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  • The Other Side of War

    by Diana Mankin Phelps

    Marine Combat Correspondent Aaron Mankin was in Iraq only ten weeks when he was injured by a road side bomb. The phone call to his mother, Diana Mankin Phelps, was devastating. She opens up her life and the lives of her family, for all to share in the triumphs that took place during this time of healing. The injuries that Aaron suffered were severe and life threatening. Their lives took on a whole new meaning, as they navigate through his long road to recovery. With humor and heartache, this ... more

  • Veronica's Grave : A Daughter's Memoir

    by Barbara Donsky
    When young Barbara Bracht’s mother disappears from her life—no one tells her that her mother has died—she leaves in her wake a confused child whose blue-collar father is intent upon erasing any memory of her mother. Forced to keep the secret of her mother’s existence from her younger brother, Barbara struggles to keep from being crushed under the weight of family secrets as she comes of age and strives to educate herself, despite her father’s stance against women’s education. Told with t... more
  • First Dooowwwnnn...and Life to Go! How an Enthusiastic Approach Changed Everything for the Most Colorful Referee in NFL History

    by Red Cashion with Rusty Burson
    When directed toward you, two of the more humbling words that can ever be uttered are: “You’re fired!” For Red Cashion, however, being fired by both the Southwest and Southland Conferences forced him to make significant attitude changes that took him all the way to the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. Red’s rise to prominence in the NFL—many sportswriters described him as the most well-known official NFL history—was primarily the result of Cashion adopting a much more enthusiastic approach. He only ac... more
  • LEAVE THE LAND YOU LOVE, Love the Land Where you Live

    by Do An Duc Tri (Trieu Doan)
    A story of survival under Communist domination and of a risky escape out of the iron curtain to the open world. The memoir with poetic brilliance narrated all the Communist implemented measures to subdue the author's fatherland under the impoverishing and obscurantism policies after the end of the Vietnam War. Leaving the Vietnam fatherland, the former home-arrested puppet resident lingered for 15 months as a boat people refugee in Hong Kong transit centers prior to being accepted to rese... more
  • Peace Behind the Wire

    by Kit Cummings
    On January 18, 2011, twelve prisoners signed a solemn pledge and set out to see if they could live in peace with the men inside Georgia’s most dangerous maximum security prison. It was a simple but powerful pledge: for forty days they would follow the example of iconic peacemakers and commit themselves to timeless, nonviolent principles. Peace Behind the Wire: A Nonviolent Resolution chronicles the Power of Peace Project’s story as it grew to include prisons, schools, and churches across the Uni... more
  • Why Not? Conquering the Road Less Traveled

    by John Brown

    Despite being born with Cerebral Palsy, John enjoyed a 44 year radio career in Philadelphia & Chicago. Recipient of Variety Club 's Lifetime Achievement Award, he was named Philly!s Best Traffic Reporter four times & Best Weathercaster twice. He also received the Philadelphia Milestone in Radio Award for 30 plus years of contributions to the radio arts of Philadelphia. The books takes you from birth when his parents were told he would never walk through retirement. In between is a li... more

  • Animals Don't Blush

    by David R. Gross
    The confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers is a region of the USA steeped in histories of the mountain man, fur traders and the northern upper plains nomadic tribes. I joined a veterinary practice there in 1960. Our clients were determined, independent-minded folks who expected their veterinarian to be physically tough, knowledgeable about all species of animals, and skilled in the practice of the profession. Our animal patients were usually stoic but never embarrassed by anything the... more
  • My Father and Comrade

    by Aneeshmon Thankappan
    Do you want to know from a simple man how to live your values? Do you want to define the purpose of your life? Want to appreciate the beauty called life in the life-long journey of life long-learning? Trust you would find the answers in this book… Here is a true story of a man with beautiful mind... A rare bond of love between a father and his son… A true leader by actions and his contribution to the society as a social activist… An image of degeneration of values among comrades an... more
  • You Can Leave Anytime

    by Robert Dinsmoor
    You Can Leave Anytime follows the story of a 53-year-old freelance writer and yoga teacher who falls down a rabbit hole and checks himself into a rehab facility in Florida. For 3 months, he enters a strange new world of controlling therapists, burnt-out orderlies, and young junkies straight out of jail. As he sobers up and gets his head glued on straight, he faces the greatest challenge of all--getting out.
  • More Than Crumbs

    by Serita Braxton
    You can only watch so many couples find love no matter the adversity at the end of every romantic comedy before you begin to fall into the trap of thinking there is always going to be a happily ever after. After dozens of lack luster first dates and defunct online dating attempts many find out the hard way that finding love isn't as easy as it seems on the big screen. More Than Crumbs is a young woman's firsthand account of the challenges faced when looking for love. Included are the emotion... more
  • The Record Store of the Mind

    by Josh Rosenthal

    "Josh Rosenthal is a record man's record man. He is also a musician's record man. He is in the line of Samuel Charters and Harry Smith. In this age where we have access to everything and know the value of nothing, musicians need people like Josh to hear them when no one else can."   
    - T Bone Burnett

    Grammy-nominated producer and Tompkins Square label founder Josh Rosenthal presents his first book, The Record Store of the Mind. Part memoir, part &q... more

  • Forks in the Road

    by Heidi Smith
    Forks In The Road is a sequel to the memoir After The Bombs-My Berlin. The book begins as the author arrives in New York harbor in 1963. You'll quickly learn that her prearranged job as nanny was not what she had agreed to. She strays from the original plan for her two-year stay in America and takes the first of many forks in the road. Journey with Heidi as she takes unexpected forks in the road and tirelessly negotiates them as chef, entrepreneur, mother, realtor, and other incarnations, during... more
  • Dark Justice

    by Ivy Valentine Pate
    Dark Justice is a dark, gritty, and heartbreakingly honest account of one woman's journey through the Federal Penitentiary system. While continuously proclaiming her innocence, Cooper is manipulated by both the judicial system and street code honor to play by the rules, which leads to a forty year prison sentence. Written in the author's own street-wise voice, Dark Justice is the first book in a series that walks the reader through the painful experience of leaving children and family behind ... more
  • Memories of the Soviet Union - Book Six Samarkand 1968

    by Andrew Graham Bonar
    In this Book the author describes his visit to the fabled city of Samarkand, once the capital of Tamerlane’s empire. There are no “Golden Gates” to be seen, but the city is nevertheless rich in splendid monuments such as the Gur Emir Mausoleum, the Registan, the Shah-i-Zinda and the Bibi Khanum Mosque, all of which are illustrated by numerous slides. Also shown is the extensive open-air bazaar, with its colourful mixture of Central Asian peoples. An Epilogue covers brief visits to the princip... more
  • Memories of the Soviet Union - Book Five Bukhara 1968

    by Andrew Graham Bonar
    This Book describes a visit to the ancient city of Bukhara by the author and his wife in the summer of 1968. At that time the city was beginning to be restored to its ancient glory after many decades of neglect. Numerous colour photographs show the main monuments: the Ark (the citadel of the Emirs of Bukhara), the huge Kalyan Minaret (also known as the Tower of Death), the city walls, covered bazaars, ancient reservoirs and other structures. Other pictures (accompanied by explanatory captions... more
  • Memories of the Soviet Union - Book Four The Caucasus 1968

    by Andrew Graham Bonar
    In this Book the author describes a journey by car across the Caucasus mountain range and back again to Tbilisi. The road – known as the Georgian Military Highway – is at least 2000 years old, and passes through some spectacular scenery. There are several memorable towns and villages on the route such as Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Georgia, the fortified church complex of Ananuri, the charming village of Passanauri and, at the northern end of the Highway, Ordzhonikidze. An abundance of sl... more