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  • A Bronx Boy's Tale

    by Jimmy Newell
    A Bronx Boy's Tale is the story of a boy growing up in a special place at a very special time. Providing a neighborhood context to historical events, A Bronx Boy's Tale helps you see America through the eyes of one boy who grew up in a time of tremendous change and strife, but who still had time to live a grand life in the greatest place on Earth.
  • War Baby

    by Dougald Blue III
    How does a life go so awry that a bright and generous upbringing turns to thoughts of slamming a nine-millimeter Luger bullet through one’s temporal lobe? That’s the fulcrum War Baby twists upon, as a hopeful upbringing goes off the tracks to an insane slow slog into active alcoholism, the Luger always lurking just outside life’s stage-lights. With drama, humor, and pathos, my life is redeemed in a true story told for those who are seekers of what Dante described in the first canto of T... more
  • On the Okey Dokey Trail: A Smart-Aleck Perspective on the Give and Take of Life

    by I. Leigh Private

    On the Okey Dokey Trail is a collection of humorous stories about relationships, work, parenthood, plastic surgery, bad car karma, serendipity, photography, popular culture and its connection to tarot cards plus so much more. This book will not help you: find or keep a love relationship, grow the perfect rose or child, tell you how to have a career in Hollywood, reinvent yourself, or surmount life's inexplicable tragedies, This book will: make you laugh and offer a perspective on all of t... more

  • Stoned Drunk Vegas " A Mother's Secrets"

    by April E Young
    Stoned Drunk Vegas is about a girl named Ella who grew up in a very abusive home only later to become a stripper in Las Vegas and falling in love with a drug dealer who then fled with him to Morocco only to come back to US and get involved in Corporate America as a Executive where no one knew about her past them 15 years later her past being thrown in her bosses face causing him to terminate her. She then discovered that she had been living with a chronic disease that created a lot of turmoil in... more
  • Memoirs of an ordinary guy

    by Mel Smith
    It a story about my life, just an ordinary guy born in 1964, set out in what I and a few friends think is a humorous retelling, my adventures, experiences and explorations of a character growing up in the 70's and 80's.
  • The Flying Caterpillar

    by Michael Gray
    My memoir begins: "When I was two years old I drowned." But fair warning: my book also has entire chapters in which I celebrate the works of George Gurdjieff, Tibetan Buddhism, the plays of Sophocles (especially Philoctetes, which anticipated our modern vision of individual freedom), the extraordinary “Time, Space, Knowledge” vision of Tarthang Tulku, fables (including dialogues between the industrious ant and the impetuous grasshopper), riddles and paradoxes (such as Zeno’s race between Achil... more
  • Moms are Nuts

    by Amy Vansant
    Emmy winners, magazine editors, comedians, TV personalities, bestselling authors and social media superstars team up to bring you a laugh-out-loud book not about being a mom, but about having a mom, grandmom or mom-figure. And while it's not OK for someone else to make yo-momma jokes about your momma, it is perfectly healthy — even downright hilarious — to find the humor in your own upbringing. In fact, these writers highly recommend it. So if you think your mom is nuts, pull up a chair. You're ... more
  • Travels With Charlie

    by Sol Smith
    A young couple sets out to discover the country in the pre-dawn of GPS navigation and instead discovers each other. In Travels with Charlie, William and Charlotte Stronghold quit their jobs and sell their belongings in order to set sail and find a new home somewhere between their native California and the green mountains of Vermont. Along the way, they fall in love and into hate with the popular culture that binds Americans together. The lines are blurred between shady roadside attractions and h... more
  • Jew in the Pew: A Memoir

    by Jenny Berg Chandler

    JEW IN THE PEW is a memoir of a very straightforward and funny Jewish woman who is married to a non-Jew and attends church. The book spans a calendar year as she observes all the holidays (Jewish and Christian) while trying to raising her kids with a Jewish identify, showing what goes on in the Jewish mind while sitting in church and navigating family dynamics. Is if that weren’t hard enough, echoes of the past loom large and she isn’t quite sure what the future should look like. ... more

  • The Art of Trapeze: One Woman's Journey of Soaring, Surrendering, and Awakening

    by Molly McCord
    On a random Thursday morning, with nothing to lose and only a dream to gain, Molly McCord decides to move to Paris, France to follow the courageous call of her heart. She arrives in a city she has never visited before and where she knows no one, yet she trusts her ability to figure it out because her adventurous life has prepared her for this biggest of leaps. She carries the wisdom of Solitude, Strength, Style, Flexibility, Heart, Endurance, and Grace in her non-matching luggage collection. ... more
  • If Only I Could Sleep: A Survivor's Memoir

    by Stephanie Henry
    You never truly know what goes on behind closed doors. What little girl/teen/young woman is hiding from her family, teachers, church members and friends? In every community across America there is a child/teen who is suffering from abuse, addiction, or self-deprecation. Most likely, you’d never know her depths of despair; know the signs to look for; the eyes that just don’t seem quite clear unless you’re made aware. Stephanie Henry — abuse victim, addict, author and activist — knows exactly how ... more
  • Come Fly with Me: Michael Buble's Rise to Stardom

    by Beverly Delich
    Come Fly With Me reveals Delich’s true behind-the-scenes story of the raw beginnings of Michael Bublé’s struggles and the stepping stones that led to his ascent to the top. “From the very beginning, deep inside his heart and soul, Michael wanted the brass ring and nothing less”, says Delich. “Even facing adversity, his desire for a major label and a major management company were the objectives.” Michael valued dearly Delich’s professionalism, her belief in him and her dedication - even ref... more
  • 45 Years of True Railroad Stories

    by Sheri and John Cockrell
    45 Years of True Railroad Stories places you in veteran SP/UP Engineer John Cockrell's seat to experience exactly what he did during his 45 year career as a fireman, switchman and engineer working for the largest railroad in the country. His hits, misses and everything in between.
  • Paths Less Travelled of a Scholar Warrior (Spy) Teacher Healer

    by Hon K. Lee
    A personal memoir by Hon K. Lee describing his adventures: growing up in New York's Chinatown; being a combat Marine; running CIA clandestine operations; teaching Chinese martial arts; and treating patients with Chinese medicine and acupuncture. His story begins with Lee as a scrawny runt in a Chinese immigrant family. He gets bullied so often he yearns to be like the kung fu heroes he sees in the movies. He becomes a Marine to prove himself, but the horrors of war make him wonder what it would ... more
  • Cheers, Beers, and Eastern Promise

    by Gerry Abbey
    CHEERS, BEERS, AND EASTERN PROMISE is a memoir by Gerry Abbey. It chronicles his year as a Fulbright scholar in Taiwan and is a thoughtful and hilarious coming-of-age-but-not-quite-arriving adventure travel story. Abbey goes to teach English in rural Taiwan and finds a world unlike anything he could have expected. From day one, the contrast between imagined and found reality leaves him lost and learning on the fly. His experience quickly snowballs as he goes from meeting coworkers and teac... more
  • Doctor on the Rock: Before and After

    by Christian Belcourt

    DOCTOR ON THE ROCK recounts the experiences of Christian Belcourt, a doctor in Ferryland, Newfoundland, from 1959 to 1962, during the early days of outreach medicine. The book also covers the period of his childhood when he was inspired to do medicine as a career, future visits to the island as a radiologist, and his last visit as a tourist. 
    Christian grew up in a sub-tropical climate in Mauritius, surrounded by beautiful beaches, abundant fauna, and lush flora. French ... more