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  • Breaking the Bro Code

    by BB Swann

    Hair is big, styles are bitchin, and Molly Mason must run for her life. Her plan is simple—race fast enough to get a cross country scholarship and get out of her craptastic little town, even if it means leaving her hot and cold boyfriend, Trevor, behind. Hayden Bishop has a different idea; convince Molly, his best friend’s girlfriend, that he can treat her better. When Trevor dumps Molly, the game begins. Breaking the sacred bro code, Hayden tries to win her over.

    Soon he an... more

  • The Trouble with Prince Charming

    by Kimberly King
    Sixteen-year-old Nikki Baker finally has everything she’s always wanted: confidence, popularity, and the hottest guy at Forest Hills High. Thanks to her fairy godmother’s help, happily ever after is hers for the taking. But being at the top of the food chain is a dangerous place to be. Gossip, lies and betrayal lurk at every corner while she struggles holding onto a boyfriend everyone wants for themselves. Expectations run high with a guy who’s used to getting what he wants, but Nikki’s not s... more
  • The Trouble with Fairy Godmothers

    by Kimberly King
    All Nikki Baker wants is her first kiss. All her fairy godmother wants is to get the job done as quickly as possible. Hilarious adventures follow when Nikki discovers her fairy godmother’s magic isn’t quite up to par… along with her taste in boys. Nobody is safe as spells bounce around from the school’s biggest nerd to the biggest jerk in ninth grade, and everyone else in between. As love triangles grow ridiculously complicated, Nikki soon discovers that being a boy magnet has its downside. O... more
  • Nothing Else But You

    by Elle Wright

    TRUE HEARTS                           
                                                          ... more

  • Steel Journeys - The Road to Patagonia

    by Lynda Meyers
    Join Abby Steel on a series of breathtaking international adventures with Steel Journeys - an all-female motorcycle touring company where she calls all the shots. From huts to hotels, it's never the same adventure twice. Book 1: The Road To Patagonia To some people, home might be wherever you lay your helmet, but for Abby Steel, home was wherever she laid her ass. Today it's a Harley. Tomorrow it might be a BMW or a Triumph or a Honda. Home was whatever bike fit the terrain. Home was wide ... more
  • Hellish

    by Charity Parkerson
    Jonathan thinks meeting Cin is too good to be true. He's right. PART ONE: As the top investigative reporter for Global Daily, Jonathan travels all over the world. Three weeks in Tortola, covering the story of the disappearance of twelve women, sounds like heaven. After all, the island is one of the most beautiful in the world. He doesn’t have many leads. The women only have one thing in common. They all went missing from the same club—Consume. Fifteen minutes into visiting the club, Jonat... more
  • Holly Cottage: Where the Magic Begins

    by Stephanie Hurt
    The magic of Christmas can melt even the coldest of hearts, and change someones entire of life... When romance author, Heidi Roarke loses her Christmas spirit, her agent suggests that she spends Christmas in a town that is all about the holiday. With major reservations about this plan, she books a room at the Holly Cottage in Hollyville. From the moment she steps into the Cottage, she feels different. Then she meets Eric Bale, the 3rd generation owner of the bed and breakfast, which changes eve... more
  • The Lord Poet

    by Megan Franks
    Meet Lord Edmund Troy, a carefree aristocrat and renowned poet in Victorian-era London. Idolized by the masses for his charisma and dashing good looks, he finds himself in the sights of wealthy socialite Agatha and her cousin Catrina. Agatha appears to be the quintessential match for Lord Troy…until he becomes more acquainted with Catrina. Drawn to Catrina for her love of literature, Lord Troy finds himself in unusual territory as he yearns for her. A quiet and intelligent book lover, Catrina... more
  • Never The Same Love Twice

    by Charity Rose
    Seventeen-year-old Vidya Fletcher isn’t looking forward to attending public high school. However, it has its perks. One of which is being able to meet new friends and new boys. Between cramming for exams and dealing with girl drama, Vee finds herself torn between two guys; the sweet, but immature, Bradley and Keith, the tough boy with a haunted past. She likes Brad but finds herself inexplicably drawn to Keith in a way she can’t explain. But when a game of Truth or Dare goes horribly wrong, a... more
  • Death By C*ck

    by Susan Mac Nicol


    Somehow, after solving one particularly squirrelly case, Clay Mortimer and Tate Williams of M&W Investigations have been deemed experts in all things Fetish Alley. Tate’s taken an undercover assignment for the London police, and solves it with his usual flair. When a brutal and particularly sensitive murder send the shop owners and patrons of Fetish Alley up in arms, once again the police department calls upon Tate and Clay to take the lead in solving the grisly ... more

  • Bitter-Sweet Harvest

    by Andie Patrick
    April is an ambitious photo/journalist. On assignment to Tuscany, she meets Rico working in the vineyards. An accident brings them together, and they have a brief affair. She discovers he is not what he seems, and returns heartbroken to her London home, determined to focus on her career and forget Rico. A chance meeting in Milan ends in a night of passion, revealing the depth of their feelings for one another: but Rico's family pride, and April's driving ambition continue to keep them apart... more
  • Three in the Key

    by KC Avalon
    Sydney Fox is from Sea Isle, NJ and ready to begin a new career after graduating college. Jax Jones is from Elgin, TX and an NBA draft prospect. The two meet and the passion and chemistry is undeniable. They are a match made in heaven but if they pursue a relationship, can it endure the pressures of the NBA?
  • Wings, Gravity, and the Moon

    by Larry Sizemore

    Sometimes romance is destined, sometimes it is forbidden. When it is both, it becomes a story. More than anything, this is a tale of love and hope ... of resilience and fate. Through a series of connected vignettes, poems, songs, journals, and photo galleries, a tapestry of images pushes the boundaries between power, unquenched passion, and the discovery of an unfamiliar world of love. Spirituality and symbols are woven through vividly-described, time-ambiguous scenes of playful debauchery, p... more

  • The Year of the Fox: A Good Life novel (The Good Life Book 1)

    by Merren Tait
    I started My New Life with a wild leap of faith and a screw driver in my back pocket. Turns out I needed a power tool arsenal… Nancy Myers is having a hard time. She’s broken-hearted, homeless and unemployed. And she’s just turned forty. But Nancy has a secret weapon. Desperation. Relying solely on her finely-honed ability to make stuff up as she goes along and the battery life of her cordless drill, she’s determined to make a fresh start (one that on no account features men of the falling-in... more
  • A Wilderness Within

    by Emma Castle
    The world he knows and loves is gone… Lincoln Atwood survived the contagion that wiped out the nine tenths of humanity. As the last survivor in a secret government bunker and a Delta Force soldier, he knows that the other survivors are scared, angry and dangerous, just like him. After weeks alone with the mummified bodies of his colleagues, he escapes the bunker. But the world outside has changed. Among the empty cities and crumbling ruins of civilization, he loses himself to the wilderness i... more
  • King's Chaos (Light of Chaos Book 1)

    by Alexandra Gardner

    At eighteen, Samantha Anders is over the BS in her life. She can’t count the number of times Cardinal Sun mages have attacked her, threatened her, and been a general pain in her ass. Being the only Sibyl has made her life a living hell. It isn’t like she asked for the ability to see across time.

    When the ancient magic of Chaos flares, Sam is dragged back sixteen hundred years into the past and thrown at the mercy of new enemies. If that isn’t bad enough, Jeph, the self... more