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  • True North, Hunting Fossils Under the Midnight Sun

    by Lou Marincovich
    My memoir is a unique combination of wilderness adventures, scientific exploration and a hardscrabble early life. It relates my evolution from a working-class childhood through earning a PhD in paleontology, but largely focuses on my three-decade career studying fossil marine mollusks, or seashells, in Alaska, Siberia, and Canadian islands near the North Pole. To earn money for grad school, I worked in places where intellectuals rarely venture: offshore oil drilling platforms in wintertime ... more
  • It's Easier to Dance-Living Beyond Boundaries

    by Annie Harris-Meachem
    This is a compelling memoir about a multicultural woman born with cerebral palsy in the late 1940s. Throough her compelling stories and insi ghtful commentary is revealed the unfolding evolution of the civil rights movement. Writen in the vein of inspirational works by Helen Keller, Maya Angelou, and Opra Winfrey, this absorbing story encourages the reader to to speak in her most authentic voicean live with integrity.
  • Morning People

    by Sevda Khatamian
    Morning People is a memoir, selective series of moments of an everyday life in an endless city, with friends living along the same path, and unexpected incidents along the way.
  • From Antarctica to Zimbabwe: How I Hit the Reset Button on My Life

    by Dr. Quinta
    From Antarctica to Zimbabwe is the story of Quinta's adventures as she made her way around the world. For three and a half months, she traveled to 23 countries and all 7 continents. This is a story of self-discovery and finding the courage to live the life we really want to.
  • Wiggaz With Attitude: My Life as a Failed White Rapper

    by Andrew Emery
    Rapping into a hairbrush, breakdancing on the kitchen floor, carrying around the world's smallest, quietest ghetto-blaster: in 1980s Britain, long before the world has heard of Eminem, how does an aspiring white teenage rapper keep going in the face of universal ridicule. Wiggaz With Attitude is a unique and hilarious account of both the author's attempts to become Leeds' greatest ever hip-hop star, and of hip-hop itself. A new sound that changed the way we dance, dress and talk, it gave the... more
  • Across Two Novembers: A Year in the Life of a Blind Bibliophile

    by David L. Faucheux

    My editor, Leonore Dvorkin, said it best:

  • Muay Thai: Peace, at Last

    by Michael Goodison
    Michael Goodison is a writer and a fighter, and in Muay Thai: Peace, At Last, he documents his travelling adventure to Thailand. Battling an ever-present disinterest with the western way of living, Michael throws off the shackles and dares to live, confronting killer cobras and conversing with Buddhist monks as he prepares for a professional fight in one of the most violent martial arts in the world: Muay Thai. From elephants lumbering along the lush mountainsides to the rowdy backpacking scene ... more
  • Plantains and the Seven Plagues, A Memoir: Half-Dominican, Half-Cuban, and Full Life

    by Paz Ellis
    Author Paz Ellis takes readers on a cross-cultural and trans-generational journey through her childhood in New Jersey to adulthood with Plantains and the 7 Plagues, A Memoir: Half-Dominican, Half-Cuban and Full Life. Paz insightfully describes, the complexities and contradictions of growing up in the United States to a Dominican mother and a Cuban father. From her mother’s obsessive cleaning rituals to her father’s remarkable knack for invention, this book beautifully explains what living a ... more
  • Beautiful Hero: How We Survived the Khmer Rouge

    by Jennifer Lau
    With only half a canteen of water and one baby bottle, a family of eight fought for their lives in the killing fields and land mines of Cambodia. Heroes emerge in the most unlikely places, under the most dangerous conditions. They are often the most ordinary people facing extraordinary times. Surrounded by unimaginable adverse forces, one woman would ultimately lead her family to survive. Beautiful Hero is an autobiographical narrative told from a daughter's perspective; Over two millio... more
  • The Fourth Wife of Aliyar Bey

    by Helene Zulgadar & Nandita Jhaveri-Menon
    This is a colorful story about a woman who was able to live a full life. Helene Zulgadar was a one of a kind. She was able to travel to different countries and held different types of job before becoming the fourth wife of Aliyar Bey. Follow her journey as she puts down her thoughts into one memorable diary.
  • Becoming Enough: A Heroine's Journey to the Already Perfect Self

    by Amanda Johnson
    TRUE FREEDOM IS FOUND WHEN YOU LAY DOWN YOUR SHIELD AND LIVE FROM A PLACE OF YOUR TRUE PERFECTION. YOU ARE FREE TO BE EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE, TRUSTING THAT WHAT YOU DO IS COMPLETE—WHICH IS ALWAYS ENOUGH. With these words of peace and possibility, Amanda shares her personal journey—unique, empowering, and much like the stories and emotional baggage we all carry around. Amanda’s open-hearted narrative clearly shows the moments when seeds of judgment and ego-confusion were planted by well-meaning p... more
  • Reflections on Sierra Leone by a Former Senior Police Officer

    by Ezekiel Alfred Coker, MR, JP, BEM
    Sierra Leone is historically unique. A small part of the territory which was mainly Freetown (which was to become the capital of the whole country) and surrounding areas was acquired by the British in the late eighteenth century and used to resettle emancipated slaves and their descendants from America and Britain. That part which was formerly known as the Colony became home to a heterogeneous people (the Creoles) who would later play a significant role in the development of the country out of w... more
  • Travellogues

    by Surabhi Srivastava
    An illustrated travel experiences, travel information, tour diary of different landscape and the history and experiences of ancient travellers in one copy is the motive of the present manuscript. The author will compile the writings of firstly the travel writers and then provide the tour information about the travel interests i.e. wildlife, beaches, mountains, desert, heritage sites, historical cities. though it reaches a vast collection but strategically information will be managed and prese... more
  • Exotic Travel Adventures

    by Ned Cruey
    Life story with a lot of travel
  • When Did I Start Looking Like a Cop?

    by Joseph Belcastro
    A Brooklyn native, Joseph Belcastro joined the New York City Police Department in July, 1983. He spent four years on uniform patrol, then another four years in the precinct’s plainclothes Anti-Crime Unit, before being transferred to the NYPD’s infamous Street Crime Unit on Randall’s Island. In his tell-all memoir, Joe describes his earliest encounters as a rookie cop in uniform, how he developed his unique crime-fighting strategies, and the partners he had along the way. Joe’s uncanny ability to... more
  • Hello, My Sweetheart

    by Sigrid Gassner-Roberts
    Sigrid Gassner-Roberts? unique work evolves from her recollections of narrating her life story to her husband, who lies in a coma in a Viennese hospital after a brain aneurysm. The doctors tell her that he can hear her, so she begins by reminding him of their first date. Sigrid had been a young Austrian student who originally came to America to study on a Fulbright scholarship. She had a busy teaching career and her work took her from the US to Austria to Australia. It was in Australia tha... more