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  • The Letter

    by Ken Donaldson
    A story written in the style of older romance themes using some of todays modern love concept to bring a romantic tale of high school sweethearts torn apart by time until fate offers a chance which allows these two an opportunity to reconnect once more. Highly recommended for ages 15 and over.
  • The Belle Stalker

    by Minnette Meador
    Belle Stark has struggled to conquer crippling fears since being attacked by a maniac. Despite the efforts of countless cops, her stalker continues to roam free. When Belle discovers her lover's mutilated body spread over the furniture, she becomes the prime suspect, but she's certain her attacker is to blame.With no where else to turn, Belle seeks help from her ex-husband, homicide detective Mike Cranston, the one person she swore she would never let back into her life...or her heart. In ... more
  • The End of Hatred (Etherya's Earth, Book 1)

    by Rebecca Hefner

    A Metallica-loving Slayer princess. A sexy, stoic Vampyre king. Their attraction is forbidden but they both crave peace...

  • Never Kiss an Earl at Midnight: Regency Romance (How to Reform a Rake Book 4)

    by Tammy Andresen
    A bluestocking and a rake… Lady Victoria Ducat has an orderly life filled with academic pursuits and the care of her ailing father. She has no use for a drunken rake like the Earl of Kissinger. Just because he is handsome, charming, and he makes her knees weak doesn’t mean she’s going to give up her principles. So what if Lord Kissinger looks at her the way no man has before? She’ll just ignore the heat in his gaze and the breathless want it brings. She had a plan and she’ll stick to it, whic... more
  • Ghost of a Chance

    by Minnette Meador
    Keenan Swanson is your typical, everyday graphic designer. Well, except for the hundreds of pesky, prank-loving poltergeists that make his life interesting (in a Chinese curse sort of way). He finds his situation precarious yet manageable—until witty, smoking-hot coworker Isabella enters the scene, and Keenan decides he wants her all for himself. With a horny succubus who has other ideas, a burly city cop determined to lock Keenan away, and an evil entity who’s hell-bent on using Keenan’s seed t... more
  • Counterpoint

    by Lauren E. Rico
    Brilliant young pianist Alexandria is poised for classical music superstardom…until the night she unravels in front of thousands at her Carnegie Hall debut. Brilliant young pianist Nate is poised for classical music superstardom…until the night a horrific accident took away everything—and everyone he loved. Now fate—and a wily cowboy pianist named Wyatt—have brought them both to Texas for a summer of intensive study and healing. And suddenly, each must decide if there is enough power in their... more
  • When Dormant Daffodils Bloom

    by Kelsey Lasher
    There was a point in Nora’s life when she wouldn’t have dreamt of ever living a day without her brother Michael and best-friend-turned-love, Finn. The three had been inseparable since childhood. That is until one fateful college party sent them careening away from each other leaving them all to deal with regret and heartache for years. Now, a decade later, the events of life have conspired to bring them back together. Reunited in the midst of fear and uncertainty, they are forced to confront the... more
  • Replaceable Lovers: A novel

    by Estherlina Feliciano

    Replaceable Lovers tells a story of pain, a broken marriage, and new beginnings as a woman journeys to find true love, with the help and support from her two bestfriends she call sisters.

  • McMillan File: (The Rider Files Book 3)

    by CB Samet

    She's investigating a murder. He's trying not to become the next victim.

    Mica McMillan, savvy PI and scrappy street fighter, is trying to track down a murderer and doesn't have time for delays or relationships. Dr. David Rider is fascinated by Mica's life and magnetism to danger. But when a drug dealer puts a hit out on David, the mismatched couple find themselves on dangerous ground. Can Mica bring the criminals to justice and keep David safe?

    Each book in the ser... more

  • The Art of the Kiss

    by Holly Schindler

    Can you have more than one happily ever after?

    Taken in a flash at the beginning of their life together, Sharon Minyard’s portrait of herself and her husband, Michael, hangs on her studio wall as a testament to the possibility of love.

    Once drawing crowds to gaze in wonder, it has since become all but forgotten—until a young photographer, an old camera, and a bit of magic disturb the dust, setting in motion events that will revive its meaning…<... more

  • Windy City Dragon

    by Genevieve Jack
    A dragon prince. A vampire heiress. A kiss that could bring Chicago to its knees. For decades he's posed as a human... It's been a long time since Tobias spread his wings. The exiled dragon prince has worked hard to blend into the human world and practice his love for healing as a pediatric cardiologist. She awakens the dragon within... As a vampire-human hybrid, Sabrina is used to being different from the rest of her community. But all vampires need to feed. The night she chooses To... more
  • Masked Desire

    by Elaine Angelus Kehler
    Amelia and Raine are engaged by arrangement. At a ball, Raine has a tryst with a mystery woman. She does not reveal her true identity - Amelia. He vows to find her out. Their romance is threatened by jealousy by both Raine's brother James and a rival Walter. Raine is also plagued by secrets in his past and the killer stalking him.
  • Bad Press

    by Candice Franklynn
    As a publicist for a PR firm in Los Angeles, Delilah Sheppard’s career is all about looking good. But it appears as though her days of putting together press releases for celebrity heiresses and misbehaving musicians are finally numbered. Dee is headed to Portland to complete a test assignment for a hotel client, which will earn her that long overdue-promotion. All she must do is rebrand the hotel’s image and reign in its headline-generating playboy-of-a-General Manager. Samuel Monroe has been G... more
  • All Things New

    by Audrey Marr
    Book 1 of The Bozeman Triology: Grief-stricken, widow Kara Madison follows her brother to Bozeman, Montana where she experiences the unconditional love and support of not only her brother, Dave White, but his friends too. One particular friend is rancher Cody Ralston who provides the solid faith in Christ she needs.
  • Aimee's Restoration

    by Audrey Marr
    Bitter from a short, but abusive marriage, widow Aimee McCormack relocates to the large city of Chamberlain intending to assure her son, Jeremy has a future. Intending to stay close at hand while her son attends a military academy, Aimee finds employment at a law firm. Befriended by the Ross family, the McCormacks are introduced to a cousin, Rob Dalton. Deeming Rob like all men, Aimee has no interest in him, yet his persistence prevails. Aware of her bitterness, it is a process to let go and... more
  • Ruby and Jared: (The Ruby and Jared Saga Book 3)

    by Eliza D. Ankum
    Author Eliza Ankum has done what few writers of Historical Fiction can – brought her star-crossed lovers from her best-selling historical romances, Ruby Sanders and Jared Anderson into the 21st Century with a well-crafted stand-alone Contemporary Women’s fiction novel that both compliments and completes both of her earlier historical fiction novels Ruby and Jared jumps ahead decades from the 19th Century to the 21st Century where interracial love of all colors is possible. But when your heart is... more