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  • 2D Surgical Hospital

    by Lorna Griess
    This book is about living and working in a mobile army surgical hospital (MASH) in South Vietnam. It talks about the hospital itself, the setting, how we lived, how we coped with less-than-good circumstances, the type of patients we received, the equipment we worked with, and the emotional highs and lows that were part of every day. The stories are true. Some of the dates and numbers of things may be off a little; that was a long time ago. Names have not been used to protect the wonderful, dedic... more
  • The Making of a Physician

    by Harry L. Graber
    Both genetic and environmental factors play important roles in one?s life. Genetics remains a fixed entity, whereas environment is a variable. Environmental experiences in life can have a positive or negative influence upon the genetic makeup of a given individual. Decision-making in the preschool environment is predominantly controlled by parents. Eventually, the individual, being influenced by the many past environmental factors, becomes the responsible choice maker as to which path in life he... more
  • For Country: My Little Bit Twenty-One Months of Service

    by Donald G. Bartling
    A study of history shows us that a nation is only as strong as the will of its citizens to fight for it. America has been tested many times over in its relatively short history. From the Revolutionary War on down to the present conflicts in the Middle East, the majority of the American citizens were willing to place their lives and futures in danger to preserve and build the future of this Nation. Even when the requirements of the military required the use of conscription in order to meet t... more
  • Mended Faith: A Life of Abuse, Pain & Redemption

    by Cornelia Jude with Chris Jones
    Right under her parents' nose, 4-year-old Cornelia Jude (nee Wolf) was sexually abused by a family friend. The "man with the yellow teeth," as she remembers him, gave her 5 Deutschmark (about $3 US) to keep his secret and tells her all of the candy she could buy with her hush money. She keeps quiet. What she didn't know then that she learned painfully years later as a teenager and later a woman is that maintaining silence and keeping the secrets of all of her future abusers comes at the dreadful... more
  • Deckers, Punters & Dead Ants: Around The World In A Double Decker Bus 1979 – 1983

    by J. D. Chadwick

    Englishman, Chad, went into the small travel agency in London to deliver a letter. To his surprise, he came out as the driver of a double-decker bus with 19 paying passengers on a 6-week trip around Europe.

    The problem was he didn’t have a bus licence. He didn’t speak their language. He had never driven a vehicle larger than a delivery van and had no idea where he was going. None of that seemed to matter, he was broke and needed a job – any job!

    But first, he had... more

  • Wildlife in Wild Lands: Photography for Conservation in Southern South America (English and Spanish Edition)

    by Laura Crawford Williams
    For those of us who carry a love and appreciation of nature, it has never been more important to influence and change the minds of those who do not. Wildlife in Wild Lands: Photography for Conservation in Southern South America is the result of an 8-year, 275,000 km journey photographing wild species in some of the most dramatic landscapes on Earth while helping dozens of individuals and organizations working to protect threatened species in countries like Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Brazil. ... more
  • A Country Within

    by Kim Malcolm
    A Country Within shares a professional woman’s life-changing journey to Greece to work with refugees arriving from the Middle East and Asia. The story begins on the island of Lesvos where overloaded boats of refugees landed on local beaches, and moves to Athens where the author unexpectedly becomes a member of a family of refugees from four countries. This timely portrayal describes the effects of geopolitics on people escaping war, the generosity of the people of Lesvos and how love transcends... more
  • Suffering Ends When Awakening Begins

    by Robert Crown
    How does a child’s life change when his mother tries to murder him? It’s one of the most profound betrayals imaginable, and it can follow the victim into adulthood, into all he does with his life, tainting his sense of self and his relationships with others. How does a man’s life change when he discovers that with his thoughts, his imagination, and his ability to listen to his higher self, he has the power to overcome the devastating events of his past and build a new life and a family? This ... more
  • A Chicken in the Wind and How He Grew: Stories from an ADHD Dad

    by Frank South

    A powerful, unflinching and wryly funny mental health memoir that digs into the frightening importance of family and the undeniable power of love. In stories written over eight years of financial stress, two deaths, and one five thousand mile move, Frank fights to understand and control his "mental hell tornado of overthinking, confusion, and boundless fear, to at least be of some use to my wife, my two ADHD kids or anyone I loved before everything I cared about was blown away." Of ... more

  • Dear Thailand: A Love Story

    by Diane de Simone

    Read through these pages and visit a lush land, an ancient and modern culture, and a people who are proud to be Buddhist and Thai. 

    Here discover yourself as you discover a woman who allows the Thai people to open her up. And as she begins to relax and unwind, read about how downright cynical and fearful she'd become -- down into her cells, as influenced by her native Western culture.

    Not only does this book introduce you to the joys of Thailand, but it also explores, in ... more

  • Will I Fly Again?

    by Sara Tula


     Poland, Winter, 1978

    I stood there, shivering slightly, staring at the doorknob. The dull metal stared back, daring me to open the worn wood door. My feet screamed at me to decide and make it snappy. They were half buried in snow that left drifts around the door and the thin leather that passed for boots was never quite enough for Polish winters. I reached down, brushed my gloved hand over them, and nearly knocked my luggage back down the five snow-covered st... more

  • Bring Jade Home: The True Story of a Dog Lost in Yellowstone and the People Who Searched for Her

    by Michelle Caffrey

    Set against the magnificent backdrop of the Yellowstone National Park wilderness, "Bring Jade Home" is a gripping true tale of loss, the bond between people and animals, and the power of redeeming love. David Sowers and Laura Gillice are seriously injured in a head-on collision while vacationing in the Park with their dogs. When they are ambulanced away, David’s fifteen-month-old Australian shepherd, Jade, bolts into the over two-million-acre wilderness and disappears. The you... more

  • Eight Months in Provence, A Junior Year Abroad Thirty Years Late

    by Diane Covington-Carter
    For thirty years, Diane Covington-Carter dreamed of living in France and immersing herself in the country and language that spoke to her heart and soul. At age fifty, she set off to fulfill that yearning. Journey along with her as she discovers missing pieces of her own personal puzzle that could only emerge in French, in France. And the deep reservoirs of courage and strength that have come with living a half-century. Covington-Carter learns that it is never too late to fulfill a long ... more
  • Short Hair Detention: Memoir of a Thirteen-Year-Old Girl Surviving the Cambodian Genocide

    by Channy Chhi Laux
    Short Hair Detention is a true story recounting the intimate details of a thirteen-year-old Cambodian girl and her journey through the devastating years of the Cambodian genocide (1975 -1979). It progresses from the first six months of starvation to the agonizing moments when the Khmer Rouge separated her from her parents and how she learned to survive year-round unforgiving conditions. Throughout the journey, she experienced constant reminders to keep faith in God and to not lose hope that he... more
  • Great Horned Owlets Rescue: Where There's a Will, There's a Way....

    by Cheryl Aguiar

    Cheryl and her husband, Jim rescue a pair of Great Horned Owl babies after tragedy leaves the family homeless. The frightened little owlets are left unprotected and stranded on the ground; unable to defend themselves from predators that roam the woods. After seeking advice from a professional, Cheryl and Jim attempt the dangerous task of relocating the owlets and provide the family with a new home. The adult Great Horned Owls also known as raptors with a reputation of being extremely aggressi... more

  • A Practical Guide to Forgiveness From an Impractical Survivor

    by Christie Page
    The road to forgiveness is not an easy one, but I am going to share a little known secret about forgiveness.. There is a requirement that no-one talks about. It is the foundation from where forgiveness no longer remains a word but becomes an action.