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  • Tango Fantasia

    by Camille Cusumano

    Tango Fantasia shows what happens to body & soul when unbridled passion meets imagination. The loveliness of tango lures you in. Camille Cusumano, author of Tango, an Argentine Love Story, has gathered three of her other tango works into one tango lover's book, a fantasia of true stories, essays, and fiction.

  • The Mommie Dearest Diary: Carol Ann Tells All

    by Rutanya Alda
    In this very private diary, Rutanya Alda ("Carol Ann") delves into the art, the business, and the wild milieu of American cinema by taking you behind the scenes of Mommie Dearest to tell her story of drama and disarray on and off the set. Rutanya frames her diary with anecdotes of Robert Altman, Joan Crawford, Brian De Palma, Bob Dylan, Elia Kazan, Sam Peckinpah, Roman Polanski, Lee Strasberg, Barbra Streisand, and John Wayne, among others—a rich cast of her life's characters, who in turn entert... more
  • I'd Rather Wear Pajamas

    by Chelsea Flagg
    “Even though a butterfly could beat me up, I am strong and powerful in my own way. We are all capable of being strong. Sometimes, we’re just conditioning for it in the wrong way.” Everybody has the awesome opportunity to find their own strength and path through life. Some come about their self-discoveries through studying and working hard. Others (Chelsea) spend their time nearly burning down kitchens and driving around the country with a car full of hangers. Chelsea grew up wanting to... more
  • Growing Up In Chicago

    by D.A. Slone
    Growing Up In Chicago is an overview of life in Chicago from 1965 to the present for one young black woman. It describes the hurts the author D. A. Slone experienced, beginning when she was told she needed major surgery at age eleven through her workplace battles dealing with hostile coworkers as well as her incidents with car accidents and the legal system. Follow Slone's fights through the court and arbitration systems as she valiantly tries just to protect the truth even when she seems lo... more
  • The Dirty Boots

    by John F. Holm

    It is 1966, when a nineteen-year-old boy from Three Rivers, Michigan, follows family tradition by enlisting in the United States Navy. A plan which he “thinks” will guarantee an uneventfful tour of duty aboard a US naval ship goes awry when he is deposited in the middle of a war zone in South Vietnam. For the next gruelling year, he performs the duties of a fleet marine force medic, caring for wounded and dying American marines. Dubbed Doc John by his comrades, he soon becomes ent... more

  • The Way I See It

    by Joseph K. Chan
    Joseph Chan was born with two rather restrictive birth defects. One of them is a genetic eye disease known as retinitis pigmentosa (RP), which is progressive with age. The other is paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia (PKD), an involuntary muscular spasm brought on by other sudden movements such as standing up from a sitting position; a condition that actually lessened after age forty. In The Way I See It, Mr. Chan talks candidly about the challenges of growing up with these two birth defects. Desp... more
  • Surreality: Strange Tales of a Man Sitting Down the Bar from You

    by J.D. Bradley
    The stories of an unusual man, who has had a strange life, and his reactions to bizarre circumstances. Read about the car door punishment and the underwear thief. Consider the coffee slut and don't buy a stolen bicycle from Ray Gomez. Welcome to Surreality,
  • She Just Wept

    by Annette Rasp
    A grandmother's story about her life and the trails of raising a daughter with Borderline Personality Disorder and addiction issues. The grandmother writes and shares her story for her grand-daughters who were born into all the heartbreak. Her story is about the need for continual love and forgiveness.
  • John's Little Acre

    by Sylvia Scraggs Yost Thompson
    Told with unflinching realism and chin-up resolve, Sylvia Thompson's debut memoir takes readers through a series of tough events that many from rural and economically challenged backgrounds will recognize. Sylvia's book is a sure tonic for anyone who believes that they cannot rise from modest circumstances to make something rich, rewarding, and wonderful of their life - as Sylvia clearly was able to do.
  • A Change of Consciousness, a Hippies' Memoir of the Sixties and Beyond"

    by rand l greenfield
    I arrived in the Bay area in 1968 and almost immediately became a Hippie, A Deadhead, a psychedelic sojourner and much more. My tales range from founding the first modern co-ed co-op at Stanford to an acid trip through the bardos of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. I breakfasted with Led Zeppelin, shared joints with the Mothers of Invention and New Year's Eve and a cigarette with Jerry Garcia. I survived the Timothy Leary Turnaround in El Paso and was part of a mountain commune in New Mexico. Pursu... more
  • Gram

    by Katie Molidor
    A twisted collection of vignettes depicting a woman like no other through the discerning eyes of a lonely child. This book pieces together a myriad of colorful moments emphasizing the unnecessary need to 'sugarcoat' reality to a youth. Gram is a book designed take the reader to the heart of a hard woman; an imperfect soul with a perfectly good message.
  • 9781517610753

    by Lisa Orban
    Many years ago my friends and I would sit around and play what we called "Jerry Springer: the Home Game". The object of the game was to see how many upcoming shows we qualified for, with the story to support our claim, and whoever had the most at the end of the program won. I was the reigning champion. This book started off as just a lighthearted collection of anecdotes, stories shared with friends over the years to both the horror and delight of my audience. But as I began to write I realized t... more
  • Now Everyone Will Know

    by Maggie Kneip
    After a fairy-tale courtship in 1980s NYC, Maggie’s young marriage shatters when her “perfect” husband is diagnosed with and dies of AIDS, leaving her with two young children in a city electrified by paranoia about the new epidemic. NOW EVERYONE WILL KNOW is an honest, unflinching look at the damaging nature of secrets in relationships and an inspiring call to embrace every truth—the good, the bad, the ugly—that makes us who we are.
  • Ciao Pussy! A Memoir of Florence

    by Susan Kelley
    Susan Kelley writes a hilarious memoir of one couple’s sixteen-year romp living, working, and playing in the artistic treasure house of the Western world. In delightful and always-surprising chapters, she relates the compelling adventures of a writer and artist finding their true path in life while encountering a cast of unforgettable characters, ranging from the endearing residents of Florence to a consecrated nun, Italian royalty, a legendary rock star, and of course the indomitable "Ciao Puss... more
  • Sister Moon of the Philippines: Amidst a Culture of Terrible Abuse and Poverty, an Astonishing Filipino Girl Rises Up

    by Victoria Mulato
    Xulli entered the world in a way no child should ever have to; into a family and Filipino culture of poverty, neglect, and terrible abuse. Astonishing and unforgettable, this is a captivating story about the effects of abuse on the mind of a child, the heart wrenching struggles of an impoverished family, and how a young girl strives and dreams for something better. Born in the Philippines in the 1960s, Xulli is the first child of many. By the time she is four, she is taking care of three oth... more
  • Please Excuse the Mess: A Memoir

    by Heather Portenier
    In 2007, a near-fatal accident on a Colorado highway left the Porteniers' eight-year-old son with a severe traumatic brain injury that changed the course of their lives forever. It was the first in a series of tragedies and challenges they would face over the following six years, testing their familial bond and marriage. "Please Excuse the Mess: a Memoir" is an inspirational story of courage, forgiveness, strength and the power of love.