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  • Your physiological property can reach a replacement high - horny girls

    by Ashnai Mittal
    It is quite laborious to measure our life straight away. Our Hyderabad Escorts careers pressurize all folks. we tend to square measure running behind cash all the time. And as a results of that, we tend to square measure going deeper and deeper within the dark dungeons of frustration, depression, VIP model, and different psychological problems. Also, we tend to square measure developing tiffs with our agency girlfriends, partners likewise as better half. we tend to don’t have mental peace any lo... more
  • Behind the Seams

    by Stuart Wakefield

    When apprentice Savile Row tailor Kit Redman auditions for smash-hit UK TV show Runway Rivals, he’s instantly drawn to charismatic fellow auditionee Barker Wareham.

    After a disastrous audition at the hands of savage fashion editor, and Runway Rivals judge, Nancy Shearsmith, Kit’s convinced he won’t get through, but he’s wrong.

    As filming begins, Kit comes face-to-face with Barker, who makes it clear it’s all about winning the show and nothing more.... more

  • The Healer of Briarwood

    by MK McClintock

    Be swept away by award-winning author MK McClintock’s THE HEALER OF BRIARWOOD, a story of courage, second chances, and the undeniable power of love.

    A man with a healer’s touch. A woman with a healer’s heart.

    Doctor Finnegan Brody tends his patients, keeps to himself, and vividly remembers the heartaches and trials from the Civil War and why he devoted his life to healing. He watches the townspeople live their lives, loving and laboring... more

  • Wild Montana Winds

    by MK McClintock

    Journey to the Montana frontier in this captivating tale of adventure, honor, and endearing romance.

    What happens when a mountain man tries to tame the heart of a Highland lass?

    Ainslee McConnell turns down every eligible bachelor who asks for her hand, for she knows none can quiet her adventurous spirit. When she travels from Scotland to visit family and seek new experiences, she discovers a life more rewarding than she could have imagined.

    Raised... more

  • Journey to Hawk's Peak

    by MK McClintock

    One woman’s desperation to escape will become the greatest journey of her life.

    Amanda Warren arrives in Briarwood, Montana, with one satchel and a dream. After death destroyed her happiness, she flees, unwilling to believe it is the end, yet her weary spirit thinks only of survival. Then she meets the Gallaghers. They take a chance and give her a home and a family, but is she strong enough to make a new start?

    Ben Stuart has seen more of life than he wants... more

  • An Angel Called Gallagher

    by MK McClintock

    On a ranch known as Hawk’s Peak, a family celebrates love, joy, and peace at last . . . or so the Gallaghers thought.

    Brenna is convinced she hears a woman singing to her son. Eliza and Ethan are unnerved by a sleepwalker, and Isabelle swears Hawk’s Peak is haunted. Then an unlikely visitor stumbles into their lives.

    Enjoy a heartwarming holiday adventure filled with tenderness, hope, and the promise of a better tomorrow for more than one deserving so... more

  • Gallagher's Choice

    by MK McClintock

    Somewhere between the rugged mountains and open plains on the Montana frontier, the Gallaghers struggle to find peace, hope, and love on a wild land.

    He finally has a family to call his own. She now knows what it means to risk it all. Together they have a chance to find peace at last.

    Eliza Gallagher is tough, resilient, and rides a horse like she was born in the saddle, all necessary qualities for someone who runs a cattle ranch. She has more to avenge... more

  • Gallagher's Hope

    by MK McClintock

    From New Orleans to the Montana frontier, enjoy the second book in a series about a family in search of peace, hope, and love on a wild land.

    She seeks a new beginning. He seeks what he didn't know was missing. Together they will discover hope in unlikely places.

    Isabelle Rousseau must escape New Orleans and the memory of her family's tragic loss. With her younger brother in tow, she accepts a position as the new schoolteacher in Briarwood, Mont... more

  • Gallagher's Pride

    by MK McClintock

    From the Scottish Highlands to the Montana frontier, experience the first book in a series about a family in search of peace, hope, and love on a wild land.

    She is on a quest of discovery. He is on a quest for revenge. Together they will discover a second chance. ​

    Brenna Cameron travels from Scotland after losing someone she loves in search of family she didn't know existed. Alone now in the world, Brenna makes an arduous journey, following the trail of discovery to ... more

  • Clayton's Honor

    by MK McClintock

    Would you give up duty for the sake of your honor?

    On the windswept shorts of Ireland, Anne Doyle lost her father to a foolish war and her mother to madness. Left with debt and an ancient family home, she struggles to keep the rest of her family together even as an enemy attempts to take them away. After witnessing a brutal murder, Anne must enlist aid from the only family she has left if she is to save those she loves.

    Devon Clayton had no intentions of leaving ... more

  • Blackwood Crossing

    by MK McClintock

    If you had to make a choice, would it be loyalty or love?

    Torn between loyalty to her family and refusal to marry a laird she despises, Rhona Davidson accepts a dangerous proposal from a man she knows only as Blackwood.

    Leaving behind a life of leisure, Charles Blackwood bravely serves his country with honor and the skill of a trained British agent. When his newest case returns him to the wild Highlands of Scotland, he is faced with a choice between killing a man ... more

  • Alaina Claiborne

    by MK McClintock

    Be swept away by the stirring romance and unforgettable adventure of ALAINA CLAIBORNE, MK McClintock's first award-winning British Agent novel.

    How far would you go to avenge your family and save the one you love?

    In nineteenth-century England, Alaina Claiborne had a loving family, a cherished friend, and idyllic life. Then tragedy strikes and her world is forever changed. Searching for those responsible is her only focus . . . until she meets Tristan.

    Tristan ... more

  • Searching for Sarah

    by Phillip Vega
    Nina’s will reads: “I don’t want one of those generic funerals, where everyone gathers and cries. Be creative. I want something outside the box. You and Sarah can work on this together.” Her brother, Tom’s reaction: “Who the hell is Sarah?” To solve this mystery and honor a final wish, Tomas Ruiz uses Nina’s private journals to guide his global search for the enigmatic Sarah. Frustration mounts as he delves deeper into his sister’s past, uncovering secrets that will change his life forever. ... more
  • Little Miss Hap

    by Zerry Greenwood
    Mishaps in the military are never overlooked and Salina was no exception. When Salina Hackett fell out of the stagecoach at Captain Stetson's feet, he never imagined the turmoil she would unleash in his life. Despite their growing attraction, Mark had no intention of risking his military career for this bit of trouble wrapped in cotton and lace. Unfortunately, the moment he realized he wanted to spend his life with her, Salina vanished, and he received a transfer. Was Sergeant Hackett’s spitfir... more
  • Abide by Zari's Decision

    by Zerry Greenwood

    Three months into her arranged marriage, Zari Abide makes the first major decision of her life. After the death of her egocentric new husband, her abusive father insisted she move back home. Zari will no longer stand by and have her life decided for her. With determination, a map, and a homestead deed, she boards a train for the Idaho Territory. There she finds bears, wolves, and the most dangerous predator of all, Two Feathers. She can feel him drawing her body and soul to him in ways she ha... more

  • Two Spirit

    by Zerry Greenwood
    Homeless, orphaned, and uncertain, Rose resorts to deception to aid in her destiny.In the white man’s world, Rose Baker’s adventurous nature had been a source of pain to her mother and frowned on by everyone but her father. And he was now dead. Orphaned on the Bozeman Trail, Rose desperately needed to find a way to survive in a time and place that was not ready for a woman like her. Deception would not have been her first choice, but if it was the only way for her to hunt and fish and oversee he... more