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  • Road Rage

    by Mark Tompkins
    Eric Thomas is a successful businessman whose passion for motorcycle racing leaves him trapped in a nightmare of deceit and murder. The stakes rise after he is drawn into an illegal form of racing where the consequences of failure can be disastrous. His brother’s sudden death propels him on a journey of personal discovery and enlightenment as he struggles to protect his family and sanity. A hidden force is at work, changing the odds in Eric’s favor. Will it be enough to allow him to escape with ... more
  • Autobiography of a Serial Killer

    by Travis Bickle
    Autobiography of a Serial Killer is a twisted look into the mind of a serial killer, in shocking detail and in his own words. Witness the grandiosity and depravity he enjoys, first hand, as well as his mental sufferings. Warning: This book is very graphic and gory. Leif Damstroft is obsessed with the girl next door. He finally musters up the courage to approach her and ends up killing her. Leif would spend the rest of his life chasing her ghost.
  • The Light of the Eldari

    by T.F.G. Wallis
    Through the vastness of space, among the countless timelines, across the myriad dimensions, one race rules supreme. The oldest race, the original race, the first amongst many, Earthmen, now known to all as Quol, named for and after their god, Michanis Quollet, he who made all things possible. Unstoppable, unbeatable, the Quol are relentless in their pursuit of the 'game'. War is their sport and gambling is their passion. But for all their incredible power, there is still one thing they fear; A t... more
  • Miss Landon and Aubranael

    by Charlotte E. English
    Tilby, Lincolnshire, 1811. Miss Sophia Landon is the daughter of an impoverished clergyman. Her father’s health is failing fast, but who wants to marry a woman without birth, beauty or wealth? Her prospects are limited indeed - until her friendship with the town’s fae denizens earns her passage to the otherworldly realm of Aylfenhame. Could her fate truly lie beyond the shores of England? There she meets Aubranael, a young man with a warm heart and a ruined face. In Sophy he sees the answer t... more
  • Heroes for Hire: Discount Prices (Book One in the Heroes for Hire Fantasy Adventure Series)

    by C. S. Feldman
    Sure, everybody knows about the great heroes of legend. The ones people write songs about, the ones who lead the charge against the monsters that lay waste to cities or against an army of invaders that outnumber the good guys twenty to one—you know, the best heroes that money can buy. Trouble is, not everyone can afford their services. Fortunately, the best heroes are not the only ones on the market. Which is just what harried waitress Peg Brickner accidentally discovers after receiving ... more
  • The Girl in the Bird

    by Christine M Talley
    This is the story of a group of individuals in the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval reenactment organization. It chronicles the romance between a handsome sword and shield fighter and an unlikely heroine and her friend's rocky romantic journey that includes a life threatening hurdle. It also tells the story of a teenager with a developing alien power and its part in Earth's future.
  • Beyond the Horizon (Beyond Saga # 2)

    by Greg Spry
    Ensign Maya Davis has had her sights set on the captaincy of a starship since she launched her first toy rocket into Earth orbit at age four. But not long after she departs the solar system aboard humankind's first interstellar vessel, New Horizons, sabotage cripples the ship, killing a third of the crew and stranding the expedition light years from home under the siege of hostile forces. Without knowing who she can trust, Maya must risk her life to get the crew home and prevent the genocide of ... more
  • The End of Time: A Fabulous Narrative (Volume I: From Waterloo to Meridian)

    by T.S. Creager
    In this comedic historical time travel adventure fantasy, Dhlara and Jylling are two perfectly ordinary young people living in the modern day, until 19th century British general Arthur Wellesley walks into their lives. He transports them to the Ministries of Time, a group of secret organizations that exist at the edge of time which have control over absolutely everything that has ever happened. There, he gives them grave news: Napoleon Boneparte is ruining history. The French emperor, by going b... more
  • The Ups and Downs of Being Dead

    by Marsha Cornelius
    Fifty-seven year old Robert Malone is the CEO of a successful clothing store chain and married to a former model. When his doctor tells him he is dying of cancer, he refuses to go quietly. Instead of death, Robert chooses cryonics. He knows it’s a long shot. His frozen body will be stored in liquid nitrogen for the next seventy-five years, and then he’ll wake up in the future. Maybe. If technology figures out a way to bring him back. He’s willing to take that gamble. What he doesn’t realize ... more
  • A Tale of Moral Corruption

    by Marsha Cornelius
    How does an ordinary man plummet into a world of male escorts, kinky sex, and death matches? In this speculative tale, 28 year-old Mason can’t wait to be a loving father and supportive husband. He’s especially looking forward to wearing the new artificial womb that so many men have strapped on their bellies. First, however, he must be chosen from the Approved Partner Registry, a website that profiles men and their qualifications. It’s used by businesswomen who don’t have the time or inclinat... more
  • H10N1

    by M. R. Cornelius
    A deadly influenza virus rages out of control. There is no easy-fix vaccine. No eleventh-hour containment. Only death. With no workforce, power plants are unmanned so there’s no means of communication; police and fire departments have collapsed so no one is safe; looters are scavenging everything from big-screen TVs to canned peas. When Dr. Taeya Sanchez finds herself unceremoniously dismissed from an emergency medical facility in New York, she decides to steal the hospital’s armored van for ... more
  • Home: Interstellar - Merchant Princess

    by Ray Strong
    No one believed Meriel Hope when she said the attack on her home, the merchant spaceship Princess, was piracy. There had not been a reported hijacking in nearly a century, and she was just a twelve-year-old kid. But Meriel knew that pirates slaughtered her parents and friends and left her with the responsibility to find a safe home for her sister and the surviving orphans. Ten years after the attack, Meriel still suffers from symptoms of PTSD while she struggles to carve out a normal life for h... more
  • The Crimson Claymore

    by Craig A Price Jr
    The Crimson Claymore is an Epic Fantasy adventure novel that has garnered millions of reads, was featured in fantasy, had more than 17,000 votes, and more than 1,000 comments/reviews on the social networking platform for readers and writers, Wattpad. Searon is gifted with keen sight, hearing, and a brilliant claymore. Oh, and a sarcastic wizard who stalks him. Too bad some gifts cannot be returned. The brave warrior Searon is haunted by the deaths of his wife and children at the hands of t... more
  • In A Right State

    by Ben Ellis

    Your information is being sold. And guess who's paying for it?

    It's 2066, and living in a country where big corporations are constantly undressing you with their spies isn't much fun for Duncan. He remembers the days when information was protected, not sold to the highest bidder. When his illegal organic vegetable trade is discovered at the bottom of his garden in the town of Wigthorn, the tomatoes really hit the fan.

    Amy works for Pharmara, the biggest pharmaceutical ... more

  • Lord Morgan's Cannon

    by MJ Walker
    The anteater, elephant, budgie and pin monkey know of only one way to save their ruined circus. They must seek out Lord Morgan and his huge new cannon, which can only be operated by the cleverest animals in all the world. The old leopard meanwhile, fancies taking a piece of Lord Morgan's thighs...
  • The Tree of Souls

    by Katrina Archer

    A murky past. A forbidden love. A deathly power.

    When the river spits Umbra onto its bank, naked and shivering, the only clue to her identity is the arcane brand seared into her skin. A brand hunted by both a murderous necromancer and a handsome stranger. A brand that thrusts Umbra into a simmering conflict between the ascendant Clans and the nomadic Gherza. A brand that may make her the key to averting all-out war.

    The Tree of Souls weaves an intimate ta... more