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  • Flashbacks (an unreliable memoir of the '60s)

    by Morgan Smith
    A collection of memories about growing up hippie in Toronto, during one of the most interesting periods of the 20th century. Not mention the sex, drugs and rock and roll…
  • Double Happiness

    by Tony Brasunas
    Tony Brasunas's award-winning debut memoir is a fascinating portrait of life in China and a groundbreaking story of coming of age in today's era of globalization. In a classroom in sultry Guangzhou, having never before left the United States nor taught a class on anything, armed only with a beginner's grasp of the language, Brasunas is confronted by thirty-seven ninth graders in uniform. Only his intrinsic curiosity about Chinese culture and about himself drives him on, to keep trying in the... more
  • Unstoppable! Surviving Is Just The Beginning (2nd Edition)

    by Gigi Stetler
    Gigi Stetler tells her life's story in a casual, conversational, neighborly tone as if the writer and reader were sitting down together, at the kitchen table, talking over cups of coffee. This book is filled with the true tales of lessons learned at the point of a knife and other crises, peaks and plateaus. Regardless off what attacks or assaults you, yourself, your parents, friends, colleagues, professors, lovers, teachers, competition, your own children, your own past, your own present, or you... more
  • Vagabonding Through Retirement: Unusual Wanders Far from Our Paris Houseboat

    by Bill and Ina Garrison Mahoney
    Vagabonding Through Retirement chronicles the adventures of Bill and Ina, an engaging, globe-trotting couple who enjoy getting off the beaten track, meeting people, and exploring how regular folks live around the world, from Laos to Bolivia to Ukraine, just after the Soviet Union breaks apart. Central to their travels is Bill's passion for learning new languages, which he does in exchange for English and French lessons. Ina puts up with this habit because it attracts interesting people. Howev... more
  • 978-1-63417-800-6

    by Henry Carrier
    In context with my autistic brother's struggle, I have presented a brief memoir of a baby boomer who has paradoxically worked in Washington during the "I Have A Dream" speech; received two graduate degrees from Ole Miss during the Civil Rights Movement; taught in the Space Coast during the moon landing; and earned a Fulbright Fellowship to India when the host country was emerging from a Third World status. Popular culture combined with an evolving Christian Faith has provided the author with som... more
  • The Flem Cup

    by Scott Dow Dow
    The Flem Cup is the remarkable true story of a great friendship, a trans-Atlantic team golf match and the providential hand of God. The name of the event said it all: a tribute to the man whose idea it was as well as a tongue-in-cheek testament to the quality of play, and, for 5 years, teams from the U.S. and England collided in an intense competition punctuated by hilarious off-course antics in a battle for the coveted trophy - an antique, hand-blown glass spittoon. When cancer struck, thou... more
  • Yo Miz!

    by Elizabeth Rose
    What’s really going on in our public school classrooms? Good question. • Journalists are not allowed in • Teachers risk punishment if they speak out • School administrators will only share the good stuff • Most lawmakers? Clueless. Yo Miz! has the answer. Yo Miz! is the seriously funny memoir of an unconventional “edu-tainer,” ejected from her home school and assigned to teach at 25 Manhattan public high schools in one wacky year. Yo Miz! is about the kids. From el barrio to Wall Stre... more
  • Advanced Decrepitude

    by Marguerite Bladen
    In confessional mode, an octogenarian links episodes in her life as stages in aging and disputes the myth of serenity in the "golden years." With irreverent humor, which she finds largely absent in the elderly, and throwing caution to the winds, she recounts episodes from her own past which are forerunners of her life today which she describes as living in "shy retirement" in a Continuing Care community.
  • Flying with the Enemy: Memoir of a Young Cadet

    by George Okshewsky
    Oleg Okševski was a hero. During the Second World War Oleg ended up having to pretend he and his brother were Croatians in order to avoid being imprisoned and likely executed by the Nazi forces. They decided to try to fly to the Soviet Union, at that time an ally against Hitler. Oleg imagined the Soviets would release them to go back and join the Allied forces against Germany. However, instead, Oleg was immediately assumed to be a Nazi himself and experienced the horrors of Russian prisons and d... more
  • Living on the Happy Edge of Anarchy

    by Ryan E. Long
    What do shady Sicilians, an Amsterdam transvestite, a WW II photographer, a Mexican drug dealer, and a Holocaust survivor have in common? They served as catalysts for positive change in the author’s life. These characters – in addition to others – are brought to life in this unforgettable memoir. But this book, which was an Amazon top 3 new hot comedy release in 2013, isn’t really about the author, Ryan E. Long. It’s a messenger that delivers the lesson he learned: in the anarchy of life, st... more
  • Boarding School Bastard. My First Year at an Orphanage for Fatherless Boys

    by Alan Sharavsky
    A deaf woman leaves her eight-year old son at an orphanage, hoping he’ll find a better life than their hand-to-mouth existence. The widow dreams that Girard College, a boarding school for fatherless boys, will be his Camelot. What she doesn’t know is that emotional abuse, corporal punishment and pedophilia are the norm. And her son doesn’t know whether his mother is ever coming back, or if he’ll have to run away. Boarding School Bastard is the memoir of a child’s first year at an orphanage i... more
  • Martial Bliss. The Story of The Military Bookman.

    by Margaretta Barton Colt

    Martial Bliss is a memoir of a singular, specialized antiquarian bookstore THE MILITARY BOOKMAN, which flourished in New York City for 27 years. The store, dealing in military, naval, and aviation history, came to have an international reputation and clientele. In the midst of a serious, almost scholarly atmosphere and a wealth of wonderful books, there was also the Sitcom. The author, a co-founder, tells of fascinating characters, and anecdotes set in a changing city. Some former customers s... more

  • Before the Journey Became Home

    by Zents Sowunmi
    A detailed account of childhood experience ever written by an immigrant, this writer left nothing on the table on pain of childhood life from Africa to America
  • Humans, Dogs, and Civilization

    by Elaine Ostrach Chaika
    Having intensively researched the literature about the cognition and evolution of dog,, I prove or disprove scientific research by taking the reader through my long life with dogs. I hold a PhD in Linguistics, am a scholar with a credible list of articles and books. This is my first book for a general audience, however. As a Linguist, I have studied how dogs communicate with each other, and present my findings in this book. Alex Austin, the novelist, calls the book, "An enthralling blend of s... more
  • Unconditional: Based in the True Story of a Metanoia

    by Maitri May

    Spiritual teacher and clairvoyant, Maitri May is pleased to announce the release of her new book Unconditional. Based on the true story of a Metanoia, May hopes to inspire people take risks, overcome their fears and live a fulfilling life.

    The brain is a malleable, transformable and improved body. Neuroplasticity is learning new, complex, difficult tasks because that is what forces us to exercise mental muscles.

    The main character realizes that in order to change her life, she has... more

  • Travel in Peace: The Soundtrack of My Escape

    by Rod Harris

    Rod Harris follows advice of his psychologist by discovering and then writing the unfiltered lyrics composed by his own life--his choices, and his fears. By asking thought provoking questions and examining the root cause of why our Plan B often becomes our Plan A, Rod begins to balance facing the enemy of fear and finding inner peace.

    Why does someone’s plan B often become plan A? This is the question at the center of Travel in Peace: The Soundtrack of My Escape. By finding ... more