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  • Honey

    by Cary Marc Grossman
    One of the most successful rock singers in the world, Benjamin Scream is 45 years old, and a veteran of countless albums and tours. He has seen it all, yet he is unprepared for the emotions stirred in him by a poignant 19 year-old starlet. Honey Clarke began her movie career at age nine. Now a blossoming young woman, she is eager to experience all that her hero can show her. Together they embark on a journey of exploration, yet Scream is unable to give Honey the one thing she desires most.
  • The Fear of Knowing

    by Tisha Starr
    All Tasha Davis ever thought about was being normal like other little girls. As time has it, she grew hopelessly tired of being a virgin and vowed Tyrone Johnson would be her first. But a deep dark secret she tried desperately to conceal would be the reason she loses everything. Now as inmate #M54215, she stands fearful in front of her accuser and an angry and unforgiving audience in an attempt to redeem herself. In this soul touching family drama where lies and the truth drive a head on collis... more
  • Perfectly Broken

    by Prescott Lane
    Even after years of trauma therapy, Peyton still believes she’s broken. She has little desire to date or show off her natural beauty, content simply to hang out with her best friends and run her pie shop in New Orleans. But her world turns upside-down when a handsome architect and self-confessed player shows up in her shop and thinks she’s perfect, much more than the usual hook-up. While Peyton does her best to resist his charms, believing she could never be enough for him, she can’t deny the ... more
  • First Position

    by Prescott Lane
    Emory faces life’s challenges at the one place that’s never failed her, the ballet barre. But even the barre can’t steady her when fate brings her face-to-face with her old college flame, Mason, who’s hoping to return to the NFL after a career-threatening injury. Before they can surrender to their sexual desires and find salvation in each other’s arms, they need to come to terms with their past. Mason must confront the demons that have set him on a path of self-destruction, while Emory must d... more
  • Alchemy xii - New Year's Eve

    by Tamsin Flowers
    No one could ever accuse Harry Lomax of being a Dom's Dom. Sometimes he even forgets to make his submissives call him "Sir". But he is the charismatic Prince of Kink at Chicago's most secretive and exclusive sex club, where he runs Alchemy xii, the club's prestigious year-long training program for would-be subs. When Harry spots Olivia Roux across a crowded floor, he's under no illusions as to what she is and what she isn't. A blond, Amazonian goddess, Olivia's no ingénue. She's a woman of th... more
  • Trust Me (Holton Series Book 3)

    by B. L. Blair
    Rachel Lewis hides her looks behind dark framed glasses and drab clothes. She is satisfied with her life and her appearance. Rachel isn't looking for love, but Paul captivates her. Paul Hart is handsome, rich, and successful. He is happy with short-term relationships and jaded women. Paul has been betrayed too many times to trust a woman, but Rachel intrigues him.
  • Notice Me (Holton Series Book 2)

    by B. L. Blair
    Andrew has always thought of Victoria as family, but things have changed. Andrew is thinking about her in a completely different way. They are too different to have a future, but he cannot stop noticing her. Victoria has been in love with Andrew for years. She left home because she couldn't watch him live with someone else. But Andrew is now a widower, and it is time to make him notice her.
  • Convince Me (Holton Series Book 1)

    by B. L. Blair
    Anna West watched her father abuse her mother in the name of love. She isn't going to fall into the same trap, but she has never met a man she could love. And then, she meets Steven. Steven Carson watched his father shower his mother with love. He wants the same kind of relationship, but no woman has made him feel that way. And then, he meets Anna.
  • TAG

    by Shari J. Ryan
    What if your family had a big secret . . . a life changing secret. My dad, the bigwig CIA agent, was always on the run, whether he was being chased or doing the chasing. I missed him. Then my mom passed away, and my sister was murdered. I turned my solitude to strength because the alternative was too bleak. But my luck seemed to turn: I met Tango. And while I want him more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my twenty-two years, danger lurks around every corner and I simply can’t take the chanc... more
  • Descending (The Rising Series)

    by Holly Kelly
    When Xanthus cashes in a long-standing favor, Kyros is faced with doing two things he thought he'd never do--protect a mermaid and live on land. Dagonians loathe mermaids and Sara, Xanthus's wife, is no exception. Also, a Dagonian standing on human legs? It's just not natural! As if being around the vile creatures responsible for polluting his home and killing his sister wasn't horrible enough, Kyros has to deal with Sara's troublesome human friend, Gretchen. This spunky human tries his pati... more
  • The Long Road Home

    by megan duncan
    Jenna had heard the phrase, ‘Home Sweet Home’, but she never really knew what it meant. Growing up with a neglectful mother who moved her and her brother from town to town, and a father that had been absent all her life she’d never had a place to call home; but she vowed to have one someday. Jenna had a plan in place, an escape for her and her brother, but when her mother’s bad habits turn her world upside down she has to decide what she’s willing to sacrifice to save the life she’s always dream... more
  • Rising (The Rising Series)

    by Holly Kelly
    In a war between the humans and the inhabitants of the sea-humans will lose. Xanthus Dimitriou-the most lethal Dagonian to rise from the ocean-is on a mission to save mankind from annihilation. But first there's one small thing he needs to do... kill a beautiful young woman in a wheelchair. Killing her doesn't start out as part of his plan. He entrenches himself deep in the human world. Aligning with his enemies, he prepares to send them to Triton to face their punishment. Then Sara Taylor r... more
  • Shit Kickers & Stilettos (Heiresses In Aprons Book 1)

    by Rita Sawyer
    Rosie’s uncle Teddy may not have been able to be around all the time, but he was always there when Rosie needed a dose of reality. Unlike her parents he believed that she needed to keep her feet on the ground even though she spent most of her time running charity and social events mingling with people who had their heads stuck in the clouds. When he dies she’s lost. Her friends try to be there for her, but her uncle does the unbelievable and leaves her part of his business. The other half he lea... more
  • Blood Moon on the Rise

    by Rhonda Burnaugh
    Blood Moon on the Rise begins a year after Michael's death and finds the family scattered across the country. Joe and Anni have settled in San Francisco, where Joe is working as a counselor, while Anni opts to stay at home with their son. Living alone in Aspen, Seraphine continues to mourn the loss of her husband and is unable to get on with her life. Meanwhile, DJ's life spirals out of control, finally landing him in the hospital. As DJ crashes, Seraphine decides she must leave Aspen and return... more
  • All Who Are Lost

    by Lindsey Forrest

    One man.
    Too many betrayals.
    Three women.
    One last chance.

    On a cold winter day, a woman calls a number halfway across the world.

    A man answers.

    After fourteen years, Laura St. Bride hears the voice she has never forgotten, the voice she will remember with her last breath…


    What do you do
    when the love of your life
    is the last person you should love?
    ... more

  • More Than A Woman

    by alex abella
    Can you ever relive the past? Can a woman go back in time and rekindle a passion that was once cruelly extinguished? Can a man, no matter how wealthy and powerful, recreate the world he knew when he was young? Miranda Ferri is the inheritor of a famous name in California’s Santa Margarita valley—but that name is all she has left, for the family fortune from vineyards and wine has evaporated. She has accepted an ordinary life, far from the grandeur and luxe that was once her birthright. Then he... more