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  • Wartorn Love

    by jay m londo
    “WAR TORN LOVE” Childhood lovers, Hana and Abram, live peaceful lives with their families in 1939 Poland. Soon, their idyllic world is turned when the Nazis march in, bent on turning all Polish Jews into their slaves. Hana and Abram’s world is turned into a living nightmare. Will their love be strong enough to survive Hitler’s Final Solution, the Nazi death camps, and a breathtaking escape across Europe? Just as Hana, the brave Auschwitz survivor who risks life to save her family, will utterly... more
  • Never Had a Dream Come True (The Royal Family)

    by Jennifer Wenn

    Lady Penelope de Vere has been in love with Rake for as long as she can remember, daydreaming over him constantly. But as her debut in the ton comes closer, she decides to finally let go of her silly childhood dream and accept someone else's wish to court her, someone who appreciates a quiet, book-filled life as she does. She wants marriage and, despite all the hints she throws his way, Rake only wants a mistress...she thinks.

    Lord Richard Darling has known Penny since she was ... more

  • A Family Affair

    by Jennifer Wenn

    Lady Francesca Darling has been in love with Devlin Ross, the Duke of Hereford, since she was five years old. When they meet again at her debutante ball she finds her feelings remain the same, and to her joy he is mesmerized by her. To the gossipy matrons of the ton it's the perfect match--the richest heiress and the most eligible bachelor.

    But can their budding love survive her interfering family and the deep scars from his father's abuse? Enchanted as he is with the delig... more

  • Becca's Dance

    by Jordyn Meryl
    The journey of life is not about the path traveled, it’s about the dance. Remember your first love? The itching in your palms to touch that person, the churning sensation of your stomach when you kiss, or the promise of forever love? A summer romance had all the possibilities for Becca and Clay. But a tragic accident killing two of their friends, sent Becca running away to build a sheltered life, protected from pain. Clay tried to drown his pain in booze and other women, but failed. Each pick... more
  • Consoling Angel

    by Denise Alicea

    Mira did not know what she had in store the day she fell asleep while wanting to escape her current situation. Overcoming a death from someone so close and burying herself in school and an internship has kept her somewhat awake and alive. An admiration for the actor, James Dean was all that kept the memory of her father alive. If she couldn’t be with her father, she could at least remember what they shared an admiration for together. She always wanted to meet James Dean… she didn... more

  • See Jayne Play (The Jayne Series Book 1)

    by Jami Denise
    Jayne King lived in a world of players. She’d been groomed by her father to win, taking no prisoners in her quest to reach the top. But, it was never enough. She wanted out, and just when she finds her escape, she’s pulled back into the underground crime world of Las Vegas. One phone call spins her life out of control and she once again has to live her life behind a mask of lies. Her body is for sale, but her heart is off limits. Flynn Maguire, professional gambler and notorious ladies’ ma... more
  • Savor, a Paranormal Romance (Warm Delicacy Series Book 1)

    by Megan Duncan
    When Claire Miller turned eighteen all she wanted to do was celebrate her birthday, but after a night on the town with her best friend she awakes to a visitor she never expected. The rulers of her region, a vampire royal family, have chosen her to be turned as their new heir and vampire princess. In a world fueled by the power of blood, Claire quickly discovers the vampire royal family is not what they seem and that she has secrets in her past, she never knew existed.
  • Sebastian: Secrets (The Sebastian Trilogy) (Volume 1)

    by Janey Rosen
    The Sebastian Trilogy - A tale of romance, erotica and edge-of-your-seat suspense! Romantic, tragic, funny and dark ... "I live in a respectable three bedroom house in a respectable village in Dorset, with a respectable job but with a far from respectable secret. The secret brings a wicked smile to my lips this morning." Elizabeth Dove is a mother, wife and successful business woman. To the outside world, she leads a perfect life. Elizabeth knows differently ... frustrated in a passi... more
  • The Alphabet Game. The Complete Alpha Series: A to X, Y, Z

    by Andie M. Long
    THE ALPHABET GAME – THE COMPLETE SERIES: A TO X, Y, Z. Read all four parts of The Alphabet Game in one complete volume. Stella Mulroney is playing a game. It's taken her two years but she finally has an interview at Gregory & Sons, the top London law firm that looks after her stepfather's interests. She plans to discover what her Multi-millionaire Stepdaddy really invests in and bring him down. Unwittingly, she's caught the attention of Hot Alpha Gabriel 'Gabe' Gregory, son of her Stepfath... more
  • Something Good

    by Darlene Deluca
    A mistake. A blessing. A tragedy. And now, Mandi Evans has made it her goal to fade into anonymity. Once a straight-A student with her choice of colleges, she’s withdrawn into a life that consists of two jobs, an online class, and memories. Crippled by the past, she feels unworthy of a better life – until Lane Whitmore walks into the diner where she works six nights a week. An urban planner, Lane is looking to revitalize the rundown part of town where Mandi’s hidden herself away. He can’t he... more
  • Simply Irresistible: A Spruce Creek Romance

    by Sharon Burgess
    Kat Morelli, determined to escape the scrutiny of her parents, accepts a job as a veterinary technician in the Rocky Mountain town of Spruce Creek, Colorado. She thinks her boss is a pompous ass and she doesn’t especially like him. But when she is attacked in his clinic, she moves into his apartment for her own safety. Jordan Walker, DVM, is a man with a lot of baggage. Since he is always dragging it with him, he is not a very nice person. But he doesn’t need to be nice to know his duty and d... more
  • Wild Renegade (Renegade #2)

    by Andria Large
    Never did I think that when Nicole walked into my life, she would turn out to be my everything. Loving someone while being in a famous boy band is not all it's cracked up to be. So many people try to ruin anything positive that I have. Why can't we just be left alone?
  • Sweet Renegade

    by Andria Large
    Beau - a member of the famous boy band, Renegade - has been hot for their Manager, Lizette since she took over five years ago. Lizette, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with him. Can he convince her that they are meant to be together? Or will his proposal of a one month trial relationship backfire in his face?
  • 978-1-928122-15-9

    by Dale Mayer
    A journey of exploration... A journey of healing… A journey of love… Two people are forced by circumstances into a therapy class to help them deal with their problems. They are strangers. Forced to be partners. Naturally opposites. Kane is dealing with anger of betrayal at the deepest level, needing to find his way back to forgiveness. Tania is a previous rape victim hoping to deal with her fear of intimacy so she can have a loving relationship. Tania's medium of expression - her came... more
  • Just Another Maniac Monday (A Page Turners Novel Book 3)

    by Jennie Marts
    Is finding your long-lost love worth losing your life? Edna Allen’s Monday goes from mundane to murderous when she opens the front door to find the love of her life standing there. A man she thought had died years ago… after being accused of murder. John Collins is back, bringing with him a charming smile, a dog named Havoc, a second chance at love…and a threat of death. Danger surrounds this former bad-boy, and even after a lifetime apart, he still ignites a spark in Edna. A spark she thoug... more