rocked to its core. Her husband, Raymond was in a horrible car accident that put him into a coma. For weeks she practically lived at the hospital, never leaving his side, praying to any god that would hear her cries to return him to her safe and sound. Never did she think of having to add for him to reme... more