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  • Shattered Dreams

    by Brenda Kennedy
    Emma Greyson, age 22, has a loving husband, Max, and a newborn son, James. She is finally living her dream, until fate steps in and shatters everything. Trying to deal with the death of her husband and learning how to be a single mom, Emma decides to move from Fort Drum, New York, back to her hometown of Sarasota, Florida. Four years later, Emma has a fresh start with a new job and new friends. She meets an attractive doctor, Alec Collins. Taking things slowly, she is happy with the way thin... more
  • Slightly Stalky

    by Amy Vansant
    Emily never expected to find love in a dart bar, but the moment she spots tall, sexy Sebastian, she’s determined to catch his eye. Ex-girlfriends, perpetually shirtless rich boys, frantic best-friends and a mysterious orange handbag converge to stop her. No one said stalking was easy, but if romance was left to the boys, the human race would die out while they logged fantasy football points and punched each other in the balls. Everyone knows that. Emily’s not stalking Sebastian...she’s s... more
  • Twin Flames

    by Tanja Kobasic
    Conjoined sisters Scarlett and Jade Jennings have survived the perils of infancy, escaped a deplorable orphanage and have lived to tell their story. Now bestselling authors, the sisters have made Las Vegas their home, only to find themselves in the centre of a gathering storm. In the eye of that gathering storm is Sebastian Cole, Vegas’ staring illusionist, who possesses supernatural powers, making him the target of diabolical ambitions. Lucifer’s Chosen need control of his power, power that he ... more
  • One Last Promise

    by Sydney Bristow
    Damon Durant is not your average bad boy; sure, he has a wicked smile that flaunts an unpredictable nature and more than a hint of danger, but if growing up shuffled from one dysfunctional foster family to another has taught him anything it’s that love is hard to come by. So when he flirts with a sexy, young restaurateur named Kelsey Lawford, he can’t help but think that he’s finally found the one. When it comes to romance, Kelsey has always trusted her heart, and it has led to more than a b... more
  • Goodbye, My Precious

    by Dylan Nicholls
    Goodbye, My Precious consists of 15 romance short stories - from happy to melancholy romance, sweet to sour romance, passionate to creepy romance, happily-ever-after to tragic romance, tear-provoking to bad romance, usual to unusual romance, and, as always, unrequited love. This collection is an emotional roller coaster ride, only it begins in Sydney, Australia. The Rainbow A man strolling on the Sydney Harbor Bridge and making an impossible wish to a rainbow, like he always does. But, thi... more
  • Rock My World

    by Sharisse Coulter
    Jenna Jax-Anders hit rock bottom in high school. Or so she thought. From rock star heiress to knocked-up has been, she turned it all around, marrying the punk rock baby daddy love of her life. The perfect Hollywood fairytale. Until the day she walked in on him kissing her best friend. As she struggles to find herself and redefine the world around her, she faces the challenges of raising her over-achieving teenage daughter, the heartbreak of losing her best friend (backstabbing aside), and em... more
  • The Big If

    by Sharisse Coulter
    Meet Penelope Caruso-Byrne. You may not have heard of her, but you’ve probably heard her voice. That scene from your favorite TV show that made you ugly cry? Yep, that was her on the soundtrack. She’s living the dream. Intelligent, gorgeous and making a living doing what she loves in an indie folk duo with her rock of a hipster husband, Seth. So when she’s offered the most ridiculous sell out opportunity of a lifetime by the world’s biggest pop star, Marc Justin, the answer is easy. Right? ... more
  • Love So Menacing (BWWM Paranormal Romance) (Surreal Blue Rogue Agent Book 3)

    by E.R. Baine
    A MUST READ FOR ALL LOVERS OF SHIFTER ROMANCE Salaciously Seductive Book 3 in the Paranormal Fantasy Shifter Romance Series. ★Now 2.99 ★DRM FREE ❤ LENDABLE! ❤ ENJOY! Is there a ticking time bomb waiting to explode Audrianna and Viktor’s love? Life gets hectic and rife with struggles when you are an ex assassin running a legitimate conglomerate, trying to raise a family and run an underground criminal empire at the same time. Lucky they have each other to see them through enemy attack... more
  • And The Heart Grows Fonder A Paranormal Romance Series★Now .99 ★DRM FREE ❤ LENDABLE! ❤ ENJOY! (Surreal Blue Rogue Agent

    by E.R. Baine
    A MUST READ FOR ALL LOVERS OF SHIFTER ROMANCE Buy Book 3 in the series now: Salaciously Seductive Book 2 in the serialized Paranormal Fantasy Shifter Erotic Romance. If you love Romance, Billionaire Lovers, and sexy Shifters, you'll love this novel. The Craving. That is what they call it. The gut wrenching urgent need that latches onto a shifter when they meet their destined, true love. But what if you can’t be with the one you love? What ... more
  • Do Or Die A New Paranormal Mystery Romance (Surreal Blue Rogue Agent Book 1)

    by E.R. Baine
    Nothing to lose, everything to gain… Multi-Billionaire Russian tycoon Viktor Mackmillian and his family are enjoying a peaceful vacation on the small, sunny Caribbean island of Trinidad. But when his wife Audrianna is kidnapped he becomes a man on a deadly mission. He has turned to the vicious werewolf pack he has long cut off all ties with for help…but for a price that Viktor is loathe to accept. For a love that holds no bounds, and bares all wounds…Viktor will forsake his life by the lig... more
  • Crank

    by Shauna Allen
    Blake Travers continues to be haunted by the demons of his past. The son of a violent drunk, his life has always been shadowed by what he will never be. Worthy. Can he ever outrun the crumbled DNA that is his shame? Even to fight for the only girl he’s ever loved? Delilah put her suffocating past aside to start a new life with Blake. Her true love. Her only love. But as their marriage is rocked by tragedy, she struggles to hold on to what she needs. Trouble is, she’s not sure what that is any... more
  • Let It Go: Sergey (Mikhailov Brothers Book 1)

    by Amanda Hough
    Evelyn Snow is a successful nurse. She has loyal friends, lives in a great city and has fabulous taste. She doesn't need a man to make life complete, but one to warm her bed would be welcome. But the entrance exam to get her between the sheets has left a string of wannabe suitors failing to make the grade. Sergey Mikhailov is a dedicated officer of the law. A police lieutenant in Austin Texas. From the moment he met Evie Snow he knew he wanted her. But work pulls him from her time and again.... more
  • Wanderlust

    by Thea Dawson

    So much for destiny. This was more like fate’s idea of a practical joke.

    Monica Prescott, writer and world traveler, has everything she wants … except a man who’s free-spirited enough to join her for a life on the road. But when she bumps into Jason, the guy who broke her heart in college, she lets him think she’s engaged. It wouldn’t take much to fall for him again—and that’s one road she doesn’t want to go down.

    Jason Mor... more

  • Life Next Door

    by JD Hollyfield

    There is only one thing in life that professional pastry Chef Priscilla Westcott values more than baking and wine, and that’s honesty. A quality she soon learns that her marriage lacks when her husband runs off with their next door neighbor.

    Divorced and alone, Priscilla is determined to make changes in her life. She decides to approach her new goals like one of her beloved recipes. Surely with a little time, a dash of patience, and measured planning she can whip herself—and... more

  • The Major's Faux Fiancee

    by Erica Ridley
    When Major Bartholomew Blackpool learns the girl-next-door from his childhood will be forced into an unwanted marriage, he returns home to play her pretend beau. He figures now that he's missing a leg, a faux fiancée is the best an ex-soldier can get. He admires her pluck, but the lady deserves a whole man—and he'll ensure she gets one. Miss Daphne Vaughan hates that crying off will destroy Major Blackpool's chances of finding a real bride. She plots to make him jilt her first. Who cares if ... more
  • The Captain's Bluestocking Mistress

    by Erica Ridley
    Captain Xavier Grey’s body is back amongst the Beau Monde, but his mind cannot break free from the horrors of war. His friends try to help him find peace. He knows he doesn’t deserve it. Just like he doesn't deserve the attentions of the sultry bluestocking intent on seducing him into bed... Spinster Jane Downing wants off the shelf and into the arms of a hot-blooded man. Specifically, the dark and dangerous Captain Grey. She may not be destined to be his wife, but nothing will stop her from be... more