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  • Act As If: Stumbling Through Hollywood With Headshot in Hand

    by Petrea Burchard

    Being a non-famous, working actor in Hollywood isn't easy, but it can be hilarious if you bring your attitude. Based on the popular column in's ActorsInk, the essays in "Act As If" take a humorous look at the life of a journeyman actor in Hollywood. "Journeyman," as in "not a star."

  • Ohana: One Woman's Battle with Love, Death, & Destiny

    by Theia Mey
    Theia Mey was always the rebel in her close-knit Spanish family. She left her home village on the outskirts of Madrid, traveling to London to learn English, and eventually moved to the United States. In Florida she discovered a lush world whose beauty hid painful relationships with two men: the first led her into alcoholism and addiction, and the second pathologically abused her and her three children for many years. In the midst of her struggles, Mey was diagnosed with breast cancer, underwent... more
  • Sane Enough: Recovery from a Mother's Sexual Abuse

    by Linda A. Day

    “A challenging, insightful, and rare work… Day’s writing is self-aware, her prose elegant, and her familiarity with the nuances of the subject apparent... Moments will sear their way into your consciousness.” FORWARD REVIEWS, 5 stars