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  • Whisper

    by Krystal Jane Ruin
    Jade has been hearing voices since she was five. No, not voices. One voice. After her twin brother is appointed vice president of their father's company at the old age of twenty-two, the family starts falling apart. Her parents hate each other. Her brother is stressed. His girlfriend is a gold-digger if Jade's ever seen one. And worse yet, it turns out she isn't crazy-the voice in her head is real. If she ignores it, it'll drive her off a cliff, like it has done to every single woman on ... more
  • Speed Bump - A Christmas Tale

    by Barbara Avon
    Some people believe that dead people walk among us. Sometimes, they even stay for a chat. Tony is a trucker. It's Christmas Eve and he has one last load to deliver. If he can overcome a few...speed bumps along the way.
  • The Witches' Bane

    by Edward Ahern
    Synopsis: Gordon Lormor is a defrocked priest, con artist and black arts practitioner. The murder of a former lover forces him to take on a deeply entrenched coven guilty of the murder and infant sacrifice.
  • The Dragon's Harvest

    by Jason F Boggs
    Set twenty months after book one of the Dragon trilogy. It is not essential to read book one first. Join Nelson Jones on a journey of horrifying discovery as a journey to uncover the mystery of the sungates leads to a terrible secret. This time, the Humans and the Aesini are fighting for their very lives as Nelson's nemesis, Ira Bilis, finds a terrifying ally in her quest to restore the New Era to its former glory. Nelson and his friends now race against the clock to defeat this new threat - ... more
  • The Hank Truman Chronicles - Electric Pig

    by Vincent Robert Annunziato

    A DC reporter named, Hank Truman thinks his carreer is over. The paper has sent him to cover unusual events in West Virginia surrounding some sort of Sasquatch creature terrorizing the locals. Hank decides no matter what he's going to get to the truth even if this is his last job. As he digs into the story Hank finds more than he ever expected and now the town is not only after Electric Pig, they're after him. Will Hank come to terms with this monster and help save her life or will he... more

  • Riding a Black Horse

    by Dan R. Arman
    In a land devastated by plague, invaders and lawless brigands, magic has all but disappeared and the masses live in misery and depravity. But a strange young maiden appears with a powerful gift and a promise to restore the rightful king to the throne of Orloins and a magical order to the world. But her gift may come at high risk-- to herself and her people. Meanwhile, across the sea, an ambitious inventor toils in his workshop, developing a device he hopes can end the war between the totalitaria... more
  • Adam's Rings

    by Matthew D. White
    Adam lived an idyllic life, growing up in the rural United States. He showed promise as a student and held a fleeting dream throughout his existence that he would one day prove himself enough to travel to the stars, see the universe, leave footprints on the Martian soil and solve the greatest mysteries ever presented to mankind. But every breath of his life has been a lie. Adam has been grown in a machine onboard a research station orbiting Saturn and designed to be its perfect operator. H... more
  • Sleepy Time For Captain Eris

    by Margret A Treiber
    Captain Eris, AKA Death Engine, former military DNA tweak and mercenary is unexpectedly pulled out of her retirement in Champion Acres and dragged back into the shit by an idiot in a mech suit. Feeling pissed off and miserable about losing her retirement lifestyle and subsequently, her chances of dying of old age; she searches for the reasons why she was reactivated. With the help of her old friend Al, an incognito artificial intelligence; and Om, a twenty-something emo tweak-girl, she disco... more
  • The 53rd Card: A Dark Tale about Finding Light

    by Virginia Weiss
    When the devil gifts her a peculiar power he refuses to take back, agoraphobic Emma Addison embarks on an audacious quest to end earthly suffering. The exploit will shatter her every notion of truth. But that may prove a gift well worth receiving.
  • The R.E.M. Project: A Thriller (The Ocula Series, Book 2)

    by J.M. Lanham
    It’s been six months since the release of Asteria Pharmaceutical’s groundbreaking sleeping pill, and already, profits are soaring. With the original clinical trial outliers in hiding and on the run, George Sturgis has had free rein to disperse his revolutionary genome-inhibiting medication to the masses, with little regard for Ocula’s unconventional side effects. Meanwhile, in Langley, the Director of Central Intelligence has taken notice of Ocula’s success and is determined to take the drug ... more
  • The R.E.M. Effect: A Thriller (The Ocula Series, Book 1)

    by J.M. Lanham
    It’s 2021 and Paul Freeman just landed a job with Asteria Pharmaceuticals, a world leader in revolutionary drug development. Paul knows the company’s future is riding on the success of their latest product—a sleeping pill designed to interact with the human genome to deliver the perfect eight-hour sleep cycle. Just a few blocks from Asteria’s Atlanta headquarters, troubled self-help guru Donny Ford is selling a different kind of drug, empowering followers to take control of their lives using ... more
  • Last of The Nighthawks

    by Greg Dragon
    Helga Ate is finally getting her chance. Chosen for a coveted slot in the glorious Nighthawks, Special Forces, she will certainly be able to prove herself as more than a half-alien outcast. But when her team deploys to the moon of Dyn, tragedy strikes and Helga is put to the ultimate test--survival. Facing insurmountable odds and escaping torture, Helga and her mentor, Cilas Mec, are forced to face a fate worse than death. Battling brain-eating aliens and human pirates, the odds are stack... more
  • The Rebellious Earthling: Tale of the Turquoise Mirror

    by Andi Hayes
    Alice in Wonderland meets Dante’s Inferno: After impulsively accompanying the charismatic son of a Fallen Angel back to his underground kingdom, the animal-loving Ermina finds herself trapped in a hellish realm of animal sacrifice, slavery and orgies, surrounded by vicious hedonistic trolls who want to rip her to shreds.
  • B07DM7SBPB

    by Darren Johnson

    "There's going to be an attack." By sending his memories back in time, Arnesto Modesto gets to live his life over again. Of course, his much younger self may not be prepared to handle all that foreknowledge... Encouraged by his friend Pete, Arnesto attempts to use his limited recall to do some good — and winds up stumbling through some of the biggest events of the past quarter-century. Life isn't going to be easier the second time around.

  • Tigerfish

    by Evan James Clark
  • Lord of Columbia: Northern Knights

    by Todd Matthews

    One Hero Fights for Freedom. South Columbia, where government corruption poisons the masses…where the police state exterminates the unreliable…where open warfare is about to begin. Cain Riscattare is a brash college athlete gifted in element control when he is exposed to government atrocities within South Columbia, a society demoralized at the hands of the interventionist Southpoint Empire. When a military draft to expand Southpoint’s imperial fist threatens Cain’s a... more