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  • Keeping Mother's Secrets

    by Tracy May
    My dad was one of the first dads in the state of California to gain custody of a little girl, while the mother was declared a "fit parent" by the court. The court ruling gave my mother access to me, which allowed the abuse to continue. Keeping Mother's Secrets is the gripping story of my childhood fight to survive the four types of child abuse, including molestation. It is a story of courage and hope, and how I did not allow my past to dictate or control my future, or the person I wanted to beco... more
  • Blues to Blessings: from Fearful to Faithful

    by Suzette Webb
    By her late thirties, Suzette Webb appeared to be living the dream, but instead of feeling satisfied, she felt trapped between portraying the appearance of success and actually being fulfilled by purpose. Honest, humorous, and shockingly transparent, Blues to Blessings is Suzette's step-by-step journey towards self-discovery, but it doesn't come without her having to confront the painful complexities of her past. Each chapter leaves you craving for more as she transcends from Fearful to Faithf... more
  • Name Your Price

    by Joe R. Eagleman
    Joe R. Eagleman, Ph.D. tells in this autobiography about the many facets of his life. His invention of a tornado in his laboratory was used to settle a lawsuit between Universal Studios in Hollywood and the Volvo Company. Now a 50 foot version of his tornado is the main attraction in the Twister Building at Universal Studios Park in Orlando Florida. His early life on the farm as the 11th of 12 children is included and experiences in the one room rural grade school. It also tells about his life a... more
  • Spear-Carrier in a Backwater War

    by Journey to a Star
    In 1943, Eddie Larson went to war. He was sent to the far reaches of western China, to a place nestled in the shadows of the mighty Himalayas—the infamous Hump—to fly whatever aircraft he could coax into the skies. He was one of the youngest pilots in the China-Burma-India Theater. This is a story of manic devotion to airplanes and all things flying in a time when the world experienced vast and remarkable changes. It is a story of a life truly well lived—a story of joy, and commitment, and fi... more
  • Catching the Wind

    by Norman Yee

    An inspiring, humorous memoir of Fiji's civil aviation veteran of pioneering efforts in new technologies world-wide, a rare expose of a Chinese migrant family in Fiji and Norman's incredible spiritual experiences when he had a dramatic encounter with God that changed his life.

  • Catching the Wind

    by Norman Yee
    An inspiring memoir, spanning 73 years, from humble beginnings to becoming the head of Fiji's civil aviation regulator, and participating with ICAO in the introduction of new technologies (such as GPS) which made aviation safer and more efficient locally regionally and internationally. \tAnd a rare expose into the personal lives of a Chinese migrant family living in Fiji, of childhood escapades, of love and marriage, as well as Norman's incredible spiritual experiences where in mid-career, God... more
  • Catching the Wind - isbn 978-1-4990-1882-0

    by Norman Yee
    An inspiring memoir from humble beginnings to becoming head of Fiji's aviation regulator and participating locally and internationally in the introduction of new technologies which made aviation safer and more efficient. Also his unbelievable spirtual experiences where in mid-career God intervened dramatically and changed his whole life. And a rare exposure into the personal lives of qa Chinese migrant family in Fiji. This book can inspire you to 'Catch the Wind' of your dreams of a successful... more
  • Otherwise Known; The Story of A Life Otherwise Known, A Life Not So Different From Your Own

    by Peggy Merriman
    Explore what matters most in Peggy Merriman's haunting debut collection, Otherwise Known; The Story of A Life Otherwise Known, A Life Not So Different From Your Own... A rare blend of poetry and prose, this stunning compilation tackles some of life's most relevant and immediate themes head on. The author's exploration of dreams, the subject of which plays an integral part in poems such as "The Awakening," challenges the borders that seemingly exist between reality and fantasy in a way th... more
  • Remembering America: Looking Back at the Last Innocent Age

    by Craig Daliessio

    Where do you go when the wheels come off? When no place feels safe and you can't find a smiling face? When you've lost everything and you wonder if you'll ever get it back. Sometimes, you just need to go home. Do you remember when neighbors cared about each other because they really knew each other? Holding your baseball cap over your heart and singing the National Anthem on opening day of Little League because being American meant loving your country and showing respect? Do you r... more

  • Truth Be Told: Adam Becomes Audrey

    by Alexandra Bogdanovic

    Before Caitlyn There Was Audrey 

    Chastity Bono is now Chaz. Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn. But years before either one of them revealed their true identity to the world, an ordinary woman learned that her husband self-identified as and planned on having surgery to become a woman.

    In her memoir, Truth Be Told: Adam Becomes Audrey, award-winning journalist Alexandra Bogdanovic shares her real life experience of meeting a man, falling in love, get... more

  • Ginny and Me: Reflections of What God Can Do

    by Christine Walters
    Abuse is damaging. It comes from cycles of abusive behaviors learned and repeated through generations. Because of shame and embarrassment, many people do not speak about the cruelty they endured. In my case, most of the abuse I suffered resulted from my mother’s mental illness. For my entire life, people told me to excuse my mom’s abuse because she was mentally ill. However, mental illness does not give anyone the right to abuse you (in particular, your child). Ginny had childhood paranoid... more
  • Stretched Stories "Gift to Maya."

    by Gary Benarick
    Dr. Maya Angelou was the most extraordinary person I have ever met. She endured many struggles in her lifetime That would have left most people bitter and angry. I was fortunate to be her Chauffer on many trips. In this book are my memories of Maya and the limousine stories she enjoyed. I dedicated this book to her memory as she asked me to write it many years ago before her passing.
  • The Flavor of Favor: Quest for the American Dream. A Memoir

    by Emmanuel Olawale
    The Flavor of Favor: Quest For the American Dream. A Memoir is an inspirational story of an African immigrant and his journey from his country of birth, Nigeria to his dream country, United States. Olawale tells a gripping story of a child raised in an economically unstable environment, in which his parents tried desperately to shield him from the reality of the changing times. However, at the age of fourteen he started seeking a way out of penury by secretly doing odd jobs without his pare... more
  • You Had Me at Meow: A Portrait of an Extraordinary Ordinary Cat

    by Terry Eilertsen
    PART COFFEE TABLE BOOK AND PART PET MEMOIR, COMPELLING PHOTOGRAPHS ACCOMPANY THE EXTRAORDINARY LIFE STORY OF A ONCE-HOMELESS CAT Terry didn’t want another cat. But then a stray tabby showed up in her barn one night and, instead of running off, meowed and bounded over to her, purring loudly as he twined around her legs. With that simple act of trust and love, he found himself a family and began a new life. In the years to come, this friendly stray would prove to be a phenomenal hunter, survive... more
  • My Christian Journey with Zen

    by Gustav Ericsson
    In this spiritual memoir chronicling the journey of a man who became both an ordained Zen meditation teacher and an ordained priest in the Lutheran Church of Sweden, Gustav Ericsson shares reflections and glimpses into the story of how he learned to stop and sit down, be still and listen. Artfully crafted around a travel journal from a deeply reflective trip to Japan, My Christian Journey with Zen is an expression of the author’s spiritual path, focusing on how his meditation practice has gro... more
  • Living Fulfilled...The Infectious Joy Of Serving Others

    by Lisa Thomas/McMillan
    In this worthy book Lisa Thomas-McMillan shares with us her journey of giving, beginning with her early years as the middle daughter in a large family of struggling workers in the poor colored neighborhood of Brewton Alabama back in the fifties, a period that instilled in her a strong sense of empathy for her fellow strugglers. We learn of her young love and experience of God and her attempt to escape her bleak environment in her late teens and early adulthood, during which a stint at college in... more