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  • Ask Me To Game (The Game Lords Book 3)

    by Zoe Forward
    Emma Duarte just volunteered to be the ultimate badass—playing for an elite eGaming team. There’s an itsy problem. She’s never played this video game. Sure, her CEO boss and the FBI are thrilled she’s going to help them draw out the criminal mastermind behind the dangerous, illegal underworld of video gaming by doing this, but she’s an executive assistant, not a super spy. What makes it worse? Her trainer, the guy hired to get her up to eGaming snuff is her brother-in-law (not the one married t... more
  • Talisman

    by Tam DeRudder Jackson
    Time’s running out… Rowan Sheridan is a warrior, a powerful being capable of bending time and space to take on the rogues and zombies the triple goddess unleashes on civilians. For centuries, his family has taken on the Morrigan, their successes against her legendary. But if he doesn’t find his talisman by midnight of his twenty-eighth birthday, he faces death—or something worse. To convince her she belongs to him… Wallflower Alyssa Macaulay has no clue a community of supernatural Celti... more
  • Amber Waves of Grace

    by Jessica Berg

    After her father’s accident, Corrie Lancaster moves back to the family farm just in time to help with the harvest. With a bumper crop of wheat waiting, the farm’s only hired hand quits, leaving Corrie with no choice but to accept the help of her old boyfriend’s older brother, Aaron Tuttle. It seems like the perfect plan until Corrie realizes ex-flame Luke isn’t over her. But even with Luke’s apologies and attempts to rekindle their romance, Corrie can’t for... more

  • The Viscount's Valentine: A Clean / Sweet Regency Novella

    by Chelli Larsen
    A sweet Regency romance novella where Lizzie has waited over ten years for her fiance to return to her. When he finally comes back from war he's still reluctant to wed. Lizzie decides that it's time to set out on her own and runs away with her two scapegrace cousins. From this point it's a comedy of errors to see if our groom can woo Lizzie back to the alter.
  • The Christoph Curse

    by MJ Miller
    Sarah Bennett’s life has gone completely out of her control. Suddenly finding herself mother to her orphaned niece, Addy, Sarah is thrust into a bizarre and dangerous world. To keep her and Addy safe, she reluctantly takes a job with Addy’s enigmatic uncle, Sam, who ’s apparently the victim of sabotage and linked to a foreign government in turmoil. Not to mention the fact that the nanny she hired is psychic and someone is trying to scare her to death. When had her life become a damn soap opera? ... more
  • All About Annie

    by MJ Miller
    Meet Annie: The Perfectly Imperfect Heroine in search of her Happy Ending. When Annie dives into a hot new bestseller she suddenly sees her life story come screaming off the pages. Every embarrassing moment memorialized page after page. Add a mysterious author, a ransacked apartment, an attempt on her life and an old flame, and Annie’s life is in a free-fall. Annie is determined to find out if she's the muse behind a bestselling murder mystery. Is the elusive author the one guy who broke her hea... more
  • Braking Hard (Storm Harbor)

    by Gloria Joynt-Lang
    Gage O'Neill is an all-around nice guy and an Adonis in coveralls. With a thriving automotive business, a gorgeous girlfriend, and his ADHD under control, life is pretty incredible. But when he loses a loved one, Gage's perfect world unravels. Prone to bad choices, he's desperate to quell his rash behavior. Thankfully, hiring a curvy mechanic is the one impulsive decision he's gotten right. Eden Sampario is destitute as a result of a confrontation turned violent with her former employer. Whe... more
  • Highland Steel (The Highland Chronicles Book 3)

    by Elizabeth Rose
    She needs his protection to escort her to the Highlands. But where she wants him to take her is to his enemy's territory. It's a dangerous game she plays. The Sassenach: Lady Rhoswen Asquith accompanies her father and siblings on a journey to the Highlands, setting out on a very important and dangerous mission. The plan is to save her baby nephew from her late sister's murderous Highland husband. Unfortunately, the traveling party has been attacked and her escorts killed by bandits. Her f... more
  • Wild in Winter (The Wicked Winters Book 6)

    by Scarlett Scott
    Gill, the Duke of Coventry, has never been the sort of gentleman who woos ladies with effortless ease. In fact, he’s never even kissed a woman, let alone courted one. But as the new duke, he’s in need of a wealthy bride to replenish his dwindling familial coffers. Preferably a sweet, calm bride who is equally reserved. A bride who is nothing at all like Miss Christabella Winter. Christabella is looking for passion. She longs for forbidden kisses in hidden alcoves, for a dashing rake to sweep ... more
  • In Honour Bound (Brides By Chance Regency Adventures Book 1)

    by Elizabeth Bailey
    Can a free-spirited tomboy learn to fit in with respectable society…? 1799, Suffolk When her father dies in battle, seventeen-year-old Isolde Cavanagh is forced to rely on the protection of an old family friend. But when she arrives at the imposing estate of Bawdsey Grange it seems her would-be guardian has died. And his son Richard de Baudresey has never heard of her. To remain at the Grange, Richard insists Isolde learns to fit in with high society. But having grown up in military ca... more
  • Imminent Danger (A Counterstrike Novel Book 3)

    by Jannine Gallant
    Can they rekindle their love before a killer strikes? Brody Grant had it all—wealth, the woman of his dreams, and a young son he loved more than life. But his world came crashing down the day River was kidnapped and murdered. Torn apart by grief, he creates Counterstrike, a covert team of highly trained operatives whose sole mission is to rescue kidnap victims. After losing her only child, Arden Grant tried to pick up the pieces and go on. But her husband is distant, immersed in his perilo... more
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  • The Setup

    by Sherika Duncan
    Crafted through the eyes of multi-faceted characters coping with alcoholism, drugs, death, peer pressure for sex, and a culmination of an unfortunate series of events, The Setup depicts the true essence of playing the cards that life has dealt in the face of adversity. A riveting must-read for adolescents and adults alike, who believe in the power of triumph.
  • Have Your Cum and Eat It, Too

    by Johnny Townsend
    It’s 1981, and two Mormon missionaries randomly assigned to work together as “companions” in Napoli find themselves in trouble. They’re falling in love, but the Church forbids gay relationships. As missionaries, they can’t date anyone at all, much less other men. If they’re found out, they’ll be excommunicated, sent home in disgrace, and cast out from their families. In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, against a backdrop of poverty and repressive mission culture, Elders Grant and Mort... more
  • The Perfect Sin

    by The Blakk Dahlia E. Alexicna Brown

    The Selfish Heart...Forbidden Love Will Cost You!

    Jennifer's life was on the brink of gaining full control in all areas until a series of losses, (job, livelihood, love, independence) threw her into a downward spiral. Climbing her way back up, she meets "him". Darren appears to have his eye on career and family only, but Jennifer wants his focus on her. It was innocent in the beginning, but a sinister force draws her to a man that is not available. He does... more

  • Queen's Academy: A Mary Queen of Scots Romance (Academy of Time Book 4)

    by Skye MacKinnon
    The one woman he wants is the only one he cannot have. Drake has been dreaming of Mary, Queen Of Scots ever since his second year at the Time Travel Academy, following her throughout her entire life. But the closer she gets to her tragic fate, the more anxious Drake becomes until there's only one option left: he has to break the most important law of time travel. Drake is faced with an impossible choice, one that he's going to make anyway. Love is worth breaking the rules for. Right?