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  • Nothing is Promised

    by Marjorie Belson
    Although many Americans were touched by the tragedy of 9/11 or the deployment of loved ones to a far-away desert region or the crisis of breast cancer surgery and recovery – few dealt with all three at the same time. Even fewer were able to write about the experience in a voice that will help others with similar struggles. New York City native Marjorie Belson has captured the American spirit of recovery and redemption in her first novel by melding such a story in a brilliantly evocative tone whi... more
  • Dance with Me, Papa

    by Rita Reinecker

    Rita Reinecker, Dance with me, Papa

    Life with(out) my celebrity father.



    Rita’s earliest memory is that of a crowded Berlin, Germany, bomb shelter in 1944. She feels safe not because of the shelter, but because she is with her father. She is three years old.

    Memory snippets describe life in Bissendorf, Germany in 1947, where her mother, Angela, helps support the family by going hamstern — begging local... more


    by Bob Villarreal
    In middle age Bob Villarreal retired from business and took up mountain climbing. Falling in love with the High Andes, he went there again and again to climb, almost always alone. His driver, Giancarlo Fiocco or Patricio Rios, drove him to a mountain and dropped him off at his base camp, promising to return for him two or three weeks later. In one of the remotest parts of the Andes, along the lengthy border between Chile and Argentina, the nearest mine or customs station was 35 to 90 miles aw... more
  • I Didn't Know What I Didn't Know: A Southern White Woman's Story about Race

    by Dorothy Hampton Marcus and Kaypri
    Dorothy Hampton Marcus is a Civil Rights Activist, truly ahead of her time. She jumped into Race Relations before it had a name, (in the fifties), and was one of very few Whites to do so. A Winston-Salem, North Carolina native, she grew up in the Jim Crow Era, not fully knowing what that really meant. In her undergrad years at Meredith College in Raleigh she had her first one-on-one inter-racial experience which this progressive all-womens school arranged. This event changed her life and b... more
  • Life-Ology 101: If All Else Fails, Smile

    by Michael Soward with Mike Valentino
    Michael Soward Shares an Inspiring Tale Depicting the Strength of the Human Spirit New book is a crash course in “Life-ology 101” showing readers how to overcome life’s hardships Repost This New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- Life is what it is, and sometimes the pain, the unusual twists and turns of it are unavoidable, though through its entirety one must always smile, for this is a great start of the healing process. Author Michael Soward has lived by these words, and in his new b... more
  • Coming to Astoria: An Immigrant's Tale

    by O.M. Kiam
    Coming to Astoria is a collections of essays on growing up in a different culture and the experiences of moving to a foreign land Coming to Astoria takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery which is humorous, entertaining, and educational. This is a fascinating human interest story filled with poignant memories about growing up alone in a large family.
  • The Vineyard We Knew—A Recollection of Summers on Martha's Vineyard

    by Kevin Parham
    The Vineyard We Knew is a personal account of the summers Kevin spent on Martha’s Vineyard with his siblings and cousins when they were young and under the care of their strict grandmother, Carrie White. The story takes place in the 1960’s—under very humble circumstances—at a time when America’s social and political landscapes were evolving. These vignettes, though very personal, are also universal. They open up to a reader a world that many of them will not know, but one they will still recogni... more
  • Those Three Words

    by Karen L. Litwin with Thomas A. Ryerson
    Those Three Words is a personal journey of love, loss and survival. It's a book for people who've lost a loved one, and held onto that special love hoping that it would someday return. It's the author's personal story, however it's a story that many readers will relate to. Instead of giving up, the author pushed forward and took on each new challenge as it came along, never forgetting her roots or the people who loved and supported her. Those Three Words is the autobiography of Karen L. Litwin... more
  • A Bit of Myself

    by Filomena Abys-Smith
    A Journey of Immigration - This memoir will take you on a journey from Bagnoli, Naples Italy, where I was born to immigrating to the US in search of the American Dream. You will walk the streets of the burning South Bronx, where I started my Americanization to my final destination of Westchester NY. Each chapter is filled with personal thoughts, poems and family recipe so that the reader may better understand the author and the struggle to becoming an American. Let's hold hands and fly into the ... more
  • The Blue Monk

    by David Bricker
    In 1989 Dave Bricker set off across the Gulf Stream in a small sailboat with $30 in his pocket. His voyages aboard The Blue Monk through the Bahamas and across the Atlantic to Gibraltar are recounted in vivid prose. The Blue Monk is a journey of self-discovery set in a world of saturated colors, remarkable people, hazardous reefs, and transcendent beauty. Bricker chronicles a little-known fragment of Miami's history and encourages us all to embrace a world of power and magic that lies only a few... more
  • Invisible Colored White: Being White in a Black World

    by Richard Rizzo
    In this riveting memoir, Richard Rizzo describes moving from his Italian-American neighborhood to Harlem in 1949. His mother had married a black man, and from the age of nine well into adulthood he shuttled back and forth between white and black communities. He survived in these segregated worlds by becoming a chameleon. Then, as America changed, he began to discover who he was. His unique experience illuminates the nature of ethnic and racial identity.
  • Girl with the Crooked Smile - Stuck in a Moment ... and the Pearls of Wisdom That Pulled Her Through It

    by Darah Zeledon
    You don't know what you're made of until you are ripped apart. This riveting tale of faith, courage and resilience is deeply confessional and peppered with wit. It takes the reader on an intense and moving journey that begins in Panama when a pregnant mother of three is diagnosed with a massive brain tumor. The tragedies that follow are mind-boggling and chaotic—-a suicide, an armed robbery, a gruesome accident. When this young family of seven spirals into financial ruin, they're forced to mig... more
  • Kvetch: One Bitch of a Life

    by greta beigel
    In "Kvetch: One Bitch of a Life, " American journalist Greta Beigel looks back sometimes in horror, often with humor at dysfunctional Jewish family life lived under the umbrella of apartheid in South Africa, circa the 1960s. Her memoir affords an unusual look at Orthodoxy's responses to events of that shameful era, while delving into another rarefied world: The lives of musical prodigies. Migrating to California, "Kvetch" then goes behind the scenes governing music journalism at a major metropol... more
  • Let Me Get This Off My Chest: A Breast Cancer Survivor Over-Shares

    by Margaret Lesh
    Tamoxifen hot flashes, mastectomy, reconstruction, breast cancer etiquette, Frankenboobs, bras with special attachments—Margaret Lesh shares all in her funny, heartfelt collection of essays, anecdotes, and life lessons from the perspective of a two-time breast cancer survivor. She’ll tell you when it’s okay to play the cancer card, what you should take to the hospital, and gives suggestions on how to cope in those dark moments of the soul. With practical tips sprinkled throughout, LET ME GET THI... more
  • After Action: The True Story of a Cobra Pilot's Journey

    by Dan Sheehan
    Starred Review, Publishers Weekly Select: “In this sensitive and intensely presented memoir, Sheehan addresses his tours of duty during the Iraq War and the burdens he grappled with as a result. His vivid prose conveys the turmoil and danger of piloting a combat helicopter and the special psychology of fighting, but his real story lies in dealing with the return to “normal” life. Sheehan presents with brutal clarity the illusory assumption that veterans can easily resume their prewar identitie... more
  • Horse Vet - Chronicles of a Mobile Veterinarian

    by Courtney Diehl
    Lively tales from thirteen years in the life of a mobile veterinarian in the Colorado Rockies.