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  • Latest Pakistan News

    by City News
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    by James Faranadise

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  • Charming and the Cherry Blossom

    by LJ Evans
    Nature-loving, outcast Elle Dioli is shocked to find out she's inherited a fortune and a castle from a father she never knew on the same day the charming Hudson Domingues collides with her world. It feels like a fairy tale, but like all fairy tales, hers has a dark side, a time limit, and secrets that could cause her world to completely unravel. Will she find her happily ever after, or will it slip through her fingers with the world watching?
  • A Rare Find

    by M.K. Deppner
    A sweet romance set in a small-town used bookstore. The story features a woman with agoraphobia who owns and lives in the bookstore. She meets a man who helps her find her own strength and courage to stand on her own.
  • Audrey

    by Sean-Paul Thomas
    Just out of prison, a young Scottish builder and aspiring writer, meets a washed-up, heavy-drinking, chain-smoking, middle-aged French film actress who tries to help him win back his estranged daughter by getting his screenplay made into a movie in Paris.
  • The Pilot

    by Anahit Arustamyan
    The Pilot is a spiritual novel. It tells the tale of Nare and the people in her life. It explores the mysteries between earthly life and heaven. Separated by distance, even death, from those they love, it reveals how people hold onto hope of reunion.
  • When Darkness Falls: The Trilogy

    by Allie McCormack

    Ruled by a gracious, wise Sultana, the humans of the great desert city of Al Khair dwell in uneasy peace with the vampires and demons who claim the lands as their ancestral homelands under the leadership of an ancient, powerful vampire. Their shaky truce becomes strained when a young human woman arrives from distant lands.

    Orphaned since childhood and outcast, Alyssa joins a caravan to the fabled Al Khair where she seeks only to make a new life for herself. A life that quickly becomes c... more

  • The Prophecy: When Darkness Falls, Book III

    by Allie McCormack

    The truce between humans and vampires has stabilized as the relationship between Alyssa and Lord Damien deepens. When a desperate group of refugees arrive at the city, bringing tales of a barbaric horde overrunning the lands to the west, the city’s resources are strained to assimilate them.

    Just as life is settling back to normal, the worst of news arrives from scouts sent out to spy on the horde. The massive army is gearing up with plans to brave the hundreds of miles of stark de... more

  • The Murderess of Mayfair

    by J.M. Shannon
    After two hellish years married to an absolutely heinous man, Elise Sinclair, The Marchioness of Bristol awakes to find her husband has been murdered. Three years later after living as frugally as possible, the money has run out, and Elise has no choice but to remarry, as much as she loathes the idea of another man controlling her, let alone touching her, she's run out of options. The problem is she is known throughout the ton as the "Murderess of Mayfair". In an attempt to clear her name, and f... more
  • Escort Service in Gurgaon

    by Kimi Karanwal
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  • Red Magnolia

    by Lucy Holden
    Decadent. Dark. Devastating. Seventeen-year-old Harper Ellory knows the ruins of the past are a dark place for a new beginning. Then she meets Antoine Marigny, and discovers just how seductive darkness can be. After the death of her twin sister, Harper dreams of a new life. But not only is the Mississippi mansion she moves into cursed, it’s also Antoine Marigny’s family home. Now he wants it back—no matter the cost. Harper’s seen too much death to be frightened off by a curse. But Antoine i... more
  • An American Baroness

    by Jane Shoup
    Alice and Jocelyn Weatherly have longed to experience their father’s native London. In the spring of 1820, they get the opportunity in time for the Season! Unbeknownst to them, their father is in league with a nobleman in financial distress, the object being marriage between their children. The trade is simple, a title for Alice in exchange for an influx of capital to cover Lord Merton's gambling debts. For Nigel Walston, the future baron of Merton, family obligation is everything, but he r... more
  • A Life Renewed

    by Olivia Rae
    In 1554, Lady Jane Grey, “The Nine Days’ Queen” was executed for high treason. But what if, instead of feeling the blade on her neck she secretly survived? Escaping execution, Lady Jane hides as a peasant girl in a principality in Germany. She loves the simple life and never wants to return to England. But her benefactor, a power-hungry German prince, wants to march on London and place her on the English throne again, thereby increasing his dominance in Europe. If she doesn’t agree with his ... more
  • Despite the Devil

    by Shawna James, Award-Winning Author
    Stephanie gazed at Andrew’s clean-shaven, long and slender face. His dark green eyes were captivating. His brown hair was neatly combed to the side. His eyebrows were thick and kind of joined in the middle, and his nose looked even sharper from the angle at which Stephanie was now looking at him. Girl, he’s handsome! Stephanie thought, And that accent! When Stephanie meets Andrew Simmons, she believes she's found the perfect man: smart, handsome, kind, and athletic. Best of all, the Norwegian... more
  • Her Willful White

    by Tammy Andresen
    Is she a French spy or the woman of his dreams? Lord Destrian White, brother to the Duke of Whitehaven is a man who prides himself on self-reliance and perseverance. He doesn’t need anyone and if life doesn’t give him what he requires, he takes what he needs. But when Miss Fleur Dupont enters his life, everything turns upside down. First, one of his ships holding gunpowder for the war effort is mysteriously destroyed. Fleur claims she isn’t responsible but there are questions she refuses t... more