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  • The Bloodheart

    by Steve Rzasa
    Bowen Cord seeks only treasure, and despises his heritage as an ice-summoner. Magic could not prevent his wife’s death. What allegiance, then, should he owe it? When he learns of a priceless relic abandoned in the ruins of a floating island, he leaps at the chance to earn a fortune. But when a king’s ruthless agent pursues them, threatening his stalwart crew and ship, Bowen is thrown into a quest for something far greater than treasure. He must harness the ice and confront enemies far more power... more
  • The Feel Good Affair

    by Scott A. Combs

    His Holiness, the Supreme Spiritual Leader of the Galactic Guild, Glup III, an aging podil, is about to be dethroned and podil-napped all in the same day. The MISFITS, Militia In Secret Fighting Idiotic Theological S**t, decide today is a good day to thwart the evil Cardinal Nog’nik’s plans to take over the Galactic Guild and become a living god.

    The Galactic Guild dispatches their top agents, George Shooters and Sali Terri to restore Glup III to his righteous position and d... more

  • Control Alter Delete: A Novel

    by Stella Whiteman
    London, 2059. Ezra Hurst’s quiet drink after work soon spices up when a woman called Lena arrives in the bar. She could have sat anywhere, but slips onto the stool right by his side. Tells risqué tales, helps herself to his fries. Her looks are intriguing; ten years in biometrics, but he’s never seen eyes so bright and green. Who is this woman? And why, after all the flirting, does she suddenly disappear? Not just from the bar but from all intelligence data too. Aside from his personal disapp... more
  • Fates Divided

    by Jules Barnard
    Come of age and come into power... Elena Rosales has busted her ass to get into a good college. She’s the only one in her family ever to attend, and expectations are high. No pressure. But Elena’s got this one in the bag, because she’s as dependable as the molecules she studies, as reliable as the chemical reactions that comfort her in their predictability. Until they don’t. Elena has always wondered why her mother abandoned her on her first birthday. It’s not until she turns eighteen and... more
  • Lost in Pain (Legend of Hollow Wood Book 1)

    by J.J. Dice
    A hero awakens to discover powerful abilities. Will they be enough to stop the veil of darkness that has shrouded the land? Gaining awareness in an alley standing over a dead body—which suddenly vanishes—Jack struggles to recover his memory. When his wealthy, reclusive uncle turns out to be the body he swears he saw, Jack has only the waitress he befriends that day to turn to. But frightening visions alert him that his new friend is in grave danger. Evil warlock Teiwaz has escaped from the... more
  • Midnight Burning

    by Karissa Laurel
    Solina Mundy lives a quiet life, running the family bakery in the foothills of North Carolina. But a nightmare of a vicious wolf devouring her twin brother changes everything. When Solina learns her dream was real, she journeys to her brother’s home in Alaska, the Land of the Midnight Sun, to search for answers. Solina soon suspects her brother’s friends are more than they seem, and they know more than they’re willing to admit. Skyla, an ex-marine, is the only one willing to help. As Skyla an... more
  • The Hunt Chronicles Volume 1: Awakening

    by J.D. Demers
    After a contagion engulfs humanity, zombies rise to feast on the few survivors that are left. But they are not the worst monsters to come from this plague. There is hope, though. Christian Hunt is immune. But how many lives will it take to bring his gift to what’s left of mankind?
  • The Fall of Icarus (The Elevator, The Fall of Icarus, and The Girl)

    by NR Bates
    THE FALL OF ICARUS (THE ELEVATOR, THE FALL OF ICARUS, AND THE GIRL). Three interconnected short-stories set in Paris explore the issue of choice, survival and transformation. In the first story, a young man on his first business trip is waylaid by an aberrant elevator. In the pivotal tale, a young scientist re-imagines the Greek myth of Icarus and his fall to earth. In the final story, a young woman who cannot recall her own name relates the fantastical tale of a girl who can fly.
  • Vostok

    by Steve Alten
    East Antarctica: The coldest, most desolate location on Earth. Two-and-a-half miles below the ice cap is Vostok, a six thousand square mile liquid lake, over a thousand feet deep, left untouched for more than 15 million years. Now, marine biologist Zachary Wallace and two other scientists aboard a submersible tethered to a laser will journey 13,000 feet beneath the ice into this unexplored realm to discover Mesozoic life forms long believed extinct – and an object of immense power responsible fo... more
  • Weapon of Choice (Weapons of Chaos Book 1)

    by M.E. Willman
    Ferica Sivneigh has spent five long years on the run, evading the forces of the despot and usurper Yorvath Darragh of Curragh Cael. Darragh wants every last Gods-Gifted dead or under his thumb, and to punish Ferica’s defiance of his decree, he’s slaughtered her family and driven her far from her home. As her minor Gift drains away, Ferica faces a hard truth—alone and worn to the bone, with a determined hunter closing in, certain death no longer looms. It beckons. But former Advance Company c... more
  • Floyd 5.136: The Mac Series -- Book 1

    by S F Chapman

    Floyd 5.136 is a thought-provoking Genetic Engineering Science Fiction novel by S F Chapman.

    Who was she?

    Floyd stared with great interest at the slumbering young woman as she was slowly freed from the silky gray cocoon.

    She was quite striking Floyd realized. But more importantly, she was the first new person to be generated in more than fifteen thousand years!

    For eons, the strange fibrous life form known as “The Cotton” had regularly produced nearly innum... more

  • Vilmo's Wrath: Deglon Blood

    by Lachesha W.B.
    She craved excitement. She wanted companionship, but she never expected to have to fight so hard to get it. On Nora's 21st birthday, she discovers that being gifted is not all that she’d hoped it would be. As she is forced to quickly learn her place in the unforgiving world that her father shielded her from, she realizes that her long life of solitude was not as horrible as she thought. Learning the ways of her new life comes naturally, but staying alive has proven to be almost impossible. F... more
  • The Axe and the Throne (Bounds of Redemption Book 1)

    by M. D. Ireman
    It is a fool's errand and Tallos knows it, but against his own better judgment and the pleading of his wife, Tallos has committed himself to a voyage north. His lifelong friend's eldest sons are said to have been taken by Northmen, a raiding people ill-reputed for their savagery. The boys are already dead, Tallos knows, and in that dark place of grim reasoning he wishes only to find their corpses quickly so he can fulfill his promise and return to his wife. Instead, he finds something far worse.
  • The Deja Vu Experiment: A Journey to the Outer Limits of the Mind

    by J.G. Renato

    They're everywhere around us, but usually we choose to ignore them.

    They happen in space. They happen in time. They're little moments of discontinuity in our experience, but they can become portals to the greater experience of our world as illusion, as the veil, as Maya, as the collective dream.

    And the experience of ourselves as the dreamers.

    If we choose not to ignore them, but to follow them, like Alice down a cosmic rabbit hole, we might just begin to understand ... more

  • The Watch (The Red Series, Volume 1)

    by Amanda Witt

    Sneaking out after curfew, avoiding the cameras and the guards--Red has done it a thousand times. But tonight is different. Tonight she's meeting two men who love her, and they'll tell her the city's secrets, and she'll begin to unravel the mystery of her identity. So the rain doesn't matter, or the circling spotlight, or the walls. Tonight no fear or discomfort can keep her at home, because tonight--

    Tonight she gets caught.