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  • The Rose Temple: A Child Holocaust Survivor's Vision of Faith, Hope and Our Collective Future

    by S. Mitchell Weitzman
    The Rose Temple is a dramatic account of the life and evolving vision of Lucia Weitzman (nee Rose Berl) who has a two-year-old Polish Jewish girl is snuck out of a Nazi-imposed ghetto and saved by a Catholic couple during the Second World War. Her birth parents are killed. She discovers she is Jewish after the War, at age five, when a relative comes to retrieve her and place her in a Jewish orphanage. She refuses to go, clinging to her adoptive parents. Moments later – the secret of her Jewish i... more
  • Christmas with the Famous

    by Walter Oleksy
    150 famous people tell about their most memorable Christmas. From the 1930s to the present, movie and tv stars, authors, Presidents, Popes, and religious Catholic, Protestant, even Jewish recall their favorite Christmas. No other book has ever been published like it. Truly inspirational Christmas memories of famous people.
  • Saved, Sanctified and Still Need A Drink!

    by Barbara Freeman

    "Saved, Sanctified..and Still Need a Drink" captures the essence of the personal struggle that many people go through when trying to navigate their lives amidst the background of religious upbringing. The author uses her story of self discovery to tackle issues such as condemnation, guilt, and fear brought on by her holiness church culture's view of sin and salvation, and how she put her spiritual life into context by looking at her beliefs and where they originated. This book i... more

  • My Father's Son: A Memoir

    by John Davis

    “My earliest memory is of a gun.”

    That gun was in his father’s hand – and it was pointed at his mother’s head.

    John Davis grew up in the 1970s and ‘80s on the rough streets of Brooklyn, a place where no one thought twice when parents smacked around their kids—or each other.

    At the center of the tumultuous neighborhood, and John’s world, was his larger-than-life father, Roberto. The Argentinean butcher and kingpin drug dealer was a sadistic bully whose mercurial temp... more

  • Ten Little Police Chiefs

    by Robert M. Haig
  • The Teachings of Shirelle: Life Lessons from a Divine Knucklehead

    by Douglas Green
    Relish the day. If you re not in awe, you re just not paying attention. She hadn t even been in the crowded pound a week, but she d already developed a nickname, Knucklehead. As a puppy she destroyed property and precious clothes; as an adult she injured her owner, ruined romances... and changed the world-views of those around her. Have you ever watched an animal and wondered how it thinks, how it sees the world, how it views you? And have you ever wondered what wisdom you might learn if you cou... more
  • Memoirs of a Dead White Chick

    by Lennox Randon
    It began as one of those days when I asked myself, what else could go wrong? And then I died. Eleanor, a harried, middle-aged White female elementary schoolteacher (and former police officer), begins her day by dying in the year 1999. Somehow, while her essence is en route to wherever one’s essence goes upon death, she inadvertently ends up occupying the body of a 16-year-old Black male in 1858 Philadelphia. Not only does she have to deal with the obvious gender, race, and time p... more
  • Naked in Public: A Memoir of Recovery From Sex Addiction and Other Temporary Insanities

    by Staci Sprout

    In this intensely personal memoir, Staci Sprout offers a vulnerable account of her recovery journey from the painful world of sexual intrigue and addiction. She was an honors student and cheerleader, and later a talented young social worker, but her life had a dark twist even her closest friends didn’t suspect. Childhood sexual abuse and exposure to pornography had ignited a drive to be sexual that eventually threatened to unravel her sanity and her life. Desperate for relief, she tried... more

  • Mt Kilimanjaro & Me

    by Annette Freeman
    Ever wondered if you could climb a mountain? Maybe one of the Seven Summits? What if you are a middle-aged, unfit, inexperienced business woman with a sedentary job? This is the story of one such woman who decided to leave her office job in Sydney and go climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa. She tells the tale with wry humour, undaunted – well, only a little daunted – by the difficulties of spending nine days and eight nights on the slopes of the mountain, dealing with no running water, hours of up... more
  • Tea In The Library

    by Annette Freeman
    Fulfilling the dream of many a book-lover, Annette Freeman bravely stepped outside her mid-life comfort zone and opened a bookshop café in the heart of Sydney. Tea In The Library became a beloved haven of readers and a cosy forum for writers. Plus a great place for coffee – and nineteen varieties of tea. But behind the scenes were anxieties large and small, frustrations, challenges, and – now and again - glorious moments of success. Welcome to retail! “How hard can it be to run a successful smal... more
  • My Farthest North - An Arctic Diary

    by Annette Freeman
    During three weeks in the High Arctic our heroine reaches her ‘farthest north’ as well as her ‘coldest north’. With a wry sense of humour, this fictionalised memoir introduces us to a diverse cast of characters, including polar bears, reindeers, walrus, a Polish Arctic explorer, a Russian sea captain, a quirky expedition leader...and the shadowy Eduardo. As she journeys on, our narrator tells Eduardo about everything she is seeing, experiencing, learning and reading. We learn gradually that Edu... more
  • We Had A Job To Do: A Basic History of World War II Through The Eyes of Those Who Served

    by Theresa Anzaldua
    This heartfelt tribute to WW2 veterans gives a basic history of the war by interweaving the true stories of those who served. The author personally interviewed the veterans featured in the book. It's a great read if you want to learn the basic facts of the war in a readable way, without the dry history. For war buffs, it's an easy read with personal accounts and a few tidbits with which some war buffs might not be familiar. Get to know some of the patriots who served and feel proud of Americ... more
  • Apocalypse: The Memoir

    by Chantelle Oliver
    World's first zombie apocalypse memoir. The story of my fifteenth summer and struggle to survive and find my father on the run across America.
  • The Other Side of War

    by Diana Mankin Phelps

    Marine Combat Correspondent Aaron Mankin was in Iraq only ten weeks when he was injured by a road side bomb. The phone call to his mother, Diana Mankin Phelps, was devastating. She opens up her life and the lives of her family, for all to share in the triumphs that took place during this time of healing. The injuries that Aaron suffered were severe and life threatening. Their lives took on a whole new meaning, as they navigate through his long road to recovery. With humor and heartache, this ... more

  • Veronica's Grave : A Daughter's Memoir

    by Barbara Donsky
    When young Barbara Bracht’s mother disappears from her life—no one tells her that her mother has died—she leaves in her wake a confused child whose blue-collar father is intent upon erasing any memory of her mother. Forced to keep the secret of her mother’s existence from her younger brother, Barbara struggles to keep from being crushed under the weight of family secrets as she comes of age and strives to educate herself, despite her father’s stance against women’s education. Told with t... more
  • First Dooowwwnnn...and Life to Go! How an Enthusiastic Approach Changed Everything for the Most Colorful Referee in NFL History

    by Red Cashion with Rusty Burson
    When directed toward you, two of the more humbling words that can ever be uttered are: “You’re fired!” For Red Cashion, however, being fired by both the Southwest and Southland Conferences forced him to make significant attitude changes that took him all the way to the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. Red’s rise to prominence in the NFL—many sportswriters described him as the most well-known official NFL history—was primarily the result of Cashion adopting a much more enthusiastic approach. He only ac... more