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  • Awaken the Darkness

    by Dianne Duvall

    A USA Today Bestseller
    Return to the "utterly addictive" (RT Book Reviews), "fast-paced and humorous" (Publishers Weekly) world of New York Times bestselling author Dianne Duvall's Immortal Guardians.

    He awakens encapsulated in dirt with no knowledge of how he came to be there. Riddled with injuries, he can remember neither his past nor who he is. Nor can he remember what he is. But surely no mortal m... more

  • Learning Curves

    by Ceillie Simkiss
    Elena Mendez has always been career-first; with only two semesters of law school to go, her dream of working as a family lawyer for children is finally within reach. She can't afford distractions. She doesn't have time for love. And she has no idea how much her life will change, the day she lends her notes to Cora McLaughlin. A freelance writer and MBA student, Cora is just as career-driven as Elena. But over weeks in the library together, they discover that as strong as they are apart, th... more
  • Fools Like Us

    by D. L. Pitchford

    How far would you go to save The One from a loveless marriage?

    Emmeline Crosby’s fiance dumped her at their college graduation. After six months of sulking and hoping, a text arrives: Daniel is getting married. She immediately understands his hidden meaning. It’s a plea for help.

    Now, Emmy ropes her oldest friend Connor into driving cross-country to crash the wedding and convince Daniel to marry her instead.

    But complications arise on the ro... more

  • Haunted Hearts

    by Kimberly Dean

    Callie is thrilled when she inherits a house in the town of Shadow Valley. The place is old, but she’s a hard worker. Unfortunately, no matter how many repairs she makes, the strange noises won’t go away. Her nerves are soon frayed, for she’s begun to believe that she’s not alone in the house. Police chief Carter doesn’t have time to investigate things that go bump in the night, but when Callie’s distress call comes in, he’s the first to respond. He d... more

  • A Love So Sweet

    by Addison Cole

    Discover the magic of the Bradens, and fall in love with Addison Cole's rich and romantic storytelling.

    A Love So Sweet is the sweet edition of New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster's Lovers at Heart, Reimagined, written under her sweet-romance pen name, Addison Cole.


    When Maxine “Max” Armstrong walked into resort owner Treat Braden's life six weeks earlier, he saw right through the efficient and capable facade sh... more

  • The Brightest: A Novella

    by Marty S. Dalton

    This is a love story about love stories. And, as important, a story about why fate will sometimes feel like luck.

    "They swirl around each other, like they're being pulled into orbit."

    Robyn always thought that she and her destiny were inseparable facts. That true love was waiting around the corner, if only she kept looking.

    "She saw signs everywhere and thought of the whole cosmos like an ocean. It was looking t... more

  • Sun Shed

    by Lee Ward
    After his home in the valley is vandalized Alistair sits waiting at his kitchen table armed with a cache of regrets and a shotgun. Soon he will meet Liri, a young woman who lives in the shadows of his distant past. Set beneath a boundless prairie sky, Sun Shed tethers the wilderness of the 1870s to the drought and poverty of the 1930s and brings to life characters honed from the harsh realities of the times. It is the story of freedom lost for the Indian of the plains and of freedom hard-earned ... more
  • She Walks In Moonlight: A Second Chances Romance

    by Jennifer Silverwood
    Globetrotter, Danica Pavlova spends her days scouring old folktales and her nights trying to forget her life is anything but a fairy tale. Ten years ago, she ran away from her best friend the night after causing his crippling accident, convinced Adam King was better off not loving her. But when her brother is diagnosed with leukemia, she resolves to come home to care for the family she abandoned and face the love she never forgot. Will she find forgiveness for the mistakes of her past, or can th... more
  • The Curse of The Werck Family - Vol I: The Battle between Love and Hate

    by Piu Book

    France 1510. The time of the Inquisition. During one of the most darkest periods of history, untold barbaric acts were committed in the name of God. In a small village in the south of the kingdom, the matriarch of an influential and highly prestigious family accused a beautiful and humbly born young woman of witchcraft, sending her to death by a public burning at the stake. Helen was only 17 years old, and the love of the oldest son of the matriarch. But she was not of his status. So, Elizabe... more

  • Terminal 19

    by L.R. Olson

    My dad always said you can’t run away from your problems, but I’m sure as hell going to try. And where do you go when you’re trying to escape life? You go to Europe. Or Scandinavia to be exact, because Scandinavia does have the hottest guys. Have you seen Thor? I’ve got my bucket list and I’m ready to live life to the fullest. Go abroad where no one knows my past? Check. See the sites? Check. Hook up with a Scandinavian Hottie? Check. 

    Despite the threat of my past hanging over my ... more

  • Higher Power

    by C. D. Sterner
    A LOVE STORY of DOMINANCE, SUBMISSION, and HEALING Suzie Patterson is a stripper with a drug problem. Estranged from her mother and infant daughter, her life is spinning out of control. Her life is further compounded by a late night assault. Devon Anderson is the "lone wolf"; Army CID Agent who comes to her rescue, and, having just met her, he can't stay away from her. Together they must find a way to deal with her problem and heal each other. "Suzie, look at me and focus solely on me," Devo... more
  • A Date for Hannah

    by Callie Henry
    Fans of Hallmark movies and sweet stories of first love will adore Callie Henry’s new series! High-schooler, Hannah, has always been self-conscious about her weight, so when hottie swimmer, Liam, pays her extra attention at her sister's wedding, she has a hard time trusting his interest. Throughout the evening, Liam's charm wins her over, until they're falling hard for each other. But the next day, Hannah learns something that may ruin it all. ***** All stories in the LIFE (Love is for Everyo... more
  • Bound to Morocco

    by Leslie Hachtel

    What if your family sold you to a Sultan's Harem?

    Drugged and kidnapped, Shera finds herself on a ship to Morocco to serve the Sultan. Abandoned and alone, Shera must find a way to escape and confront the people who betrayed her. She gets help from an unlikely source: the man who kidnapped her. But, he has his own secrets. And, when their partnership turns to love, the two must face constant danger to endure. But will they ever be free?


  • To Love

    by Laura Scott
    Meet the McNallys, an Irish family who learn to move on from their individual personal tragedies to fall in love. Eager for a fresh start, Jazz McNally throws herself into renovating her grandparents’ mansion in time for the grand opening of the McNally Bed and Breakfast. When vandals strike, she accepts help from drifter Dalton O’Brien. Dalton is willing to lend a hand, until it’s time to move on. But when danger escalates, Dalton soon realizes that protecting Jazz is a threat—to his heart.... more
  • Return to Widows Hollow

    by J. Helen Elza
    If your heart can be broken, Elza will break it time and again in Return to Widows Hollow, book II of The Appalachian Trilogy. Prepare to fall in love with four-year-old Daniel Ruddy, the flood survivor who steals your heart as he joins your favorite characters from JHEs international best-selling and beloved Rosemillion. The fairy tale becomes a nightmare for Rose, Suzanne and Bennett who leave their Eastern Kentucky homes for the highlands of West Virginia to help a foreign-born friend esta... more
  • Dragon's Heart (Story Of The Brethren Book 1)

    by LaVerne Thompson
    Over a thousand years ago Draakar was forced to leave Earth, now he has no choice but to return. The dragon lord, whose world teeters on the brink of destruction, must find his truemate. The one woman with the power and love fated to save them all. The woman he left behind. Maya Trent was abandoned on Earth, apparently human but so much more and unaware of her duel heritage. Once Draakar awakens her dragon within all she wants to do is kill him. Yet they must work together to save mankind as ... more