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  • The Red Bus: Copenhagen to Kathmandu, 1971

    by Ross McKnight

    Twenty-two people ride a double-decked bus from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Kathmandu, Nepal, in 1971, as recreated from journal entries, memoirs, contemporary photos and rider's recollections.

  • Mommy, Why Do You Have Two Birthdays?

    by T.E. Corner
    T.E. Corner uses a very creative touch in his writing by uplifting and inspiring readers. In Mommy, Why Do You Have Two Birthdays? get ready for a breathtaking journey through happiness, fear, anger, self-discovery and ultimately triumph. Upon his wife?s diagnosis with stage four non-Hodgkin lymphoma, in the form of a twelve centimeter mass in her chest, she quickly becomes an expert in the disease. She meets with multiple specialists in the field of oncology on her quest to discover a cure, unt... more
  • graphic designers

    by arti chauhan
    I designed and illustrated the "sleeping patterns" for my personal project. The project was inspired by our various style of sleeping. I hand drawn all characters, shapes and then implemented in adobe illustrator. I combined so many different characters, objects as a pattern in one frame. The concept behind this artwork is just fun and showing my designing skills. Thank you
  • Soup Stories: A Reconstructed Memoir

    by CLS Ferguson
    Soup Stories is a coming-of-age memoir set at a salad buffet and bakery restaurant. It is a “reconstructed” memoir; a mixture of memories and fantasies, combined with the truth of perspective and experience. While each short piece stands alone as a complete vignette, the collection also reads as a cohesive narrative. Beginning in 1998, the story follows Ferguson’s ten-year journey, from being hired for the first time (outside of babysitting and household chores) to finally completing a PhD in Co... more
  • This Is Not Your Father's Fatherhood

    by Brian K. Pinaire
    THIS IS NOT YOUR FATHER'S FATHERHOOD is a comic memoir that offers a male perspective on caring for young children. In witty, insightful, and carefully integrated essays, author Brian K. Pinaire reflects on delivery room negotiations, paternity leave, work-life balancing, passive-aggressive daycare teachers, BabyBjorns, childproofing, children's music, marital intimacy, and much more. With a mixture of sarcasm and sentiment throughout, Pinaire shows how parenthood challenges one's career, rela... more
  • Fool For Life 9780962912474

    by Wm. Stage

    Wm. Stage gets paid to be a nuisance, and he is good at it. A process server bearing bad news to strangers-no wonder people shun him. But on the side, he has his own secret mission: To find his unknown biological family and have cocktails with them. His neurotic mother aids in the search, hoping to bolster her theory that the child she and her husband adopted 50 years ago is indeed a sociopath. Meanwhile Wm. desperately seeks a woman with a "friendly womb." Why is he trying to repro... more

  • The Underachieving Ovary

    by JT Lawrence
    "Hilarious & Heartbreaking" ✮✮✮✮✮ Will there be light at the end of the birth canal? Does the word ‘endometriosis’ make you want to stick a fork in your eye? No? Then perhaps this book isn’t for you. It’s funny, and (sometimes alarmingly) frank. It contains an impressive array of synonyms for ‘vagina’ and it’s certainly NSFW. It’s about having a devil womb and a hot knife lodged in a shoulder. It’s about becoming blackly bitter and twisted in infertility, and then slowly finding a wa... more
  • You might be a Crazy Cat Lady if ...

    by Janet Vormittag
    Everybody knows one --- a woman who has an affinity for cats. She feeds the local ferals, takes in the friendly strays and is the go-to person when you have a cat question. Does the phrase "crazy cat lady" come to mind when you think of this person? Janet Vormittag takes the crazy out of the cliche "crazy cat lady." In this collection of stories, she gives an intimate peek into the mindset of a woman who might have too many furry four-legged friends. In this book, you'll meet more than 20... more
  • Interweavings: Creative Nonfiction

    by Carol Smallwood
    "Carol Smallwood interrogates with spare prose that is revelatory but offers no easy answers." — Dr. Geri Lipschultz, contributor, Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing, Pearson (2014) " . . . investigation into human consciousness where self-awareness earmarks the book of one's life." — Dr. Christine Redman-Waldeyer, editor, Adanna Literary Journal "Wrought with hidden gems of striking description." — Nicole M. Bouchard, editor, The Write Place At the Write Time
  • Just Another Girl's Story, A Memoir on Finding Redemption

    by Laura Eckert

    At the tender and problematic ages of 16 and 17, Laura Eckert twice found herself as a patient at an abortion clinic, after her parents had discovered that she was pregnantAddicted to sex and an overindulging in alcohol while maintaining an unhealthy desire for isolation and coping with deep depression, Laura didn’t understand the link between her problems until she was in her thirties, when she was finally ab... more

  • When I Turned Nineteen: A Vietnam War Memoir

    by Glyn Haynie
    It’s the year 1969. I was serving in the U.S. Army with my brothers of First Platoon Company A 3/1 11th Bde Americal (23rd Infantry) Division. We were average American sons, fathers, husbands, or brothers who’d enlisted or been drafted from all over the United States and who’d all come from different backgrounds. We came together and formed a brotherhood that will last through time. I share my experiences about weeks of boredom and minutes to hours of terror and surviving the heat, carrying ... more
  • Long Daze at Long Binh

    by Stephen Donovan
    In this humorous memoir, the authors cast aside considerations about the horrors of combat, how wrong and tragic the war was, or how right and honorable it was. Instead they've chosen to focus on the most interesting and amusing aspects of their wartime experiences, thereby telling a revealing yet surprisingly humorous story that's not likely to ever have been heard before. A truly funny and refreshing look at the Vietnam War, "Long Daze" contains a wealth of information about the strange and so... more
  • Notes of a Naive Traveler: Nepal and Thailand

    by Jennifer S. Alderson

    “The ride back to Kathmandu was comfortable and relaxing. There were more overturned trucks (the gas-powered ones seem to tip the most, I’m surprised there weren’t more explosions), goats being herded across the highway by ancient women, children playing games in traffic, private cars and buses alike pulling over in the most inconvenient places for a picnic or public bath, and best of all the suicidal overtaking maneuvers (or what we would call ‘passing’) by our ... more

  • 344 Days Underground

    by Valeriy Gritsiv
    The astonishing true story of Etcia Goldberg - a young Jewish mother in Nazi-ruled Ukraine, who went to extraordinary lengths to keep her family alive. Fleeing Nazi persecution and slaughter, Etcia survived the Holocaust by living in a dark, cold cave called Popowa Yama (Priest’s Grotto) with 37 other Jews for 344 days. They lived in total darkness and extreme cold, with very little provisions. Etcia was the only woman, as a widow, who was responsible for providing her family with food. She r... more
  • THE KITTY Who Rescued Me After I Rescued Him

    by Shawn P. Flynn
    Shawn Flynn and his fiancée are excited to start their new life together. They are planning a wedding and have bought a new home. The last thing the two of them need right now is a new cat. But their recently purchased house seems to come complete with a stray orange feline—a cat with a vibrant personality and a talent for mousing. So Shawn soon finds himself with a regular companion. Little does he realize that this cat will shortly become more important to him than he can possibly imagine. ... more
  • And Nothing But The Tooth

    by Dr. Carroll James
    Whether attending decidedly awkward dinner parties or hayseed weddings complete with karaoke and inebriated attendants, or risking life and limb to aid the impoverished in Belize and Peru (with near-drastic results of misspoken Spanish), there’s a story for everyone in this third installment of Dr. Carroll James’s series of rollicking and touching memoirs. And Nothing but the Tooth offers up a continuation of bizarre episodes during Dr. James’s forty-plus years of dental practice—including perh... more