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  • A Broken Promise

    by Cornell Brent
    Xavier Gibson was a popular young man in school who had talent and an attractive appearance. After jumping from relationship to relationship to find comfort in love, he finds himself meeting one out of all girls who had a crush on him; her name was Naomi Montgomery. That same night they kissed, leading Naomi in to a confusions of believing that they were a couple. Xavier plays along with their relationship even though he already had a girlfriend. However, he started to unexpectedly fall in love... more
  • The Only One for Me

    by Toni Jackson
    Money can't buy everything. A rare trait leads Sean Davenport on a mission to find the one woman who can carry on his family's legacy. Danielle Knox spent most of her life believing she would never have a family. A talented sculptor, she crafts each work of art with her heart. Love was not in Sean's calculations. And neither was the person willing to use any means to keep them apart.
  • The Armchair Bride

    by Mo Fanning

    True love starts with one little white lie.

    Lisa Doyle is nearly 40. And single. Very single.

    Fed up with being the girl most likely to die alone, eaten by feral cats, she invents a husband, bragging online about their perfect life.

    When a lifelong friend puts her in charge of her dream wedding, Lisa needs to think fast. Does she come clean or change her name and move to Argentina?

    Or dig an even bigger hole by getting her best friend to play along?... more

  • Bamboo Ring (First Printing)

    by DK Christi
    Korea, Iraq, Iran, Egypt - they jump from today's headlines and from the pages of Bamboo Ring, a novel of high stakes adventure and romance set in the seventies and weaving through exotic foreign locations. The unfolding scandal between a young ex-pat wife and a charming military officer capture the heart. The terror of surviving life-threatening adventures and the agony and ecstasy of passionate love provide an emotional roller coaster with a surprise at every turn of the page.
  • Servant of the Crown

    by Melissa McShane
    Alison Quinn, Countess of Waxwold, never expected to leave her bookish life to serve in the court of the Queen of Tremontane. She certainly didn't expect to be swept off her feet by the Queen's brother, Prince Anthony. But when disaster tears them apart, Alison leaves court, only to be summoned back, this time to serve as Royal Librarian. When political turmoil threatens her beloved Library, Alison must find a way to save it--and find true love again.
  • Bespoke: A Tiny Christmas Tale

    by Amanda Dykes
    A Secret. A Bicycle. A Promise… While the elusive Secret Symphony of Giovanni St. John captivated the world’s fascination, it left his daughter closed away in the Silent House – she, the one who holds the fullness of truth about the ninth symphony. Now Aria St. John is determined to not only break free of the loss that has defined her, but to honor her father through one final gift in his last days. On the tiny Isle of Espoir, only one man can help in her quest: James Shaw, the village blacksm... more
  • Partners in Time

    by David Groflo
    When Lester lost his job at a horse carriage shop in the North Central Virginian community of Viewtown in 1879, he felt obligated to leave his family and work a great distance from home on the Chesapeake Bay to support them. After departing, his wife, Clara, ultimately ends up living alone on their rural farm, creating within her a sense of despondency and resentment. This nineteenth-century family trauma in conjunction has a dramatic effect on another couple living in 2011 Northeastern Ohio... more
  • Melted

    by Jennie Marts
    Painful memories from long ago resurface when Emily Wells travels to Colorado to clean out her family’s vacation cabin for its new owner. Strongest among them? Her recollections of Logan Chase, Emily’s first love, to whom she gave her heart one magical summer, only to have it broken when she never heard from him again. Logan had never forgotten that summer romance and can’t believe it when he finds Emily packing up the little cabin that he has recently purchased for renovation. Despite the passa... more
  • Tucked Away (Entangled Select Contemporary) (Hearts of Montana)

    by Jennie Marts
    Charlie Ryan's cheating fiancé left her with a broken heart and even broker bank account. She's hit rock bottom, but everything is about to change. Suddenly, she's inherited a Montana farm named Tucked Away from a grandmother she never knew existed. A fresh start is just what she needs - and no men in her future this time, even if the local vet is as hot as a Montana summer. Zack Cooper is content with his simple life. Running his veterinary practice and raising his daughter are enough to kee... more
  • My Heart, My Gift: A Great Plains Romance novella

    by Corrissa James
    Can the big city girl convince the small-town cowboy to give Christmas a second chance? Or will the secret she hides destroy any chance of a relationship between them? When Serafina Anderson makes a mess of her first semester of college, she does what she knows best: avoids facing her parents. This time she runs away to spend her winter vacation at the ranch of her cousin, Trish. Her escapades also lead her right into the arms of Andrew Clark, the small town’s most notorious troublemaker. But Se... more
  • So Wills the Heart: Book 4 in the Great Plains Romance Series (Volume 4)

    by Corrissa James
    When the tough gets going, artist Evie Jacobson runs away. When her great aunt leaves her a property in rural Nebraska, Evie uses the opportunity to escape her boss, who’s deluded himself into thinking she loves him. But life in the country is a bit too tame for Evie—until she meets Jonathan Clark, a man who tests the limits of her spontaneity. When Evie discovers that Jonathan might not be everything she expected, will she run away yet again or will she have the strength to stay and face her gr... more
  • Heart So Sweet: Book 3 in the Great Plains Romance Series (Volume 3)

    by Corrissa James
    With four older brothers, rancher Susannah Clark is used to dealing with men and getting them out of trouble. But when her childhood crush Tate Trudell returns as sheriff of Harrington County, Susannah must decide whether to save her brothers yet again, even if means losing the man she loves. Tate Trudell never expected to move back to Harrington, especially after how he left things with his best friend, Lucas Clark, just before Lucas left for the war in Afghanistan. But a lot has changed in ten... more
  • A Heart's Promise: Book 2 in the Great Plains Romance Series (Volume 2)

    by Corrissa James
    She wasn't expecting a second chance... Trish Cassidy is an easygoing woman with a goal: to manage her own horse ranch. But after her parents’ death, she finds herself stuck with a dominating boyfriend who has probably just ruined her last chance to connect with the local ranchers. Just when she thinks she must give up on her dream, the enigmatic Dalton James, a modern-day cowboy, steps into her life, offering an opportunity to build a ranch from the ground up. What she doesn’t expect is her p... more
  • Vibrant Heart: Book 1 in the Great Plains Romance Series (Volume 1)

    by Corrissa James
    When the ever-organized Melanie Olson returns to her small Nebraska hometown to prove to the commitment-phobe Raymond what a mistake he made, a flat tire threatens to ruin all her plans. Luckily, cowboy-turned-entrepreneur Jake Monroe stops to help the woman stranded by the side of the road, unaware that his world is about to be turned on end. Realizing that she’s traveling to the same wedding he is, he decides fate has dealt him a winning hand—until he discovers that she only has eyes for the t... more
  • Help Wanted: an Assignment: Romance novel

    by Barbara Valentin
    When Claire Nelson decided that her happily-ever-after lay not in marriage but in a spot on the New York Times bestseller list, she vowed never to tie the knot. But that was before she met Paul Mendez, handsome and charming enough to have her breaking said vow and marrying him shortly after college. Almost fifteen years and four sons later, Claire is now a burned out breadwinner ready to ditch her quest for happily-ever-after, and Paul has traded his dream of chairing corporate board meeting... more
  • False Start: An Assignment: Romance novel

    by Barbara Valentin
    Mattie Ross is probably the last person who should be doling out good counsel to anyone on anything. Still smarting after being left at the altar two years earlier, she is strapped with debt, has sworn off men, routinely buries herself in her work and despite her well-proportioned figure, remains haunted by childhood taunts of "Fatty Mattie." But to her publisher at the Chicago Gazette, and readers, she is their latest advice columnist, The Plate Spinner, a self-assured working parent to adorabl... more