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  • Sweet Melissa: Ignorance Is Not Bliss

    by Susan Segovia-Munoz


    I'm not a celebrity or a model.  I'm not rich or famous.  I'm a junkie and I will do anything for my next fix.

    The author was a very stubborn, naive, and gullible woman with a bad case of low self-esteem.  At 18 years old, from an upper middle class suburban family, she was always known as the fat sister.  She was the black sheep and the trouble maker.  


    Believing herself to ... more

  • Planet a: A Mother's Memior of Autism Spectrum Disorder

    by Diane Mayer Christiansen
    One mother's journey with autism from diagnosis through middle school. Follow Jackie and his mother as they navigate the twists and turns of autism spectrum disorder. Missed social cues, anger issues as well as sensory overload are just a few of the topics that pop up. It is the truth about the inside of ASD, the part that many teachers, family members and friends don't often see. It is real and raw and a book filled with frustration and sadness as well as cheeky humor all in an attempt to show... more
  • Intuition: Language of the Soul: Book One (The Blue Book)

    by Tyger Kahn
    Intuition: Language of the Soul offers Kabbalistic insight into the world of clairvoyance and self discovery, guiding individuals into the path of finding their purpose in life, accepting their truth, and developing a greater relationship with their soul and intuition. In this book the author shares the mysteries that she has experienced throughout her life as a clairvoyant and a clairaudient. What she shares with you in this book will help you to activate the intuitive gifts you were born with.... more
  • Trudge On, Soul

    by Warren R Henke

    The icy wilderness of Alaska is the perfect place to lose yourself. But Warren doesn’t want to lose himself. He wants to lose someone else.

    Since his teenage years, a tiny voice in Warren’s head has warned of the dangers threatening physical and emotional harm. This voice, Harvey, continues to stop him from living life fully. Although Warren tries to rid himself of this manifestation of anxiety and depression, Harvey steadfastly remains—ruining his marriage, depleting ... more

  • Jay: Short Stories, Insights, and Lessons from a Life of Hope and Abundance

    by Jay Reed
    Jay is a collection of short stories, thoughtful insights, and life lessons. From struggling but happy child to reflective adult these stories cover the spectrum of emotions with hope always on the horizon. Jay Reed grew up in a small rural community in a traditional conservative family. He not only owns this fact he wears it like a badge of honor using his rich experiences to thoughtfully showcase life lessons. You don’t have to be from Indiana or rural America to enjoy these engaging stories. ... more
  • Burning the Vines

    by Michelle Mazal

    ‘Even if it’s true, no one will believe you.’

    This bleak appraisal was the response a young Michelle Mazal received when she first tried to tell her story to a relative. She, her three sisters and her mother lived for years under the shadow of her father’s drunken violence and random sadism. All these years later, Mazal, a tough and compassionate survivor, is telling her story again; this time someone must listen. In her powerful and evocative memoir, Mazal pieces together fragments of ... more

  • Disguised Blessings: One Woman's Inspiring Story of Transformation and a Model for Reclaiming YOUR Life

    by Chara Davis
    You actually can have a happy past... and you can start any time. Chara Davis learned that the hard way after years of feeling victimized. But learn it she did and she shares her story, her revelations, and her truth in hopes of inspiring others going through their own toughest of times. What Chara tells—holding nothing back—is the story of her life. For a number of reasons it was not an easy one. It went from happy and content to being dark and dismal literally overnight. It started when... more
  • From Mormon to Mermaid - One Woman's Voyage from Oppression to Freedom

    by Lorelei Kay
    A Mormon woman discovers stunning untruths in the doctrine of the “one true church” she’s built her life around. Born into a devout Mormon family—and named after a mermaid—Lorelei strives for eternal salvation. When her bishop calls her to teach the adult scripture class, she delves deeper than ever into the Book of Mormon and Church history. What could go wrong? As she upturns more and more doctrinal rocks, she realizes the depth of deception upon which she’s based her life. "... more
  • The Thirty Petal Rose

    by Irene Hasapes
  • The Butcher's Daughter: A Memoir/978-0-692-80361-5

    by Florence Grende
    Florence Grende writes of her family's journey surviving Hitler's Europe in the forests of Poland, offering a glimpse into her father's partisan activities there. The story is framed by her coming of age in an America, where, as one of the second generation of Holocaust survivors, she must find a balance between belonging and exile, and between her own life and her family's traumatic history, in order to come into her own.
  • Don't Look at the Monster: One Woman's Journey to Embrace a Purposeful Life

    by L.Y. Marlow

    From the author of the award-winning Color Me Butterfly (Three Rivers Press, August 2010) and the highly praised A Life Apart (Broadway Books, April 2014), in her memoir, Don’t Look at the Monster, L.Y. Marlow tells a captivating story about surviving life’s darkest moments. Having escaped a life of poverty, teen pregnancy, and domestic violence, then putting herself through sixteen years of night school to earn three degrees as a single mother, L.Y. never imagined that she would ... more

  • Servant of the King: Memoir of Modern Apostle Kemper Crabb

    by Chana Keefer
    11 MILLION SALVATIONS. 1,800 CHURCHES. 400 ORPHANAGES. 17 RESURRECTIONS. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Mother Teresa. 5-TIME NOBEL PEACE PRIZE NOMINEE. From the palaces of kings, to the slums of India, and to the belly of dungeon-like prisons, Kemper Crabb spreads salvation, love, and alleviation of suffering. It started with one suffering child. Armed Gurkhas would not let Kemper near the child for fear he would "alter Karma." The child died--frightened, alone, and unloved. Kemper crie... more
  • Love Lucky

    by van Quattro
    I had a restless heart, a nasty desire to be loved, a wandering spirit and had barely been out of Glendale. London called in the form of a pretty girl and I followed. I stumbled around one of the greatest cities in the world for a year and a half. Stoned and full of wonder I found people and places that would be far beyond anything I could dream or conjure. It's an experience that shaped who I am today. It's about a strong sense of wanting more for my life with a bunch of LUCK thrown in.
  • Stars Upside Down: A Memoir of Travel, Grief, and an Incandescent God

    by Jennie GOUTET
    Stars Upside Down is a memoir of travel, grief, of coming to faith and walking with God over a period of twenty years. The story weaves struggles of addiction, depression, and loss into a picture of hope through eyes of faith. It illustrates life's joys--love, adventure, birth, and human connection--through that same lens. To quote: “Goutet’s lovely and vulnerable self-reflection invites us to join her journey to the heights and depths of a life of faith. Time and again, she illustrates the tend... more
  • Nostalgia from: A City Set Upon a Hill

    by Garfield Whyte
    This boarding school story transcends autobiography. Perched 2,560 feet on the peak of the Santa Cruz Mountains in one of the remotest sections of Jamaica is the oldest all-boys boarding high school in the Caribbean; Munro College, with a commanding and enviable view of the horizon, the Caribbean Sea, and a magnificent sunset, where it is quite possible that Leonardo da Vinci would have abandoned painting the Mona Lisa midstream if ever he was distracted by the view from this city. Established... more