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  • Eating of the Forbidden Fruit

    by Ernest Kolowrat
    Ranging over a century of intimate foibles and world events, "Eating of the Forbidden Fruit" is a lighthearted firsthand account by an unwitting victim of the seductive perils of our time.
  • Nothing But Time

    by Judy Light Ayyildiz
    Paralyzed by Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Judy is told that Nothing but Time and physical therapy will help. Armed with imagination unbounded by body, time and place, she finds spiritual strength in the moving, insightful yet humorous stories of the inspirational people and creative experiences of her in Virginia, West Virginia and Istanbul.
  • Saving Sadie and Sasha: The True Story of Two Abandoned Dogs Who Showed Me the Way Home.

    by Laura S. Jones
    Saving Sadie and Sasha is a story about the power - and limits - of love. Sadie and Sasha’s transformation from abandoned, near-feral dogs into beloved pets was never easy, and the outcome was never certain. This funny and touching memoir follows the author’s bumpy, yearlong journey (one both figurative and literal) to help these two young pit bulls cheat death and find a real home. Jones keeps you entertained and on the edge of your seat throughout their story as she weaves her personal path ... more
  • 100 Years in the Life of an American Girl: True Stories 1910 - 2010

    by Suzanne Sherman
    Over 50 personal narratives by women and girls from around the U.S. describe the life and times through age 12 from the early 20th to the early 21st centuries. Ten chapters showcase ten decades, from 1910 to 2010. A short decade history and pop culture highlights from each decade open each chapter, giving context for the tales of girlhood that follow. Photos add dimension as life is described in the truest of voices. It’s history in motion from an entertaining and eye-opening angle.
  • Stuck In The Passing Lane

    by Jed Ringel
    Stuck in the Passing Lane is the true story of a man using all the dating tools developed during his twenty-three-year marriage to conduct live experiments on his newly divorced, Baby Boomer heart. To avoid responding to the signals and attractions that produced Jed Ringel’s first marriage, he walls himself out of his interpersonal comfort zone, diving into relationships with women figuratively and literally foreign to his Brooklyn-born, middle-class Jewish origins. With the unsparing co... more
  • My History of Abuse

    by Marnie Mangano
    I know that I was raped around the age of 8 years old, but I don't know by who. I also don't have many memories at all before the age of 16. My childhood is a lot like looking through the photo album of a perfect stranger. I see the pictures, but I don't know the stories behind them. I know that my father was accused of raping me by my mother. I know that my mother abused me: Sexually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. She fooled social services and I was left in an unbearable home. The on... more
  • Dead Letter Office

    by Hue
    A memoir about family separation following the Vietnam War, living in American with a mother in Vietnam
  • It Takes A Fool: A Tough Lesson Learned On Bullying

    by Sasha Dreams
    Life couldn't be sweeter for ten year old Sasha... Sasha lives the good life and is the darling of her fifth grade class. Suddenly, her father loses his job, sending Sasha and the rest of her family into a downward spiral filled with drugs, disappointment, and disaster. To cope, Sasha empowers herself by bullying her best friend whose kindness and empathy only enrage her more. Sasha's struggle with life, school, and failed dreams takes its toll in bouts of rage enacted on anyone who gets in her ... more
  • As Ever, Pudd

    by Anita Ann Caruso

    It’s difficult to pretend you love someone when you don’t. It’s even harder to pretend you don’t love someone when you do.

    To whom do we belong? To our spouses or to each other?

    As Ever, Pudd is a romantic love story told in letters. Why would two people married for a total of over 50 years to other spouses travel down a path that was destined to change their lives forever? Their heart-wrenching journey of pain, anger and sorrow, the lives they were respons... more

  • Crazy Lightning Turtle

    by Rick McDermott
  • Dinner with Doppelgangers

    by Colleen Wells
    “Colleen Wells captures the essence of living with bipolar as a young adult through parenthood…A must read for anyone experiencing or living with someone who is diagnosed with a mental health disorder.” -Alison Leslie, LCSW, Bloomington, Indiana From Wordpool Press, in beautifully crafted prose, comes Dinner with Doppelgangers - A True Story of Madness and Recovery by Colleen Wells, the story of one woman’s struggle with profound depression and mania, the hallmarks of bipolar disorder. We... more
  • Welcome to Nursing Hello, a Graphic Memoir: A Graphic Memoir

    by Joel Craig
    What happens when all the jobs for movie star have been filled? The next best thing is to become a nurse and that is exactly what Joel Craig did. Nurse by day. Actor by night, Joel chronicles his journey in a world where art and commerce are seldom friends.
  • Gimme Shelter

    by Louis Spirito
    “Gimme Shelter” is the raw, moving story of a chronically angry writer from a ‘Goodfellas’ family who finds salvation when he rescues an abused pit bull. This powerful, uplifting memoir chronicles the rocky journey to consciousness in which the damaged, timid dog winds up saving his out of control owner. When Louis Spirito and his wife went looking for a rescue dog, he insisted he was open to any dog in need. Secretly, Lou didn’t want just any mutt; he wanted a dog like Rebel, the rollicking ... more
  • Bye Bye Baby Boy Big Boy Blues

    by Denis Hayes
    They were a generation that were born into the great depression, lived in holes in the ground, half starved, bombed, shelled and machine gunned in the poor docklands of war torn South and East London. They grew up with rationing, fighting future wars and deprivation. They should have grown up damaged and depraved in brave new surroundings but grew up completely sane in a very disturbed world. This is the story of one young boy, his family and friends who survived and triumphed in a different wo... more

    by Elaine Taylor
    As a teen mom, already ass-branded by one husband both domineering and dumb as meat locker beef, Elaine stutter-stepped to independence via jobs typing letters and dialing phones for a series of mouth-breathers who believed a woman’s place was under the desk spit-shining their assets. A couple of decades later she had, by god, scratched out a role in the corporate testicle festival where she earned fat, man-sized paychecks. Bought herself some respect and vindication. But her personal life was a... more
  • Battered Hope

    by Carol Graham
    Unbelievable memoir -- Carol is a resilient woman who endured traumatic events that would cause most others to roll over and quit. The challenges of cancer, rape, marital abuse, jail, suicide attempt, loss of child and financial ruin coupled with a determination to succeed compels the reader to root for her to triumph. You will identify with Carol on many emotional terrains of love, loss, suffering, pain, heartbreak and ultimately renewal. This fast paced memoir reads with all the elements of a ... more