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  • A Dark Journey Into The Light

    by Josef Smith
    A Dark Journey Into The Light is an interesting and thought provoking read for anyone who has questioned urges and desires familiar to us all. We all enjoy sex but the book provides interesting insights into the workings of the mind of a sex addict. We are much more than what we feel, and less than what we think. This book explores what is possible when we find balance between the two.
  • Gastric Girl: Seven Plus Years Beyond Bariatric Surgery

    by Nicola Travis
    Ever wonder what happens after surgery? When the weight falls off and you become “normal”? That’s the catch. There is no normal. Life continues no matter what weight you are at. This memoir walks through a bariatric patient’s life after her surgery and the seven years that follow. The journey does not end after surgery. The emotional, physical, social and economic impacts of this surgery continues affect both the patient and those that love her.
  • My Mother, the Bunny, and Me

    by Edith Kunhardt Davis
    A best-seller for more than 75 years, the children's book Pat the Bunny has been a publishing phenomenon ever since its inception in 1940. The book was written for Dorothy Kunhardt's youngest child, Edith, and was based on her childhood. It was "the first tactile book," with movable parts and surprises. A heart-warming history of the eccentric family and of the times, My Mother, the Bunny, and Me describes family life on a run-down estate in New Jersey during the Great Depression, the Second Wor... more
  • My Tree of Life as an Appraiser of American Indian Art

    by Dr.Leona M Zastrow
    This book provides information about American Indian art, artists, history about Indian art. This information is from actual appraisals written by the author.
  • Rituals of Separation: A South Korean Memoir of Identity and Belonging

    by Elizabeth Rice
    When her American family returns to the U.S. after sixteen years in South Korea, Liz is a hidden immigrant. Her mixed-up cultural identity is veiled behind the face of the girl down the street. She's the granddaughter of upperclass Americans, but her homeland is a divided Asian peninsula of neon-lit cities, five-hundred-year-old palaces, and army dictators. Rice tells the story of her life in South Korea from ages nine months to sixteen, the influence of the tragedy and tension of the Korean pen... more
  • A Professor and CEO True Story

    by Richard T. Cheng
    In the darkness of night, he escaped the Japanese invasion of Nanjing and this was the first move of the following numerous moves. He had suffered a lot and yet having a lot of fun in the rural China until the war with Japan was ended. He returned to the ruins of his old home in Nanjing and lived there for nearly two years of peace time. When communists took over the mainland, he moved to Taiwan where he graduated from college and married. During his time in Taiwan, he ventured into many things ... more
  • My Race with Diabetes and the Oli

    by Ed Espenshade
    While growing up in Mount Holly, New Jersey, Ed Espenshade played catch with his dad, attended Phillies and Sixers games, and dreamed of being an athlete. But soon after he acquired a paper route as a twelfth birthday present, Ed was hit by a car while attempting to cross a road. After blood was drawn during an examination in the emergency room, Ed received shocking news: he had diabetes. As his path took an unexpected turn, Ed describes how he became more determined than ever to pursue his a... more
  • Beyond The Horizon

    by Ransford W. Palmer
    Ransford W. Palmer is Professor of Economics at Howard University in Washington, D.C. His recollections in this volume trace his life along a path which began in a small village in Jamaica and led him to professional achievements and the formation of his American family.
  • Eye of the Heart, Journey to my Soul

    by Sommieh Stephanie Flower
    Eye of the Heart is the story of my spiritual journey as I seek to find a connection to God that transcends the material world. From the quietude of nature to the frenzy of Manhattan, from the grandeur of Mecca to a rugged mountaintop in Pakistan, this is a journey of mysticism, poetry and faith; sometimes heartbreaking, often inspiring, but always imbued with God's grace. It's truly a journey of the soul.
  • Finding

    by Kim Fuller
    Two years before adopting seven-year-old Keydell from a group home for young boys, Kim made a vow before the Dalai Lama to become a bodhisattva: one who cultivates an enlightened mind, is free from delusion, and practices kindness and compassion above all else. However, she struggles with this practice as her new son's challenged mind sends him into fits of rage and violence, while seemingly allowing him to feel no remorse for his actions. His behaviors go against everything Kim believes in, but... more
  • One Sip at a Time: Learning to Live in Provence

    by Keith Van Sickle
    Keith and Val had a dream – to live in Provence, the land of brilliant sunlight, charming hilltop villages and the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean. But there were two problems: they weren’t French speakers and they had full-time jobs. So they came up with a plan… Follow their adventures (and misadventures) as they quit their jobs, become consultants and split their time between two countries. Laugh along as they build a life in Provence, slowly mastering a new language and making fri... more
  • A Flat Country, with Hills

    by Edward Arruns Mulhorn
    Fed up with London and my job, it’s time to escape. Why not Sri Lanka, I think. That’s idyllic and sunny and covered in palm trees, and half way across the world. A good place to chill. A little research might also have revealed that it’s reaching the height of an internal conflict. So probably not the best time to go and work for a peace organisation. Let alone to take the kids. Written in the moment and blind to the future, this is a voyage of discovery where nothing is what it seem... more
  • Stringing Beads: Making A Beautiful Life Moment by Moment, Volume 2

    by madison meadows
    This book is a continuation from Stringing Beads, Volume 1. Stringing Beads, Vol 1 introduces the reader to Madison's blog. Madison published her first book, Stringing Beads in 2013, for an audience of one, her twin soul. During the writing process of the book, Madison struggled physically and spiritually. What Madison experienced for several months was a painful ache within her chest. Lying in bed one day, Madison thought she was having a heart attack. When she surrendered to the pain and to G... more
  • Stringing Beads: Making A Beautiful Life Moment by Moment, Volume 1

    by madison meadows

    Stringing Beads, Volume 1 is a compilation of Madison's blog posts of the first 3 years starting in 2010. Her posts have an order to them based on synchronicity. For example, The Old Hag in the beginning of her blog, is an experience Madison had in her childhood. The post date May 19, 2010 reflects the time when she learned about the experience. Often the universe sends us messages to guide us on our spiritual path. One must pay attention to the signs. Synchronicity reminds us that we are... more

  • Raised on Ritalin

    by tyler page
    Raised on Ritalin is kind of like an episode of This American Life in comic format. At age 8 in 1985, I was among the first generation of kids diagnosed with ADD and prescribed Ritalin. I would go on to take it almost every day for 8 years until it seemed like I had ‘outgrown’ my ADD. I didn’t give it much thought until I began having trouble again as a young adult as I started a career and a family. My daughter is very much like I was as a child. What happens if she has the same problems at ... more
  • When Life Hands You Lemons, Check For Lymes

    by Phil Gerigscott
    As Phil graduates college, gets married, and travels the world, he should have every reason to feel invincible. Instead, a mysterious and chronic illness leaves Phil feeling like a crotchety old man griping the days away. Phil and his partner Emma are left wondering what the heck they should do.