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  • The Killer App: Would You Die to Be Young Again

    by john writher
    The Killer App is set in a future generation where Britain is crippled by an ageing population, and the associated spiralling costs of pension, health and social care. The new Prime Minister, Robert Hand, pledged to strip-search the country’s finances, as well as funding research and innovation, to remedy the situation. He teams up with Bill Haugan, a ruthless American businessman with a penchant for pushing the boundaries, and Janet Icks, a hard-working genetic scientist wedded to her laborator... more
  • The Man Who Became 1000 Bimbos

    by Mindi Flyth
    One night Dale Sasha enters the Isocortex, a new tech marvel that allows users to virtually experience their wildest fantasies. He wants to have some fun with a sexy French maid... but something goes wrong, and instead Dale finds himself transformed into Fifi, a busty maid in another man's fantasy. Now Dale's trapped as a virtual bimbo, programmed to satisfy his lovers. He becomes a naughty schoolgirl, a harem slave, a stripper, a mermaid. Can he find the willpower to escape, or will he remain a... more
  • Cat Eyes

    by Teneca Meeks
    Tia Calloway is a loner, preferring solitude and romance novels to human interaction. But her life is about to change profoundly when she wakes up one day and finds herself on an alien spaceship. The Equestrians are a dying breed of tiger aliens who've come to Earth in a last-ditch effort to breed with human women. They request one thing from Tia: Stay with them for seven days. Tia knows she should say no, but the allure of Ekale-the dangerously tall, alluring creature who takes up all the space... more
  • The Dragons of Jupiter

    by Jacob Holo
    Two worlds at war. Two brothers at war. With advanced weaponry and impenetrable armor, the Crusaders smash aside anything that stands in their way. Led by Kaneda Kusanagi, they have only one mission: to destroy Matriarch, the last thinking machine, and free the people of Jupiter from her tyranny. Whether they like it or not. Standing in their way are the Dragons, led by Kaneda’s estranged brother Ryu. With super-human reflexes and invisible battle suits, the Dragons are masters of inf... more
  • Saving Jackie K

    by L.D.C. Fitzgerald

    The Future's Only Hope Lies in the Past

    A desperate escape from a tyrannical government

    A mind-boggling journey to alter history

    The shocking truth about a sinister conspiracy . . . revealed

    Present day, alternate America: Coerced to build a war-ending Anti-Matter weapon, female inmate scientists Iggy Mikos and Sera Banks blast out of federal prison. Americans have subsisted in an oppressive police state and a corrosive Russian war... more

  • Heart of Steel

    by Elizabeth Einspanier
  • The Butterfly Crest

    by Eva Vanrell

    Between the shadows of the human world, a war as old as time is being fought. Ageless pantheons scheme to obtain or keep control, provoked by the weight of human belief which has altered the realm of the divine.

    An ancient prophecy speaks of a human woman who will alter the course of this divine war, a descendant of a Great House mired in misfortune and blood, whose history was shaped by the cruelty of the gods.

    On a day as unremarkable as any other, Elena Vicens, a young woman li... more

  • Sheep's Clothing

    by Elizabeth Einspanier
    It is the year 1874. Doc Meadows, frontier doctor working in the small town of Salvation, has always considered himself a sensible man, and has not believed in monsters for a long time. When injured half-Indian Wolf Cowrie staggers into his practice one night, however, he brings terrifying news--a vampire he hunts plans to settle in Salvation and turn it into his own private larder. Now Doc has to overcome his skepticism and fear in order to face down this new threat to his town, before Salva... more
  • The Thieves of Stonewood: Book I of the Stonewood Trilogy

    by Jeremy Hayes
    Welcome to Stonewood. A large and wealthy city where thieves, thugs, and assassins lurk behind every shadow. The powerful Thieves Guild controls the underworld and only members are permitted to commit crimes within their city. This is the tale of Harcourt, a down-on-his-luck thief who desperately needs to gain a membership into the Guild. Jalanna, the love of his life has been scarred in a terrible fire and a priest claims he can heal her scars, but for a hefty price in gold. A near-impossibl... more
  • The Demon of Stonewood: Book II of the Stonewood Trilogy

    by Jeremy Hayes
    Welcome back to Stonewood. Six months have passed and the Thieves Guild is embroiled in a bloody street war with the Cult of Demon-Worshippers. The new leader of the Guild is determined to rid the city of their filth, once and for all. The Cult, however, draws closer to their goal. Only a precious few hand-selected hearts are required to release their Demon Lord Lucivenus from his extra-planar prison and summon him back to Stonewood. Chief Magistrate Krommel, utilizes city resources to fund h... more
  • The King of Stonewood: Book III of the Stonewood Trilogy

    by Jeremy Hayes
    Stonewood is in peril! The demon lord, Lucivenus, now sits upon the throne. To his right, stands High Priest Sarvin, leader of the demon-worshipping Cult, whose dedication led to the release of the demon lord from his extra-planar prison. King Stonewood, who was believed dead, is now beginning to fight back. The King hides somewhere in the south district surrounded by loyal companions, striking at cultists and inspiring hope in the citizens that the Cult may be overthrown. Harcourt and Kr... more
  • Angel's Breath

    by Yvonne von Innes
    Angel's Breath is an unconventional vampire tale. It embraces elements of architecture, religion, and romance. A year shy of graduation, Brean finds himself on a new university campus. Transferring at his uncle’s request, he plans out his promising future. Brean is grateful for his uncle’s sponsorship and determined to develop his academic skills to the best of his abilities. In the process of proving his worth, Brean encounters a slave-driving professor and an enchanting young woman. The two op... more
  • Stone Age

    by ML Banner
    Our Earth is fighting a daily battle, shielding us and our life-giving technology from the electromagnetic ravages of the sun. Every 100 years or so, we are hit by an epic solar storm which could devastate our world's electrical-based society were it to strike today. "Any day now we will be hit with a solar storm that will return us back to the Stone Age!"- Noted astrophysicist, Dr. Carrington Reid - - - - - - - - It happened last in 1859, when we had little technology... over 150 years ago... more
  • The Smiling Stallion Inn (Legends of Arria)

    by Courtney Bowen

    Basha wants to propose to his beloved Jawen, but fears that he cannot support her in life. He tries out for the town militia to get a better opportunity, but the tryouts fall apart with Jawen's former boyfriend Hastin threatening him and his brother Oaka. Romantic couples are mixed up at the Courtship ritual and Basha fears Jawen might accept Hastin's proposal instead. Basha proposes to Jawen, offering her the legendary Tau's Cup, and she accepts. After some debate, Basha is allow... more

  • Psyche Honor (Psyche Moon)

    by Chrissie Buhr

    “Silence filled the room, thick and palpable. No Elder Meeting had ever been this divided. Conflict had always existed towards something or someone else, and they came together to resolve it together. They’d disagreed many times, but they’d never been divided.” Until Sadie. 

    Sadie didn’t believe in werewolves until her girlfriend came to her rescue wearing fur. Billie, Beta of the Boise Pack, never dreamed she’d discover her mate is a Mage. ... more

  • Psyche Moon

    by Chrissie Buhr

    Sadie can reach into your mind to discover anything she chooses, change a memory, and much more. She swore long ago she would never again use her abilities to control or exploit another being. She doesn’t know why she has power over the mind, but those who discover her abilities flee from her. People fear what they don’t understand, so she hides her powers. 

    Billie can hear a conversation two blocks away and smell the neighbor's gardenias on your shoes. She not... more