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  • Food Jockey

    by Spencer T-T Palmer
    Food Jockey is more or less an account of Spencer Palmer's year in the business of fast food. In telling his experience Palmer holds nothing back, he tells you what goes on when a fast food worker dons the uniform and tells you what the job is like and lets you in on the everyday goings of the restaurant business. Palmer reveals stories of working alongside fellow employees, dealings with the public, restaurant procedures, and everything else that goes on within the walls of Fuddruckers. ... more
  • My Trip to Mardi Gras

    by Henry Choice
    The main story of this book is about eight months out on the road in the seventies, hitchhiking across the country twice. I also wrote two smaller short stories. ?The Rise and Fall of a Dictator? is about teaching at a high school and ?My Affair with Katrina? is about living through a natural disaster. I know what you're thinking. I know you?re tired of reading stories about hitchhiking, teaching, and Katrina. I'll bet that if you had a dollar for all the stories you've read lately about those t... more
  • Ringing Bells in Malta

    by Otto Henry
    A musical scholar is challenged to find and explore an area different from his colleagues. During the summer of 1972, Dr. Otto Henry, a musicologist in his third year at East Carolina University, accepts an invitation on the spur of the moment to accompany some old anthropologist friends from Tulane University, to the amazing little Mediterranean island of Malta. His friends have just completed a definitive study of Maltese folk music. However, he is encouraged to find an area of his own. And to... more
  • Void if Detached: Seeking Modern Spirituality Through My Father's Old Sermons

    by Sarah Bowen
    This is the story of a religion-phobic Gen Xer who felt a void because she had become detached from her faith. In fact, she wasn't sure what her faith was or if she actually had any faith at all. Raised as a preacher's kid, she had an astonishingly long list of why religion didn't work for her—until five years after her father's death, she began reading his sermons. Follow her journey through history and theology as she sometimes seriously—and often irreverently—learns to fill the void with som... more
  • Selfie com amigos

    by José Alves

    Livro com selfies com atores/atrizes do mundo da representação.

    Selfie com amigos by José Alves

  • You Are Weird

    by Oliver Heyn
    This story, which is based on real events, will take you on a journey through the paths of life of two identical twins, Ben and Adam, who are soon headed to the very imaginary top of wealth and success. Where do the boundaries of moral purity begin and where do they end? What can still be said aloud and about what should we rather keep quiet, so that our society isn't offended?
  • Travelogue: Forty Years Filming the World

    by Doug Jones
    Travelogue: Forty Years Filming the World A memoir by Doug Jones, one of America’s best-known travel film producers. This is the story of a by-gone era of entertainment. Before cable television and video, people packed auditoriums to see travelogue films hoping to learn about places they wanted to visit and relive memories of past trips abroad. At its peak, there were thousands of live-lecture travelogue film series in the United States and Doug Jones was one of the stars. He gave over six... more
  • One Nun's Odyssey

    by Marion Kenneally
  • Forestry Flavours of the Month

    by Alastair Fraser
    Forestry touches on all aspects of human welfare in one way or another, which is why foresters need to play an active role in determining our collective agenda. Alastair Fraser, a lifelong forester and the co-founder of LTS International, a forestry consulting company, explains how forestry changes with political cycles and how foresters can promote healthy forests at all times. He explores critical issues such as: • forests and their connection to coal; • forest’s role in combatting floods... more
  • Playgroup Time

    by Robbin Miller
    EJ meets a new friend at playgroup who cries on his first day. Through a few itty mishaps and a few adventures, EJ demonstrates to his new friend how much fun playgroup is to play with the other children. Playgroup Time is the first picture book promoting both inclusion and diversity at an early age.
  • The Powers of the Right Brain

    by Mary Terese
    The Powers of the Right Brain is the inspirational and rousing autobiography of one woman’s quest, to discover the art which has come to define her over a 20 year period. From self-taught artist to an interest in photography and an encounter with magical treasures and spiritual art, you will be taken on a journey of discovery and development which was as life-altering as it was humbling and how it transformed her into the artist she is today. A stimulating story for lovers of art.
  • What I Forgot...and Why I Remembered: A Journey to Environmental Awareness and Activism Through Purposeful Memoir

    by Jennifer Browdy
    This lyrical, hard-hitting memoir sets one American woman’s journey against the larger landscape of political upheaval, global climate change and the recovery of our primary connection to the Earth. In telling the story of a generation who “forgot” how important the health of our planet is to our personal health and sense of well-being, Jennifer Browdy details her own years of being entranced, both personally and professionally, in patterns of denial and avoidance. Honestly interrogating the... more
  • Conflict of Visions: The Birthing of a University

    by Joyce M. Kennedy, Ph.D.
    Conflict of Visions tells the inside story of the creation of California State University Channel Islands, the behind-the-scenes battles and power plays that eventually forced out the person who dedicated almost a quarter century to bring public higher education to Ventura County, California. This may not sound exciting, but the path has more twists and turns than many suspense novels. When she started, Joyce M. Kennedy had no idea it would take a Sisyphean struggle in a lovely California city t... more
  • The Bond

    by A.M.Grotticelli
    The Bond traces the journey of an unusual family made up of three unrelated sets of children from different backgrounds all raised in the same foster-care house. We were a collection of eight kids, all from broken homes, who were searching for the stability of an intact family. Unfortunately, that foster family imploded as well, but through sheer will and desperation we kids learned to pick up the pieces and form a lasting connection of our own. I came to the Nelson house in August 1969, from... more
  • An Unexpected Life

    by Victoria Ortiz
    What are you supposed to do when you are caught in a life you never expected to have? What do you do when you have your heartripped out of your chest and shoved up your ass? How do you breathe? How do you move on with a smile? How do you find the strength to keep going? Welcome to the mind of a planner whose planned life went up in smoke at 35—divorced, with two kids, and no job. Welcome to me. I have taken in a lot of pain, have dished out a lot of curse words, and have found the strength each d... more
  • Ship the Kids on Ahead

    by Bill Stokes
    We all have that one older funny family member. You know the one, he tells stories from his experiences and usually has people rolling in the eyes. William Stokes is that person! He presents a delightful collection of memories that are truly life lessons even today! Stokes, through his memories and wit provides opportunities to learn through laughter, sharing of memories and love. Many will shake their heads in remembrance of similar experiences and crack a smile if not a full on belly l... more